Corioliss C3 Reviews

Main advantage:

Using this hair straightener is really simple and because it has a polished titanium finish it glides very smoothly through the hair, avoiding uncomfortable pulling. On the other hand, its design is versatile and allows for waves, in addition to straightening the hair.

Main disadvantage:

Its price may not be the most affordable, but it is a model that, due to its technology and quality, could compensate for this inconvenience.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a versatile plate that will help you style fine and thick hair, as well as create attractive straight hair and surfer waves without much effort.

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Main Features Explained


Until a few years ago, the use of hair straighteners to straighten hair was limited to this. However, in recent times, the manufacturers of this type of device, in their interest in designing the best hair straightener, have gone further, incorporating other functions into their designs that can benefit the health and appearance of the hair.

On this occasion we introduce you to the Corioliss C3 model, an iron that in addition to helping you style your hair and give it the appearance you are looking for, can also clean it. As you read it, this is because in the coating of the plates that will be in contact with the hair fibers there are fine silver particles, which can destroy the bacteria that are in the hair. As a result, you can have a healthier mane.

Another attraction of the model is its negative ion technology. If you are wondering what this refers to, you should know that in a nutshell you no longer have to worry about the annoying static electricity, which used to be left in the hair after using the straightener. 

Thanks to these qualities, Corioliss tries to position its model as one of the best that can be purchased on the market and so far, we must say, it has obtained very good opinions from users.


Combing a mane of fine hair does not involve the same effort as smoothing one that is abundant and thick. To achieve this, care must be taken to choose the right temperature. Colder to work thin strands and, on the contrary, hotter so that thick hair can be molded without further complication.

To adapt to these very different needs, the Corioliss iron incorporates 4 temperature settings in its design. In this way, you can choose low heat levels of 135 and 180ºC, or 210 and 235ºC. While on the other hand, you will be able to know comfortably and at all times, what temperature you have chosen, thanks to its side LED indicators. In this way, you will see four lights illuminated to indicate the highest temperature and only one for the lowest.

On the other hand, you should know that this temperature remains stable and is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the plate, because it is made of titanium and, furthermore, an infrared heat system has been used for its design., so it radiates to the entire surface effectively.

Versatility and security

If you have ever used an iron, you may want to know if it especially avoids the annoying pulls, which often occur when using this type of styling accessory. The answer is yes. This is because the surface of the plates has been carefully polished, to prevent hair from getting stuck between them. This way it slides more smoothly.

Another feature that you might be interested in is its design, since by having a rounded finish on its edges, it will allow you to even create defined curls and waves. Therefore, you could avoid having to purchase other accessories or styling devices to create the look you want. This, in addition to saving money, can also prevent you from having too many devices in your chest of drawers.

When we talk about devices that work with heat, we inevitably have to ask ourselves if it is a safe device. In this sense, it should be mentioned that the Corioliss model has an automatic shutdown system after detecting 30 minutes of inactivity. Likewise, you will be pleased to know that to avoid overheating, the internal sensor of the iron checks the temperature at a rate of 3 times per second, helping to keep it stable. With this, you avoid putting your hair at risk by exposing it to excessive temperature.

In addition, we want to add that in the purchase of this iron, you will also be taking home a mat that resists heat and a finger glove. Thus, your hands will also be protected while styling your hair.

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