Curly short hair: how to style it?

Curly hair is highly attractive due to its particular shape, which can be very curly, S-shaped or slightly wavy. Combing this type of hair can become a bit complicated, especially if they are short. However, there are many hairstyles that are easy to do without spending a lot of time.

If you are a person with short, wavy curls or Afro-type hair, surely your desire is to show off a controlled and defined mane, capable of stealing glances. If this is the case, you will be interested to know that there are a series of simple hairstyles that you can do every morning before starting your day to day life.

However, before thinking about how to style your hair or use a curling iron, it’s worth learning about what hair actually is. In this sense, we can comment that the hair is formed by a series of keratin fibers, considered a continuity of the scalp, which have a root and stem and are born specifically in the second layer of the skin called the dermis, where the hair is lodged. collagen.

Said hair can have different colours, shapes, textures and thicknesses, since they are characteristics determined by the genetic code of each person. Thus, we can find smooth, wavy, curly and afro hair. 

In the same way, the strands may be fine, thin, thick and, in turn, have a dry, oily or normal tendency. The latter will depend on the levels of sebum production in the hair follicles. That said, it will be possible for you to identify your hair type and, therefore, be able to get more out of your waves when styling them.

Steps to follow to style short curly hair

Short curly haircuts require a series of steps to be styled, since, as we explained previously, not all hair has the same shape, texture and level of bait. Therefore, it is important to apply different techniques to enhance the wave and maintain its natural shape for longer.

In this sense, it is advisable to apply moisturizing treatments throughout the hair, whether natural or commercial, just 30 minutes before washing the hair. Likewise, if you wish, you can apply the product before going to sleep and leave it to act all night.

Afterward, wash your curly hair with conditioner, but be careful not to apply it to the roots, and leave it on for at least a couple of minutes to remove. Thus, you will proceed to apply the shampoo, this time emphasizing the root, and then extend it to the ends and proceed to remove it. Yes, it may seem illogical to reverse the order of application, but you should know that this is a technique for curly hair that smoothes the hair first, to avoid knots and maintain volume.

You should comb the hair with your fingers and dry the excesses with an absorbent cloth without rubbing the strands. Instead, press the towel from the bottom up, so you don’t mess up the shape of the wave. In addition, it is convenient to use a diffuser to finish drying the hair. Similarly, you can use curling irons to define the curls, apply wax to some strands, or use styling cream. Everything will depend on the style you want to project.

Recommended hairstyles for short curly hair

Although, previously we mentioned the basic ritual to style any short curly hair for women, it is necessary to define the hairstyle that best suits your style. Below, we list some hairstyles that have set trends and, despite the passage of time, are still in vogue.


The Bob dates from the 1920s. Its cut line extends to the height of the jaw and incorporated bangs. There are four variants of this cut.

Bob with birkin bangs

Among the short curly haircuts is the Bob with birkin bangs, which aims to offer a fresh and carefree look with light waves, capable of stylizing the figure, since the bangs cover the eyebrows; while the rest of the hair leaves the nape uncovered.

Bob with baby bangs

The Bob with baby bangs is aimed at those women who have little hair, thanks to the combination of a straight base on which some layers stand out, for a volume effect. In addition, it incorporates a straight and short bangs, just above the eyebrows.

Layered Rounded Bob

Another Bob style is short curly layered hair. The hair falls to the shoulders, while the entire mid-low area has been rounded and layered. 

Micro Bob with waves

For those who want to wear a short curly Bob with a rather daring cut line, then the Wavy Micro Bob is a good option as it has a straight and layered base at ear level.

To style these cuts, it is necessary to apply a little product for curls, so that the hair is loose and without the effect of humidity. Likewise, the use of tongs is recommended to define the waves. Thus, you will quickly show off curly short hair with bangs.


Popularized in the 1950s, the pixie cut is characterized by being high on top and very short both on the sides and in the nape region. To get a curly pixie or lopsided pixie hairstyle, you’ll want to use your curling iron from mid-lengths to ends, creating soft, loose, non-rounded waves at the ends. Also, you can apply wax to maintain the style.


Short hair semi-updos are highly versatile hairstyles, because they can be used for day to day and even for a special event. You will only have to put some clips to the side of the head and thus create a curly half mane. In fact, you can use products that help you create a wet effect or simply enhance the shape of the waves or curls, with the help of tongs or a diffuser.

crest style updo

The well-known crest of the 70s has a much more chic variation, which we can achieve in the curly hair updo. To do this, you will only have to collect and tighten the hair completely on both sides with some clips, while, on the top, you will have to shape some defined but loose curls or waves.

These are just some of the most popular hairstyles, according to curly haircuts for women, that you can wear on any occasion and easily do from the comfort of your home.

Similarly, it may be a good idea to review the step by step of some hairstyles for curly hair by entering the different styling portals available on the web. In this sense, you do not need an i9 laptop, you can do it from your mobile or tablet.

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