Facial gymnastics to rejuvenate the face

When it comes to recovering the youth of our face or keeping it longer, we generally think of cosmetics. But it is also possible to achieve the same effect by properly training this area of ​​the body, through facial gymnastics.

One of the problems that we all have to face is the passage of time. Something we can’t fight against, at least until we get the formula of eternal youth. But it is true that, although the clock does not forgive, we do have tools to keep the effects of age on our face at bay.

This leads us to think of the usual remedies to fight age, based on a wide range of cosmetic products. However, it is also useful for this purpose to practice facial gymnastics. This discipline is ideal to obtain all kinds of benefits for the skin, it will only take a few minutes each day and can even be fun, especially if you do the exercises in front of a mirror. If you have never heard of this type of gymnastics, we tell you everything you need to know in our article.

What is facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics, also called facial yoga , is a practice through which we perform a series of exercises with the muscles of the face, in the same way that we train our body in a gym or at home. These exercises for the face are responsible for activating the sleeping muscles, generating a greater regenerative effect or increasing oxygenation.

The result of all these advantages is that the skin of your face will look better, will have less fluid retention and will remain in this state for longer. It is also a good solution to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and other symptoms of aging on the face, as well as to obtain better use of both cleaning routines and those of nutrition and toning of the skin.

Does facial gymnastics work? 

This is one of the questions that always arise among those who do this type of exercise. And just like with other exercise tables, the answer is: it depends. It is true that doing any given exercise on our face will help tone the skin, improve oxygenation and even activate muscle and cell regeneration , as occurs with bodybuilders and other athletes, so there are no doubts about this aspect..

What we do need to know is that facial exercises do not perform miracles, in the same way that other aesthetic treatments do not. Therefore, if you have muscle tension to a high degree of flaccidity, it is likely that you will not notice any noticeable effects on your face. In the same way, each person is a world, so the effectiveness of facial gymnastics is variable and always requires perseverance to obtain results.

How to do face gymnastics at home

One of the advantages of facial gymnastics is that it is a very easy activity to carry out , it is enough to dedicate a few minutes a day to achieve good results. Although there are many exercises to do, we are going to give you some of the most outstanding, to complete a comprehensive routine. All these exercises should be repeated a couple of times and done carefully, feeling how the muscles are activated.

The first would be the clown, which is based on opening the mouth horizontally in an exaggerated way, which tones the cheekbones. We can also act surprised, opening our eyes wide, but always without wrinkling our foreheads. To fight against crow’s feet, we slide the fingertips of the hand from the center towards the temples.

Another interesting exercise is the sleeper, which smoothes the wrinkles on the forehead. It is done by lowering the eyebrows and eyelids, looking at the ground but without tilting the neck forward. If you want to tone your cheeks, open your mouth and place your tongue behind your upper teeth like a snake. To treat the eye area, we will do the owl, placing the fingers on the eyebrows and the upper part of the cheekbones, keeping the eyes wide open.

We continue with more exercises. If we put the mouth in the shape of an oval and open it as much as possible, we will make the fish. Maintaining this position serves to redensify the lips. If we open them a lot, smiling and showing the teeth, we will make the smile and enhance the cheekbones. And if we pronounce smile exaggeratedly, raising the lips, we will also tone the neck. As you can see, there is a facial exercise for each area of ​​the face.

Other tips to take care of the face

Although we have focused on exercises for the face, there are other interesting issues to take care of our skin, which perfectly complement physical activity. We are talking about solutions such as moisturizing creams, anti-aging creams and other cosmetic treatments designed to improve the appearance of the face. The good news is that by combining exercise and cosmetics, we will intensify their ability to penetrate the skin and nourish it better.

Something similar happens with skin cleansing processes . Whether we use a classic cleanser or choose a facial brush, we will see a more intense effect on our face if we combine it with these exercises. On the one hand, we will notice that it is easier to do this cleaning, since the improvement in the circulation of the skin generated by exercise drains more liquids and dirt. On the other hand, the effects of this cleaning are deeper, which translates into healthier skin.

As a last element, it is possible to combine the exercise for the face with a facial massager, thus complementing the effects of both therapies. The local application of this massage on the face is perfect for treating complex areas and giving them a specific treatment. It’s all a matter of seeing what you need and acting accordingly.

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