Everything you need to know about pink hair

The pink color never goes out of style. For this reason, many celebrities sign up to dye their hair with this fun coloration. Precisely, if you have pink hair or have not yet dared to take the step, it is always important to know the ways to care for and maintain the color, without damaging the hair.

Without a doubt, dyeing your hair in fancy colors is a trend that is here to stay. Currently, many women look for the pink color in a hair dye in order to make a difference and innovate in terms of creating new styles. If you are one of those who wonders what hair color favors me, venture to consider the different shades of pink, to wear hair that stands out from the rest and steals everyone’s eyes. For this reason, before dyeing your hair, it is necessary to know certain aspects that you must take into account when doing so, such as the products to use before and after, so that the color lasts longer and avoid any hair deterioration.

Aspects to consider

Some people may think that dyeing colored hair can cause severe damage to the hair fiber. However, according to the opinion of different stylists, the bleaching process is the main cause by which the hair is visibly damaged, because the procedure consists of depigmenting the hair through a mixture of oxidant (responsible for opening the cuticle) and bleaching (releases pigments). Another aggressor at the time of dyeing it are the dyes that have ammonia in their components, since this tends to dry it out and break it, in the event that it has been previously discolored. For this reason, to minimize the mistreatment of the hair, it is of the utmost importance to review the formula of any pink dye before buying it and look for techniques that help care for and hydrate it.

Choosing the right shade

As we well know, in the market you can find dyes with different types of pink, which achieve a result that will vary according to hair tones. For example, light hair tends to absorb pastel pink better. In the case of dark hair, in order to reach a light pink color, it is necessary to bleach it once or twice beforehand, to achieve a uniform effect and for the tone to be noticed well.

According to these premises, dyeing your hair pink is something that should not be taken lightly, therefore, before painting it, evaluate the entire range of shades you have to choose from. For example, one of the variations most acclaimed by consumers is rosy blonde. This subtle pastel pink shade has a golden undertone and is easy to achieve on blonde hair without bleaching. In addition, this super chic style adds an elegant and refined touch. On the other hand, being a soft pink, this hair color favors medium and light skin, therefore, it allows to soften the features of the face.

Another popular shade is dark pink or fuchsia hair. When it comes to radically changing your look, a fuchsia hair attracts attention anywhere, since it is a bold, fresh and striking color, this look is ideal for those who want to risk a little more by wearing a glam-chic look. An ethereal, classic and romantic shade is pastel pink hair. This glamorous and sophisticated trend is especially appreciated by those who want chic hair full of personality. This range is very good for people with a cool undertone and fair skin, because it enhances the features of the face.

More pink effects: Highlights

Another way to wear color in your hair is through pink highlights, for a simpler, more understated look. This way you can slightly have the latest trend without having to make a risky decision. On the other hand, the pink tips give light to all types of hair, as they consist of a gradual degradation at the ends of the hair, from a dark color to a lighter one. This technique can be done with any coloration and is done by bleaching the area where you want to apply the dye.

Now, if you want a pink tone and you don’t know how to dye your hair when there are highlights, you should know that if you choose an intense pink dye you can give your hair an interesting effect, creating sparkles in this tone that will renew your style, giving it a different.

Essential care for pink hair

After dyeing the hair, it is essential to follow a care routine, in order to prolong the duration of the dye, increase the shine and the health of the hair.

For starters, bleached and colored hair dries out more, so moisturizing it is a key factor. For this, masks should be used twice a week and left to act for at least 20 minutes. It should be noted that when using a permanent pink dye, special products for dyed hair must be applied, since both shampoos and moisturizing creams have ingredients and components that help to nuance the hair, preserve the color, moisturize and leave the fibers healthy. It is also advisable not to wash your hair too often, so that the color does not fade as quickly; and if you do, cold water is the best option.

Create your own temporary pink dye

There is more than one permanent pink dye on the market. However, if you want to experiment with this trend, but you don’t want it to be permanent, here’s how to make it temporary pink, so you can wear an original and personalized shade, which can fall off after a few washes. 

To make it you need 1 teaspoon of pink powdered food coloring, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or glycerin, ½ cup of white conditioner, 3 drops of gentian violet. The procedure is simple, you just have to mix each one of the ingredients very well in a cup until it takes on an intense color and that’s it, apply it to the entire hair with the support of a brush, let it act for 45 minutes, rinse with plenty of water and blow dry with an ionic blow dryer for a bold look. 

So, permanent or temporary, the choice is yours. He seamlessly opts for pink and surprises everyone.

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