Enna Cycle L Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a set of two menstrual cups made with biodegradable silicone of great quality and durability, which makes them compatible with the female body, including a grip of the same material that facilitates the extraction of the cups.

Main disadvantage:

It may be difficult at first to put this cup on, but with practice you will find that it is easy and you probably won’t regret saying goodbye to pads and tampons.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This set of menstrual cups in size L is appropriate for women who have abundant menstruation, it is ecological and durable, offering great resistance to unexpected spills.

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Main Features Explained

menstrual cup size

Probably, when you are looking for menstrual cups in virtual stores, you do not know which one to choose, because you are not aware of the sizes of these feminine devices, this being an extremely important element, because its capacity to contain a certain amount of flow depends on it. period without risk of spills. 

That is why, as in the case of traditional pads and tampons, we must choose the menstrual cup according to the amount of flow that emanates from our body, so if you are a teenager or a woman with a reduced flow, A small or medium size is probably the right size for you, but if you have a heavy flow or have had vaginal deliveries, you probably need a large menstrual cup.

In this sense, we can highlight that this Enna Cycle L model is a large size, appropriate for women who are over 35 years old, who have had cesarean deliveries or who have very abundant menstrual flow, since its main advantage is that it has a capacity to retain liquid for up to 12 hours, without problems, this being the reason why many users consider it to be the best menstrual cup. 

Ecological and durable

Another interesting aspect of the Enna Cycle L menstrual cup is that it is an ecological and durable product, as it is made of biodegradable, medical-grade silicone, totally free of chemical substances, so it is highly compatible with the female body, being little likely to cause some kind of allergic reaction.

It is also important to note that although initially the price of this product could be somewhat high compared to pads and tampons, it is good that you know that this brand’s menstrual cup can last up to 10 years without losing its properties. which translates into a good investment of money, because you will not have to buy a menstrual cup every time you have your period, as is the case with other feminine products marketed for menstruation days.

Additionally, this model incorporates a sterilizing box, which can be used to store the menstrual cup, as well as to sterilize it in the microwave after use in each menstrual cycle, so that you have your cup clean and sanitized for the next month. In addition, you should not worry about the sterilization process of the menstrual cup, since this is very simple, you just have to put the cup in the sterilizing container, add natural water so that it covers the menstrual cup in its entirety, place it in the microwave for about 3 minutes, remove it, drain the water and wait for it to be completely dry to store it.

menstrual cup design

As for the design of this menstrual cup, when you hold it in your hands, you will notice that it is bell-shaped, with a rounded base and adds to its structure an extended grip in the form of a thread, similar to that of a tampon, also made of silicone. that protrudes about 2 centimeters from the vagina, which facilitates the extraction of the menstrual cup for emptying and cleaning. 

Thanks to this handle incorporated into the menstrual cup, there are many opinions of women who point to this model as a good purchase in this type of feminine hygiene product, since handling should be easy at all times. 

Of course, in case you are a beginner using this feminine accessory, you will probably find it a bit difficult to put it on properly at first, but once you learn how to do it, you will put it on quickly and you will not even notice that you are wearing it. 

In short, the Enna Cycle L menstrual cup is a Spanish product, made with the highest quality standards, which brings many benefits to the body, since you will no longer have that unpleasant smell of pads or tampons when you wear it for several hours.

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