Braun MGK3085 Reviews

Main advantage:

The best thing about this set is that it is made up of four combs that give you the possibility to choose from a total of 13 length settings. The 9 included pieces will allow you to not only shave your body, but also cut your hair and touch up your nose and ears.

Main disadvantage:

Once the battery is exhausted, you have to wait for it to charge again to use it, as it cannot be used while it is charging.

Verdict: 9.3/10

A very complete set that will allow you to get ready without needing other additional beauty tools. Being waterproof, you can even handle it while taking a shower, so it will come in handy.

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Main Features Explained


Braun is a very popular brand for its variety of epilators, all of which are reliable and of good quality. A good example is this model which, rather, is a set made up of different accessories with which to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body.

It is a 9 in 1 set that includes, first of all, the razor itself to which different heads are added. Among the pieces, we find four useful combs that give you 13 length settings so that you can select the most convenient one. In this way, you will have at your fingertips a wide variety of styles for both beards and hair.

The lot also includes a body shaver, a head to cut your hair and another to trim annoying ear and nose hair. As if that were not enough, the set is completed with a Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide close shave razor. This is indicated for the face and neck.


The effectiveness of this product cannot be understood without referring to the design of its blades, which are responsible for shaving or trimming with absolute precision. You have a wide range of lengths to choose from, between 0.5 and 21 mm, so you can style your beard, hair or body hair however you like.

The blades of this model are made of a material as resistant as stainless steel, which also stands out for its long life. Seeing its quality, the price of this epilator is surprising, as it is quite affordable.

If you are looking for an appliance with which to cut even the longest and thickest hair, you have just found it. Likewise, you will not have to worry about pulling, regardless of the part of the body that you are going to treat. Braun has achieved with this model that the hair removal session is as smooth and painless as possible.


This article is accompanied by a battery that ensures that it is always ready to be used. Specifically, it provides up to 60 minutes of operation, a time that is considered more than enough to shave your face or any other part of your body.

To enjoy its benefits, you only need to charge this device for another 60 minutes, which will fly by. When you least realize it, you can use it again. Not surprisingly, according to the opinions of some users about this epilator, it is not possible to use it while it is charging. However, this is not a big drawback.

So that you never stay halfway through the session, this item incorporates an LED indicator that informs you that the battery is running low. Also, during charging, you will also see a light indicator so you know when it is ready to be used again.


A feature that makes this model one of the best epilators of the moment is that it is 100% waterproof. Thanks to this quality, its possibilities of use are multiplied exponentially.

Of course, you can get hold of it dry, just as you would any other similar item. But best of all, you can even shave while you’re in the shower. It is a detail to value, especially in the case of thicker hair, which can be eradicated more easily if the skin is slightly wet. Thus, you will be able to avoid uncomfortable pulling and the waxing experience will be much more satisfying.

The fact that it is a waterproof epilator is also an advantage in terms of maintenance. You just have to place it under the sink faucet and the water will take care of removing residue and impurities from the blades. Always store it clean and its durability will be much greater.

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