Everything you need to know about eyebrow microblading

Currently marked and populated eyebrows are in fashion, the microblading technique being widely used to improve their appearance. This aesthetic procedure can offer you an adequate solution to define the look and beautify your face, but it is necessary to go to professionals for an optimal result.

Many women are currently thinking about doing their eyebrows, since the boom of large eyebrows has returned, so it is necessary to know that today there are different techniques and tips to have perfect bushy eyebrows. 

From the use of the eyelash serum (you can find here some options to compare) and eyebrows, which is a chemical formula designed to stimulate the growth of the follicles in the eyebrows or eyelashes, increasing their volume; Even microblading, which is a slightly more invasive and fast procedure, in which natural pigments are used to draw your eyebrows on the skin, there are several alternatives that you have so that your natural eyebrows look much better and manage to frame your face, according to new trends. 

Next, we want to leave you some recommendations on the microblading procedure, which can be very useful for you to decide to use this technique.

What is microblading for eyebrows?

The first thing you should know is what this procedure consists of, so we will tell you that it is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique, in which its shape is drawn hair by hair, using natural pigments similar to the color of your eyebrow.. It is a very useful technique if your eyebrows have little hair, some bald spots, or if they seem blurred, which will prevent you from putting on makeup every day to have a better definition on your face. 

Eyebrow microblading before and after

Next, we are going to talk about some recommendations that you should take into consideration, before and after performing the microblading procedure:

Before microblading

– It is necessary, before applying this technique, to go to your trusted doctor to determine if this treatment is appropriate for your health conditions, and if there is any special recommendation for the microblading expert to perform the technique, according to the guidelines of your doctor. family doctor.

– A few days prior to treatment, it is advisable to carry out an anti-allergic test, which consists of applying a little pigment to the skin to prevent any unfavorable reaction.

– It is necessary that before the treatment the person specialized in the technique carry out a detailed study of the shape of your eyebrows, which will allow him to determine what tone to use for both your hair and your skin, as well as the design that will be used. effectively adapt to your face, so it is vitally important that at this time you explain in detail your expectations, how you want to see yourself and the eyebrows you want.

During the microblading procedure

– Usually, before starting the treatment, the specialist applies a painkiller or an analgesic cream so that the person does not feel discomfort in the process.

– A disinfection is performed in the area to be treated, cleaning the skin around the eyebrows. In some cases, the practitioner usually uses a baby towel to clean the area, but it is necessary to verify that everything is properly sterilized and that the tools used are disposable.

– Another thing that you should be aware of at the time of the procedure is that the pigments used are opened in your presence and that after using them they are properly discarded, including those used to perform the allergy test. So, it is worth asking if these materials are duly authorized by the corresponding body to be used in the country.

– This procedure usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, so it is recommended to be patient.

After microblading

– After applying this treatment, the eyebrow area is totally sensitive if you touch it, as well as red, but this is normal. 

– It is necessary to perform extreme care to help wound healing, so it is convenient to follow the recommendations given by the specialist so as not to miss the treatment.

– Keep in mind that in the initial days, your face will look different with the new eyebrow outline, but do not panic, since it is normal for the eyebrows to look dark and stand out much more. This is because, in those first days, the skin of the eyebrows has an excess of pigment, which will gradually disappear as it detaches. Keep in mind that on those days a scab will appear, which you will not be able to remove, but you must wait for it to fall off on its own. After that, you will be left with the selected tone.

– Microblading, after a month, requires a professional evaluation; We recommend that you go to a specialist for your first check-up and, if appropriate, do a touch-up on your eyebrows.

Differences between microblading and micropigmentation

Perhaps you have doubts between choosing the micropigmentation or microblading procedure, since both techniques are very similar in terms of the way of drawing the skin of the eyebrows hair by hair, using natural pigments, but it is necessary to know that both have great differences. Next, we are going to list them:

Duration time: permanent or semi-permanent: They differ in the duration time, since hair-by-hair eyebrow micropigmentation is permanent, lasting between 1 and 5 years, even many more years if the necessary care for its maintenance is followed.. While microblading can last between 12 and 18 months.

Instrument used in the technique: They also differ in the instrument used to perform the technique. In the case of microblading, the tool used is called tabori, which is a kind of small metallic pen, similar to a scalpel, with which microcuts are made in the skin where the pigments will be deposited. The diameter of the tip of this pen is very fine, up to three times more than the needle used to tattoo eyebrows or in micropigmentation. 

For its part, micropigmentation uses an instrument called a dermograph, which has a one-point needle used to draw the hair and another needle that has 3 to 5 points, which is responsible for filling in or shading the eyebrow..

Pigment deposit: With microblading, the pigments are deposited in the epidermis, which is the most superficial layer of your skin. While, in micropigmentation, the pigments used are deposited in the dermis and in the epidermis.

Remember that it is not about tattooed eyebrows, on the contrary, you would no longer have to use that old-fashioned method of tattooing a continuous and straight line on the eyebrows, because the microblading procedure offers you the solution to redefine the volume or the shape of your eyebrows, to achieve proper symmetry in your eyes.

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