birthday gifts for 60 year old men

Our picks for the best birthday gifts for 60 year old men

At 60, the time for retirement is approaching and that well-deserved rest to fulfill all those pending dreams. It is also time to start enjoying what really matters and keep active all those hobbies and activities that we like. If you are looking for a good birthday present to surprise a 60-year-old man, keep these ideas in mind and take a look at our selection of gifts, where you will find the perfect gift for him.

Haryali London Classic Shaving Set

Although today there are many options for shaving, older men often choose the classic shaving system. So that they can enjoy the quality of this shave, the Haryali London men’s gift set is a good proposal.

A special idea in which we find a 5-piece set that includes a brush with badger hair, shaving soap, a blade with space for disposable blades and a bowl with which to beat the foam.

All this made with quality materials and with an elegant pearly black finish that gives the product extra elegance. A very complete lot that is accompanied by a special box and can be used as a birthday present or for any occasion.


For fans of classic shaving, this product includes all the necessary elements for this liturgy, with an extra quality that makes each piece more comfortable to use.

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Floris London Elite Shaving Soap

Shaving soap is one of the key products when it comes to achieving a close shave. And when we talk about traditional shaving, having quality soaps is the most important thing.

For fans of this way of shaving, Floris London Elite shaving soap is one of the most appreciated. This triple soap includes shea butter so it generates a rich and creamy foam that helps to better trim the beard regardless of its size. If it is accompanied by a good brush that helps lift the hair, the shaving process will become a real pleasure.

A pleasant soap, with a good aroma and that will surely help you look good if what you are looking for are interesting gifts for that special person.


The enriched with shea butter that includes this soap makes it more creamy and smooth, so that it better protects the skin during shaving helping to obtain better results.

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Adolfo Dominguez Citrus Cedar

Agua Fresca by Adolfo Domínguez is a classic product among the colonies that we have on the market. But it’s true that its fresh scent might not be a good fit for older men. Well, to solve the problem, the brand now offers us this new version, which offers a more intense and mature olfactory profile, based on the original product. 

Something that is very much to the liking of older people, who generally prefer colognes of this type over fresher products, associated with youth. Something that is achieved with new ingredients and a very original approach.


This is a new version of a timeless classic that offers us more mature touches, thanks to that extra cedar that is incorporated into its usual aroma. Ideal for men over 60.

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Parker IM Premium Medium Pen

Writing lovers today are able to appreciate the quality of a good fountain pen. And if we are looking for some of the best pens of this 2022, this is a good example.

This medium type pen features the traditional chrome design in an elegant dark gray tone along with solid stainless steel silver details that extend throughout the surface.

A pen with a stainless steel nib and a suitable assembly to recall the writing of yesteryear, while maintaining a good quality of operation.


This pen is not only elegant, but it is also comfortable to use, thanks to its ink cartridges that avoid the hassle of having to refill with a syringe.

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Chigabiga Custom Hammer

Construction tools can be cheap and very useful gifts in any home. Also, having a personalized one can add a very special meaning. On this occasion, we present a hammer that can be the perfect reason to tell that person how much you care.

As for the qualities of the hammer, you should know that it is made of high-quality steel forging, so it is fully functional for its main purpose, which is to nail and extract nails. On the other hand, the handle is made of wood with a diameter that can be held comfortably.


There are several phrases that the manufacturer suggests to engrave on the handle of the hammer, but you can also request a different one. On the other hand, the engraving is done in relief, so you do not have to worry that it could be removed with use.

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Doris & Toms Cooking Apron

If you have a friend who likes to cook, they may need a good apron, like the one from Doris & Toms, to protect their clothes from the stains and spills that inevitably happen when doing this task. This apron is made of 100% cotton, so it is fresh and easy to maintain. 

On the other hand, it has the phrase Vintage 60 Legendar printed on the front, to allude to the age of the birthday boy. This in striking type letters in light color on a black background, which enhances the garment. In addition to this, a certificate is awarded to the party.


The apron has good finishes, it is made of quality materials, which correctly fulfill the function of protecting the clothes of those who cook. At the same time, thanks to its head and side straps, it can be adapted to any type of body build.

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Estro Rust House Slippers

Although it is a traditional gift, the truth is that in winter anyone appreciates a good pair of warm slippers like the ones we present below.

The Estro Rust house slippers are a traditional design model, although with improved materials that are far above the traditional cheap models that we find.

Specifically, the product has an outer leather lining and an inner wool lining that offers high comfort and adequate heat retention. A model with a raised rubber sole that cushions every step we take and is finished off with a sheepskin finish for a better feeling of comfort.


Thanks to their manufacture with a rubber sole, these shoes are not only comfortable, but they are also safe, avoiding possible slips that our elders may suffer when wearing them.

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Hotder HD01

Every wine lover knows that even the worst red tastes a little better if it’s properly aerated and filtered. A task that will be very simple for whoever receives the Hotder HD01 wine aerator. 

With this product, all you have to do is pour the wine through it and serve it directly in the glass so that it is instantly aerated and gains nuances and flavour. A simple task for which the product has a highly efficient aeration system, so that the product does not have to be held during use.


Compared to other more complex models, in this case it is enough to serve the wine through the aerator to give it that special touch. In addition, it is an easy product to clean both inside and when removing the sediment accumulated in your filter.

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Mudder Pocket Watch-09

Pocket watches are one of those gifts that seemed to have gone out of style, but are back in fashion again. Among other things, thanks to the quality and design of these watches, as we can see in the model offered by Mudder.

This pocket watch made of quartz has an elegant silver design and a dark colored case in which we find white dials and pointers with traditional Roman numerals.

A model that has a diameter of 4.6 cm in the case and a 37.5 cm chain ending in a clip, with which it is easier to secure the pocket to the vest or to the inside pocket of the jacket.


A watch with a sober traditional design that also has a good resistance to both daily use and water, within the small wetting we may have.

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Pierre Cardin Leather wallet

To keep identification documents, cards and money close at hand, a wallet is the perfect accessory. Also, as it is a accessory that wears out from use, it never hurts to have a spare.

In this case, the wallet we show is made of fine nappa leather, which has a very nice grain texture. In addition, it has 2 compartments and 8 card slots, which allow you to organize everything correctly.

On the other hand, it helps to protect the integrity of the data of the person who carries the wallet, since it offers RFID blocking, preventing digital theft, which is currently a priority.


In addition to preventing information theft, due to its blocking technology, this wallet is of good quality. It has an elegant appearance and an organization that makes it easy to extract the document that is required on each occasion. Likewise, it is presented in a beautiful gift box.

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Shopping guide

There are many options that we find in the market to give to a 60-year-old man, and it is that, at that age, the most important thing is to start enjoying everything that has been achieved in so much time of work and take care of yourself to have an old age quiet without leaving aside the modern and the pleasures that your father, uncle, grandfather or husband wants to give.

When choosing a good gift for a sixty-year-old man, you have to take into account the lifestyle that he leads, because if he likes to read and write, and is also not thinking about retirement, you can opt for a pen. If instead he is aware of his physical appearance, you can opt for a shaving set.

That is why you have to review the usefulness of each product that you consider to give to that special man. You can also review other aspects such as if you want to give him a gift to share with you and other family members, or if you want it to be for his use only. Perhaps your husband is a wine lover and there are numerous options on the market to enjoy a good reserve of these.

Also, you must be aware of the quality of the products, if you are going to give something traditional like house slippers, you have to check the type of material inside and outside, as well as the sole, in this way you will know its duration time and if you can use them in different seasons of the year. On the other hand, if you opt for a wine, you should know the date of its production and how long it has been aging.

Another aspect to consider is whether the product generates any extra benefit for the man, since there are options that help him with a cold, such as a humidifier, others that serve as a complement to his outfit, such as a pocket watch, among others.

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Versare Selección de Vinos

Para aquellas personas que busquen disfrutar de un buen vino, el lote de vinos de Versare seguramente sea un buen regalo. Este lote de vinos consta de tres botellas diferentes, todas ellas procedentes de la región italiana de Sicilia.

En concreto, encontramos una botella de vino tinto, una botella de vino blanco tipo Sauvignon y una botella del tradicional vino rosado italiano. Todos ellos con la habitual calidad de un vino de calidad presentados, además, en una caja de madera de estilo vintage, lo que hace más sencillo regalarlo a esa persona especial sin necesidad de preocuparnos de nada más.


Dada la cuidada selección de vinos que incluye la caja, es un regalo que su afortunado podrá disfrutar en cualquier ocasión.

Fortune Dragon Oxigenador Decantador

Todos los amantes del vino saben de la importancia del aireado del mismo para apreciar mejor su sabor. Para que esa persona especial también pueda disfrutar de esos aromas mejorados, regalarle un aireador decantador es una buena idea.

Y más aún si hablamos del decantador de Fortune Dragón, que cuenta con un diseño diferente con el que podemos servir directamente el vino sin tocar la botella.

Para ello cuenta con un sistema de bomba eléctrica que se encarga de absorber el vino y servirlo directamente en la copa. Todo ello en un tiempo de apenas 6 segundos, por lo que resulta un proceso sencillo y limpio, ya que el producto no presenta complicaciones en su mantenimiento y gracias a su boquilla tampoco es difícil de servir.


Frente al resto de decantadores, este se coloca sobre el cuello de la botella y mediante aspiración se encarga de absorber y ventilar el vino sirviendolo directamente cuando se pulsa en la parte superior del mismo.

Victsing Humidificador Frío

Todos sabemos lo mal que sienta un catarro en cualquier época del año. Para ayudar a esa persona especial a cuidar mejor de su salud, nada mejor que contar con el efecto de humidificado del humidificador ultrasónico de Victsing.

Un producto que ofrece un original diseño con efecto madera y que, en su interior, permite alojar hasta 0,3 litros de agua en la que verter cualquier aceite para disfrutar de los efectos de la aromaterapia.

Un vapor frío y muy agradable que podemos programar de forma adecuada contando para ello con tres niveles de funcionamiento para una, 3 o 6 horas. De todos modos, si el producto se queda sin líquido durante el funcionamiento se apaga automáticamente para evitar problemas.


Además de contar con un diseño muy elegante similar a la madera, el producto también dispone de una luz LED ajustable en 7 colores para darle un toque diferente a la estancia donde lo coloquemos.

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