Clinique All About Eyes Reviews

Main advantage:

This gel-textured eye contour is ideal for minimizing the appearance of both puffiness and dark circles. It is suitable for all skin types and, among its benefits, optimizes the fixation of makeup on the skin.

Main disadvantage:

This is a product specifically formulated for younger skin, so it may not work on mature skin.

Verdict: 9.4/10

A lotion that, in the opinion of many users, works magic. The texture and quality can only be explained by referring to the brand behind it. Clinique is, in fact, a high-end cosmetic firm that cares for the skin and never disappoints.

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Main Features Explained


Dermatologically tested, this eye cream is everything you need to give your face a fresh, rejuvenated and luminous look. Its benefits refer to a specific formulation based on plant extracts that are responsible for decongesting the eye area.

Like the rest of Clinique’s cosmetic products, it does not contain perfume, so it avoids irritation on the face. Not surprisingly, it is an appropriate contour for all skin types, be they dry, combination or oily. Of course, according to the manufacturer, it is especially suitable for younger skin.

In the list of ingredients, it is possible to identify some such as green tea, blackberry extract, skullcap extract or whey protein. All these components help to rid the skin of unsightly dark circles, puffiness and other premature signs of ageing. Its special formulation, likewise, helps make-up on the face remain intact for much longer.


One of the most striking qualities of this Clinique cosmetic is its texture. This is closely linked to the mode of use, because, depending on how it is, it will be more or less simple.

In this case, we discovered that it is a very light gel-cream texture. By extending the contour on the skin, you will immediately notice its refreshing effect and, above all, very moisturizing. Without a doubt, this quality makes this product one of the best eye creams on the market.

On the other hand, we cannot fail to point out that it lands in a very practical 30 ml container. You just need to unscrew the metal cap to access the smooth texture that has undoubtedly been all the rage among the opinions about this eye contour. Not surprisingly, it is one of the features most pointed out by users who have had the opportunity to try this product.

How to use

In the search for eye creams, it is vital that you carefully examine the mode of use. Review the manufacturer’s instructions well and make sure that you are going to follow them to the letter. It is the only way for you to get the desired results.

According to the instructions, it is a cream that should be used twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening, a little before going to bed. The package does not contain an applicator, but you do not really need it, since you can help yourself with your ring finger. Take a little product and spread it all over the eye contour.

To do this, gently tap on the skin while applying it gently. Give a massage in the area until completely absorbed. Being ophthalmologically tested as well, you won’t have to worry about irritation in this sensitive area of ​​the face.


It is clear that one of the factors that determine the purchase is the price of the eye contour. However, it is essential that you take a look at the benefits of the item in question. At the end of the day, the important thing is the results to be achieved.

First of all, we must point out that it is a product that helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, but also, if you use it continuously, you can say goodbye to fine lines. This has its reason for being in the fact that it favors cell stimulation for collagen production.

An interesting benefit of this eye contour is that it allows the makeup to enjoy a greater fixation on the skin. This way, it will stay intact for several hours and you won’t feel the need to touch up. If your idea is to show off a more youthful complexion full of light, you are on the right path, which passes, inevitably, through the use of this Clinique cosmetic.

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