Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL Reviews BD 5008

Main advantage:

Consistent use of this pulsed light epilator will lead to permanent hair reduction within a few weeks. Due to its technology, it is a painless method, easy to use and, above all, definitive.

Main disadvantage:

Like other pulsed light models, this epilator may not be entirely effective on darker skin and lighter, finer hair.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Pulsed light epilators allow you to say goodbye to pain and ingrown hairs and this product is a clear example of this. A few sessions are enough to start noticing a considerable reduction. With patience you get the results.

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Main Features Explained

technology and sensor

The Pulsed Light (IPL) technology used by this device is innovative and safe, which is why it is even suitable for use at home. Gone are those times when permanent hair removal had to be done in a specialized beauty center. With the proliferation of these advanced epilators, you can do each session in your own home.

The IPL technology that this Braun model has is also certified by the Skin Health Alliance body, so you have nothing to worry about. But this technology could not be understood without talking about the SensoAdaptTM skin sensor.

Through this functionality, the epilator automatically adapts the light intensity to your skin type. This represents a great advance, since you will not have to waste time making configurations. As we say, it is a 100% automatic process. The life of the bulb is approximately 300,000 flashes, which means that you can more than complete the treatment.


One of the most frequent doubts that assail users who use these epilators for the first time is how they work. In the case at hand, knowing it will help you understand why it is such an effective device.

This epilator acts under the surface of the skin, that is, at the root of the hair, attacking its melanin. In this way, it weakens it with the progressive use of this artifact until it does not appear again on the surface.

It consists of a very intuitive and easy-to-use mechanism, as the opinions of the epilator suggest. It incorporates a button that must be pressed in order to start the light shots on the chosen skin area. It is advisable to be very precise during hair removal, since the purpose is to cover the entire surface of the skin. The waiting time between one shot and another is 1 to 2 seconds.


The price of this epilator may not be the lowest on the market, but it is understandable if we pay attention to its features and extras. This model does not come alone but is accompanied by a useful accessory that will help make the waxing session much more satisfying.

It is a sonic body exfoliation brush that is indicated for you to prepare your skin before each session. Thanks to the fact that it is a rotary accessory, it is in charge of preparing the skin so that the hair removal is more effective.

Among other benefits of exfoliation, it removes dead cells that clog the skin surface over time. In this way, skin regeneration is stimulated.


One of the reasons why this model is considered one of the best epilators on the market is its efficiency. Users who opt for the pulsed light hair removal method demand that, in addition to obtaining visible results, they are fast.

In this context, it is an epilator that perfectly meets this requirement. According to the manufacturer, the client will be able to observe a reduction in hair in just 4 weeks of use, as long as the indications are followed. But in addition to the speed in achieving results, we must point out the speed of the sessions. To give you an idea, it is possible to cover the lower part of a leg in just 8 minutes.

According to the statistics shared by Braun, approximately 80% of women who used this epilator noticed results after 12 months of use. Also very interesting is the fact that it incorporates three operating modes (normal, soft and extra soft), so you can adapt the device to each area of ​​the body. It is, in fact, suitable even for the bikini line and face.

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