Everything you need to know about eye bags

Over the years, unsightly bags under the eyes can be accentuated, which harms the appearance because it gives the look a tired look. But why do they occur? And if they have already appeared, how can eye bags be reduced? 

Time does not forgive, so says a famous song, and women who suffer from bags under the eyes know this very well, because over the years those lumps under the eyes that swell slightly are accentuated, because the tissues of This area weakens and the fat that should support the eyes lodges in the lower eyelid, giving that appearance of inflammation.

Why do bags appear under the eyes?

According to some dermatology specialists, this condition affects a large number of women and men over the age of 40, being an alteration derived from the “passage of time”, that is, a natural process that does not have serious causes associated with health problems.

Clearly, this fact is not exclusive to middle age, since other factors such as genetics, alcohol consumption, tobacco or sleep disorders can favor its appearance in young people.

Likewise, the swelling of the eyelids due to fluid retention can also consequently generate the inflammation of the bags , especially if the person has kidney problems. In this case, the alteration would be directly related to a health condition and aesthetic treatments would not produce a significant change.

Similarly, fluid retention can manifest itself with bags that are more noticeable when waking up and deflate over the course of the day. This aspect can be favored by a high consumption of salt in the daily diet. Therefore, it would be advisable to consult a specialist doctor in case of a situation that is repeated very frequently. 

eye skin

It is important to note that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the entire body, being 5 times thinner than the rest of the skin and with a lower content of collagen fibers, sebaceous glands and elastin . For this reason, it is in the eyes where the first wrinkles of aging always appear. 

Dark circles, meanwhile, represent another aesthetic problem in the eye area. These appear due to genetic factors, such as a special disposition of the venous morphology in the area, a condition that gives them that accentuated dark tone, due to the accumulation of blood. 

Low iron levels can also affect this condition, since they do not allow efficient oxygenation of the tissues, favoring the formation of clots in the blood vessels that surround the eyes. Similarly, episodes of insomnia , fatigue, physical and emotional exhaustion also dilate blood vessels and end up darkening this area.

Obviously, we must know that dark circles and bags are not the same thing, although they may share some causes, so some cosmetic products are aimed at combating this aesthetic problem, promising to eliminate eye bags and also work as a remedy for dark circles.

How to remove eye bags

The truth is that we cannot promise magic recipes on how to permanently eliminate bags and dark circles, but we can share some tips and secrets that can help you a little with this problem.

  • Cucumber slices: This beauty trick is one of the most popular that we always see on television and movies, but it really works. For this, it is recommended that the cucumber is cold and although its effect is temporary, if you apply it daily, your skin can absorb all the vitamins and nutrients of this fruit, in addition to moisturizing, helping to remove eye bags. 
  • Cold therapy: The cold favors the decongestion of the eyes, reducing dark circles and bags. Therefore, you can use the gel masks that are placed in the refrigerator before putting them on, or you can simply use a clean facial towel to wrap some ice cubes that you must place under your eyes for several minutes. The idea is that the action of the cold deflates the blood vessels. 
  • Tea bags: Among the remedies for eye bags, green tea bags are widely used due to their caffeine and antioxidant content , ingredients that promote blood flow. You just have to infuse two bags of green tea in hot water for 5 minutes. Then put them in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes. After this time, take out the tea bags, squeeze them to remove the excess liquid and place them under the eyes, leaving them to act for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Cream for eye bags: There is currently a wide range of cosmetic products aimed at reducing and concealing the bags that make your eyes look tired. One of them is the eye contour, an anti-aging treatment that provides the hydration that this area needs. Depending on the combination of ingredients, the cream can lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness.
  • Use concealer: And if your dark circles and bags are hereditary, learning how to apply makeup to hide this problem will be very useful, because every day you can apply concealer and blend it to reduce the unsightly appearance. In addition, with the correct eyeliner and a well-applied mascara, you can give your eyes a greater opening. 
  • Improve your habits: If you think your lifestyle is affecting the appearance of your eyes, then it’s time to make small changes that make a difference. Change your diet and add minerals, vitamins and lots of water to stay hydrated, without upsetting your fluid balance. Also, practice some physical activity daily to stimulate oxygenation and circulation in your body, which will also be noticeable in the appearance of the bags. Finally, don’t forget to get enough rest, avoid frequent loss of sleep and daily stress. Always find a few minutes during the day to walk, meditate or breathe fresh air.

And if you are interested in finding home remedies for dark circles, you can use aloe vera gel or milk compresses to improve their tone. But remember that none of the recipes available on the Internet are going to give you immediate and permanent changes, since they are natural remedies or ingredients that you must apply constantly to obtain the desired results. 

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