Braun Face 810 Reviews

Main advantage:

This facial epilator stands out for incorporating, at the same time, a practical cleaning system, which means that you will not only remove unwanted hair from the face, but also clean the pores in depth.

Main disadvantage:

It is a product that works with batteries, so you have to make sure you buy powerful ones, otherwise, its operation could suffer.

Verdict: 9.2/10

If you’re tired of tweezing or waxing, now you have an extremely useful gadget for effectively plucking your skin. According to the manufacturer, it allows you to get rid of hair up to four times shorter than other treatments such as wax.

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Main Features Explained


One of the conditions that epilators should meet is that they are precise. In the case of this Braun model, it is something that strictly complies, so you will not have to worry about anything else. To understand it, it is enough to take a look at the extra-thin head that it incorporates, made up of 10 micro-openings. These are responsible for removing even the shortest hair (0.2 mm).

The best thing is that this epilator uproots it. In this way, you can boast of softer and smoother skin for at least four weeks. With 200 moves per second, satisfying results won’t be long in coming.

Due to the design of this model, you can manipulate it as if it were a brush. As it is much easier to handle, you will not have any problem when it comes to eradicating the hair on the upper lip, shaping your eyebrows or getting rid of those unsightly little hairs that are born in the chin or forehead area.

Easy to use

A highly commented detail in the opinions of this epilator is its ease of use. You only have to examine its external appearance to verify that its operation does not contain any complications.

The first thing to note is that it is a battery-powered device. This is a very interesting feature, as it enhances its portable nature. This means that you can always carry the epilator with you so that you are perfect at any time and situation.

Once you have put the batteries in place, you will notice that there is a switch on the front. You just have to activate it and slide this tool over the area of ​​the face you want to wax. It should be noted that it is a dermatologically tested product and is also suitable for daily use. So, in the event that you have some unruly hair, you can give it a review when you see fit.


If it is considered the best epilator on the market for something, it is because of its double function. Apart from being a hair removal device, it is also indicated for deep facial cleansing. In this way, not only will your skin be free of hair, but also free of the dirt accumulated from day to day.

With this product from Braun you only need a minute to remove traces of makeup and other impurities. After several sessions, you will begin to notice how your facial skin recovers its natural glow.

Hundreds of micro-oscillations are dedicated to repair the complexion with more intensity than if you did it manually. What’s more, this head is also used to apply your daily moisturizer or serum, as they will be absorbed much better. You just need to remove the default part and insert the cleaning head. This little beauty set can accompany you even on a trip.


In order for this Braun model to enjoy a longer life, maintenance is the key. Cleaning the different parts will not cost you any work, since it is a 100% waterproof product. In this sense, the only thing you have to do is place the heads under the tap and all the residues that may have been embedded will be eliminated in a simple way.

Another tip provided by the manufacturer to make the most of the benefits of this item is to change the cleaning brush every 3 months. And it is that, the contact with the dirt of the skin or the different facial products could deteriorate the bristles of the brush. It is, therefore, the only way for you to squeeze 100% of its functionalities.

Observing all these features and the easy maintenance, it is curious that the price of this epilator is not high at all. For less than you expect, you can enjoy a beauty tool that will get you out of trouble.

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