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Everything you need to know about ÉleverLash

In some cultures, it has been believed for centuries that “the eyes are the window to the soul”, the reflection of emotions and feelings. For its part, in the most widespread beauty canons today, the main focus of attention on the face are the eyes, with the eyelashes being the prominent frame of that window that we mentioned at the beginning, along with the eyebrows.

When using this metaphor, we refer to the trend of wearing long and voluminous eyelashes, which is why many women, and men too, resort to the use of false eyelashes, curlers, mascaras and new extension techniques applied in this “eyelash” revolution..

However, many of these processes can be harmful to natural eyelashes in the long term, since the glue used or the synthetic hair can cause allergies and affect the natural growth of the eyelashes, without forgetting the outlay of money that frequent maintenance represents. a specialized center to preserve the best appearance.

That is why many researchers and cosmetic laboratories have focused on developing a product that promotes eyelash growth naturally, with a treatment that you can easily apply at home. 

From there comes the idea of ​​ÉleverLash, an eyelash conditioner that stimulates the hair bulbs located in the upper eyelid, being absorbed to care for and regenerate the eyelashes naturally. Consequently, you will be able to have a seductive look, with long, thick and thick eyelashes that can even look false. 

The best thing about this product is that you will not need to go to a beauty salon or specialized center to perform the treatment, since you can apply it daily at home as part of your facial routine, and after three weeks you will be able to observe changes, as long as you are consistent in its application.

The best prices – How to buy ÉleverLash

With all the qualities that we mentioned above, you are surely anxious to know if you can buy this product at Amazon, Mercadona or an herbalist near your home at a cheap price, but we must inform you that this is not the case, at least the first part.

You also cannot buy it in pharmacies or other e-commerce platforms, since it is sold exclusively by its manufacturer from the official site. This is due to the need to avoid raising the price with intermediary costs or running the risk of your conditioner being counterfeit.

In this way, you can buy the original product online and you are sure to receive ÉleverLash from the hands of the manufacturer to the door of your house. You just have to fill out the purchase form, choose the payment method of your choice and you can even choose payment on delivery, as long as it is within Spain.

For international shipments, payment must be made in advance on the platform, without the risk of exposing your financial or personal data, as it is backed by the Norton Security web security suite.

Regarding the offers of this product, we present in the following table the different prices and packs that you can acquire if you want an initial treatment, or if you prefer to buy enough supply for several months of nutrition and give your eyelashes the care that you have always wanted. Dear.

Promotion Quantity Price
Charm 1 tube of 3ml €39
Beauty Pack of 2 tubes, total: 6 ml €65
elegance 4 tubes, total: 12 ml €96

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As an additional offer, you can buy, together with any of these presentations, the EleverBrown eyebrow conditioner for just 25 euros more, a cheap price that compensates the investment for a growth serum for your eyebrows, which will combine very well with your new and natural ones. tabs. 

What are the benefits of ÉleverLash for your eyelashes

If you apply mascara daily to achieve greater volume or have already put on false eyelashes with the latest techniques, you may want to know what EleverLash is for and how it can benefit you to have an impressive look.

For this reason, we want to explain to you that the concept of this conditioner is based on the daily care of natural eyelashes to nourish them, give them more strength, promote their regeneration and progressive growth. All this in a natural way, without abrasive glues or dangerous techniques that can damage your eyelids or eyelashes in the long term.

As for the results, they will not take long to appear, showing you the before and after of dreamy eyelashes, which will make you feel that you are always wearing makeup, or at least this is what some of its users say in the opinion forums. that we consult about it, and that you can also review if you are interested in obtaining this product. 

The treatment lasts about 3 weeks with daily applications, and after this period one or two weekly applications continue to maintain the appearance of the strengthened eyelashes. 

Another benefit of this product is that the skin of the eyelids is also nourished, improving the appearance of the eye contour so that the attention of your face is focused on a rested and illuminated look. 

How to use ÉleverLash correctly

According to the opinions of users and the manufacturer’s instructions, the use of ÉleverLash is very easy and will only take you a couple of minutes.

To begin with, it is necessary to clean and dry the eye area. You can use the serum of your choice or a cleansing product specifically designed for this area. 

The conditioner comes with an applicator, designed to line the lash line on the upper lid. This does not need to be perfect, you just have to apply it and wait for it to be completely absorbed.

It is best to do it at the end of the day, after you have removed your make-up, on a daily basis for the first two or three weeks of use. Subsequently, you can apply the conditioner two to three times a week to maintain the effect achieved with the initial treatment. 

On the other hand, you can also use this product if you have eyelashes with makeup or if you are wearing false eyelashes, since the serum acts on the skin of the eyelid, and its effectiveness will not be overshadowed by other products or eyelash extensions.

How EleverLash works

When you apply ÉlevarLash on the eyelid skin, the serum is absorbed through the pores and penetrates to the hair bulbs of the eyelashes. In this way, with systematic use of the product, the nutrition of these bulbs will strengthen existing eyelashes and help in the growth of new ones.

Consequently, they will look longer and darker, achieving a thickening effect, as if they were false eyelashes or extensions. It can even look like you’re wearing mascara, according to some reviews on beauty forums.

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ÉleverLash Ingredients

To achieve its goal, this conditioner has a combination of powerful ingredients and vitamins that promote hair growth in this area. 

Among the list of its components, we can mention Ascorbyl Palmitate, a fat-soluble form of vitamin C, which is used for its recognized action on hair follicles. Likewise, the presence of Panthenol as provitamin B5 in the composition of this conditioner works as a moisturizer and moisturizer for the eyelashes.

For its part, Allantoin is incorporated into the serum as a molecule with healing properties, which also favors the replacement of dead cells with new ones to accelerate hair growth in this area. 

All other ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Triethylamine, Disodium EDTA, among others, are combined to give the conditioner greater effectiveness in maintaining strengthened eyelashes.

ÉleverLash Side Effects

In order for the ÉleverLash eyelash conditioner to be marketed, it had to undergo different dermatological and ophthalmological tests to demonstrate its harmlessness to users. 

In all the tests carried out, there were no cases of allergic reaction or irritation in the subjects analyzed. Similarly, we must emphasize that this product has not been tested on animals, which is a relevant aspect if you like to buy cruelty-free products.

However, recognizing the fact that each individual is different, we cannot guarantee that there will not be people who may experience an allergic reaction to the use of this conditioner. If this happens to be your case, you can make it known in beauty forums or contact the manufacturer of ÉleverLash directly so that they know your experience and thus be able to warn future users.

However, we reiterate that, so far, no side effects have been identified from the use of this eyelash strengthener. On the contrary, the evaluations of its users are very positive and ratify its functionality. 


Going back to the previous section, we must talk about the importance of researching the products we want to use in order to know the experience of other buyers in terms of their cost, quality and effectiveness. From the data reviewed, we can forge an information criterion and establish expectations of what we can expect regarding the use of said product. 

In the case of the ÉleverLash conditioner, the opinions that its users have shared reveal part of their personal history and how not having beautiful and voluminous eyelashes affected them in their daily lives. Thus, after treatment with this strengthening product, they noticed great changes in the appearance of their eyelashes, they began to save money because they no longer had to spend on expensive aesthetic techniques and they felt more self-confident seeing that they achieved satisfactory results.: a striking look, with dark and thick lashes. 

The cheap price of this product that will make your eyelashes grow naturally is one of the aspects that stands out the most in the evaluations of its users. On the other hand, the opinions of professional dermatologists allow us to know that this is a safe product, with no contraindications regarding its formula or application, since its ingredients are effective and harmless. 

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Frequent questions 

How many ml does a tube of ÉleverLash have? How long will it last?

Each tube of ÉleverLash comes with 3 ml of content. It seems little, but in an initial phase of treatment, in which daily applications must be made, this supply is sufficient for 3 weeks. 

If it is the maintenance stage, the same amount can last up to 6 weeks, making two to three applications per week. In this sense, it is advisable to take advantage of some of the manufacturer’s promotions and purchase three or more tubes when buying online to have a prolonged treatment, promoting nutrition and long-term growth of the eyelashes.

Is ÉleverLash safe?

Perhaps the fact of not being able to buy this product in pharmacies or beauty stores generates some mistrust and makes you doubt about its innocuousness. It’s normal to think about that. But, for your peace of mind, you should know that this conditioner has passed various ophthalmological and dermatological tests that corroborate its safety for use on the upper eyelid area. 

You just have to be careful that it does not come into contact with the ocular mucosa or the tear area, which will be difficult if you apply the conditioner correctly using the included eyeliner. 

Can I put on makeup if I use ÉleverLash?

Of course you can put on make-up when using ÉleverLash, even though the manufacturer’s recommendation is to apply the conditioner when you have removed your make-up and cleaned the eye area.

However, on the official site of ÉleverLash there is a clarification in this regard, and it is stated that the use of mascara when you have applied the conditioner will not affect its functionality at all. 

The same applies in the case of having false eyelashes, because the nourishing serum will not reduce the effectiveness of the glue, so you can use the conditioner with total safety and you may even be surprised when you remove the false eyelashes or extensions and see that the natural ones have grown. 

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