Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 pl5137 Reviews

Main advantage: 

The highlight of this product is probably its safety, as it provides a technology that identifies your skin type and adjusts the operation to suit you. In addition, the regulation of intensity and softness will also protect the most sensitive areas of the body.

Main disadvantage: 

One point against this epilator is that it must always be used plugged in, so you must stay close to an outlet to be able to epilate. This could affect mobility.

Verdict: 9.9/10 

In general, this is a pulsed light epilator that stands out for its simple and comprehensive operation. In addition, it has state-of-the-art technology that will give you security and good results.

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Main Features Explained


When it comes to pulsed light epilators, there are several offers on the market that attract attention and are worth evaluating. Among all these there are several models of Braun Silk, like this one, as it is a brand that has been dedicated to manufacturing quality devices that can remove hair easily, without compromising the health of your skin or your comfort.

The company’s IPL pulsed light technology is probably its most striking feature, as it has several positive aspects. For example, by using this epilator, you will be able to notice a permanent change in your skin in just 4 weeks, as this is how long it will take for the visible hair to reduce considerably. The speed of the artifact provides an effective photoepilation; in fact, your legs could be ready in 5 minutes.

In addition to that, the intelligent sensor with SensoAdapt technology will adapt to the skin tone continuously, so as not to cause any inconvenience. In this way, this technology will adapt the intensity until it finds the right one for you automatically. This, together with its UV protection system, will keep your skin safe at all times.

Thanks to all this, you will know for sure that the hair removal experience will be unique and completely appropriate to what you need.


When it comes to body hair removal, there are many myths and prejudices that surround the subject. However, from time to time gadgets like this Pro 5 epilator arrive that offers answers to these questions and, with its versatility, manages to adapt to everyone, without distinction of any kind.

With this epilator, for example, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman. Its components make it possible for the device to take care of different types of hair, even if they have different thicknesses or if the area to be depilated usually has many of them. This is complemented by the technology of its sensor, which was previously discussed; Noted for adapting to different skin types.

In addition to that, another relevant aspect of this epilator is its precision. This is because the device comes with a cap that allows efficient, easy and fast hair removal. On the other hand, the structure allows reaching areas that are difficult to access or with very sensitive skin, such as the face, groin and armpits. In the same way, hair removal will take place in a short time, without complications and without leaving hair behind.

Finally, the versatility and practicality is completed with a shaver and a small travel case that facilitates its mobilization.


Among the various positive opinions of this device, its versatility and technology stand out, however, its operation is the true basis for the good results provided by this device, which could be considered one of the best pulsed light epilators on the market. Despite having a somewhat high price, its qualities make it continue to be an outstanding device, as these make it a truly complete device.

For example, when it comes to speed, this epilator has a firing speed of 0.5 to 0.9. These continuous shots are very good for large areas of the body, as they significantly reduce treatment time. So that you can enjoy this product for years, it has a maximum capacity of 400,000 shots. On the other hand, the structure of the epilator, which is really compact and light, allows the grip to be ergonomic and comfortable, which will provide quick and easy hair removal.

The operation of this epilator is divided into 3 softness modes: normal, soft and extra soft. In this way, you can adapt the device to the sensitivity of the skin you are treating at the moment. In addition to this, the side part will show you the level of intensity that the epilator is using. This can also be adjusted in 10 modes, to give you greater security and comfort.

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