Dove men+care clean comfort Reviews

Main advantage:

The highlight of the Men+care clean comfort is that it comes in a pack of 4 units of 200 milliliters, so you will be able to enjoy 800 milliliters to keep you dry and free of bad odours.

Main disadvantage:

One of the downsides of this Dove deodorant is that it doesn’t have a protective lock that blocks the sprayer, so if children get close to it, they could use it and burn their skin.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a deodorant that, in addition to protecting you from bad odors, keeps you dry and hydrates your skin, consider this product among your options.

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Main Features Explained


Deodorants are personal hygiene products that help combat perspiration, since the latter, being very intense, causes bad odors in the body, and the most affected areas are the armpits. For this reason, the first characteristic that you should take into account before looking at the price of a deodorant is the hours of protection.

This Dove product is very popular on the market, as it has the ability to protect for more than 48 hours. In other words, you will be able to do your daily activities with great peace of mind, since the deodorant has an antiperspirant formula that will keep sweat at bay, which has the benefit that you will not have bad odors on your body or in your armpits.

In addition to this, another outstanding aspect of this deodorant is that it does not have any type of alcohol, so your skin will not be affected by irritation caused by the use of this antiperspirant. Since, there are those who are susceptible to some components, as is the case with alcohol, so when doing various activities where movement is required, the friction and the same heat will be able to burn the skin.

Hydration and aroma

An important aspect that you have to consider before making any expense is to evaluate the aroma of the deodorant. Since, you will be using the product on a daily basis, so the smell that it has has to be to your complete liking.

As for this Dove model, it has a soft and pleasant scent, which will allow you to enjoy the protection time to smell very good. In addition to this, regardless of the activities in which you are going to perform, be it practicing a sport, jogging, running, going to the gym or working; the deodorant will be able to keep sweat and the unpleasant odors that come with it under control.

On the other hand, another aspect that stands out in this Dove antiperspirant deodorant is its protection system. In other words, this product, in addition to keeping you protected and smelling good, also cares for and moisturizes the skin, so it could be said that it is one of the best deodorants.

Also, the formula used in this product is 1/4 moisturizing technology, which will keep your skin free from possible allergies and irritations. Therefore, it is an ideal product to reduce perspiration and take care of your skin.

design and quantity

As a last feature, but not least, is the design that the deodorant has. In other words, there is a wide variety of antiperspirant models on the market, but it is important to know if it has a safety closure, is easy to apply and if it has comfortable dimensions so that you can carry it with you comfortably in a backpack for that you are prepared for any circumstance that arises.

Dove men+care clean comfort comes in a super value pack that includes 4 deodorant sprays of 200 ml, so you will be able to enjoy a product with 800 ml of personal hygiene. Additionally, it is used very easily by pressing the atomizer button, but care must be taken to apply it less than 15 centimeters from the skin, since the gases that the deodorant has are capable of causing burns and skin irritations if not this is taken into account.

On the other hand, if you are looking for opinions on when to use this deodorant; Given that it has a compact and cylindrical size, you can carry it with you in a backpack to use it after the gym, after work and so you are always protected and smell good.

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