Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Reviews

Main advantage:

This eye contour is responsible for restoring freshness to that complex area of ​​the face, repairing and moisturizing it. This can be explained thanks to the fact that it incorporates the prestigious Matrix 360º technology.

Main disadvantage:

The bottle contains only 15 ml of product, so it could be a bit expensive for some users.

Verdict: 9.6/10

To say goodbye to unsightly dark circles under your eyes, there is no other option but to put yourself in the hands of the best. Estée Lauder is one of the most prominent brands in cosmetics, so you can say goodbye not only to dark circles, but also to bags and wrinkles.

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Main Features Explained


The effectiveness of an eye contour is determined by the technology it incorporates. This will ensure that the mission is successfully completed. In the case of this model from the prestigious New York brand Estée Lauder, we note that it is equipped with the new Matrix 360º technology.

This technology is basically dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes. Similarly, it should be noted that this contour is accompanied by an ultra-hydrating formula, so you will never feel dryness in that area of ​​the face again.

This lotion has been dermatologically tested as well as ophthalmologically tested. Being endorsed by one of the best cosmetic firms on the market today, you can rest assured that your skin will be in the best hands. The good news is that it is a product that is suitable for all women. What’s more, experts recommend starting to use eye contour after the age of 25 to minimize the first signs of aging.


When looking for eye creams, one of the first details to look at is the benefits they offer. Broadly speaking, we can point out that this model provides a restorative effect on the visible signs of aging, which tend to accumulate on three main fronts: wrinkles, dark circles and bags.

As we said before, it stands out for being a moisturizing product and, in addition, a conditioner, leaving a very pleasant sensation throughout the time. Containing hyaluronic acid, the skin visibly improves and fills in wrinkles and dark circles.

The price of this eye cream may be a bit high, but it is perhaps best understood by looking at its benefits for the skin. If you suffer from dryness or dehydration in this area of ​​the face, this article will become your best ally, as well as if you want to correct dark circles and strengthen the area.

How to use

We are faced with a night-use cream to repair your skin before going to sleep. Ease of use is a feature that is generally highly valued by users. It is, in fact, something that the opinions about this eye contour convey, in which the buyers seem to applaud its virtues.

The product includes a practical applicator to spread it more easily. It is enough, then, to take a little contour with it and gently swipe it on the underside of each eye. You should do it three times for each eye in order to impregnate this area well.

The rounded tip of the applicator will help you to spread the contour and massage the area. Remember that this massage must also cover the upper eyelid, that is, a 360º circle. Spread well until you see that the skin has absorbed all of the product. Giving small touches with the ring finger will make sure that, indeed, you have finished the process.


Ultimately, we cannot forget to refer to the packaging of this eye contour. This item is presented in a glass bottle containing 15 ml. Although, perhaps, the capacity is somewhat less than other products on the market, the reality is that it spreads more than it seems.

The bottle is translucent and has a metal lid. You just have to withdraw it to guess one of the jackpot’s star features. This, not in vain, is accompanied by a useful applicator that will prevent product from being wasted during use. Note that it has a rounded tip so that the application is 100% satisfactory.

For all these qualities, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the best eye creams on the market. And, as if that were not enough, it comes in a very comfortable container that will not take up any space in your bag.

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