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Losing hair is a completely natural and common process in humans, however, in some cases this phenomenon can worsen and that is when baldness problems arrive. Folisin has been created as a solution, a dietary supplement specifically indicated for men and made with natural ingredients, capable of preventing hair loss.

The best prices – How to buy Folisin

If you want to buy Folisin online, you only need to go to the manufacturer’s official website and select the presentation that best suits your needs. It is important to know that this product is not yet available in Mercadona stores, pharmacies, or on Amazon. Therefore, you should not get carried away by misleading offers in forums or cheap imitations, as this can be counterproductive if you want to obtain a quality product that guarantees good results.

Quantity Number of capsules Price
1 boat 60 Capsules (1 month of use) €59.00
3 boats 180 Capsules (3 months of use) €118.00
6 boats 360 Capsules (6 months of use) €177.00

To make the purchase, you can use your credit card or the Sofort electronic payment system. In either case, shipping costs 9.00 euros. If you need more security, the manufacturer offers a cash on delivery payment, where the shipment has a total value of 14 euros, which is added to the price of the presentation you choose, however, Folisin is still a cheap price product in relation to the benefits it provides. Likewise, you should know that the manufacturer has a shipping time of only 24 hours or 2 business days from the moment you place the order.

What are the benefits of Folisin for your hair

Folisin is able to promote the growth of strong stemmed hair, regardless of the negative effect of endogenous and exogenous factors in the body, thanks to the plant extracts, minerals and other compounds included. Among the most outstanding benefits of this product is the ability to maintain the natural color of the hair, avoiding the loss of pigment that usually occurs when entering old age.

If you are still wondering what Folisin is for, you should know that this product is capable of inducing the anagen phase of the follicles, which is where the hair grows. It can also slow down the catagen phase, which is the resting period where the hair separates from the nerve branch. Also, Folisin is indicated to delay the arrival of the Telogen phase, which is when the hair falls out.

On the other hand, it has an antiandrogenic effect, capable of leveling the production of the testosterone hormone in men, whose main benefit is the stimulation and development of the male sexual character. However, before consuming Folisin it is advisable to consult a professional doctor.

For greater effectiveness, it is advisable to accompany the Folisin treatment with healthy practices in our daily lives, such as eating a balanced diet, engaging in continuous physical activity and having good sleeping habits. In this sense, it is important to be systematic and strict with ourselves, to take Folisin according to the indications of a specialist doctor, only in this way can we achieve truly satisfactory results.

How Folisin works

Folisin’s function is to improve the health and appearance of men’s hair, but its effectiveness depends on the composition and quality of the ingredients, among which AnaGain Nu stands out, extracted directly from the pea germ. This compound offers unique properties to stimulate skin cells and produce new hair growth, while increasing its density.

The AnaGain Nu compound includes the protein FGF7, which is produced naturally in the body and, among its many benefits, can promote cell survival and tissue repair, thus promoting the growth of keratinocytes during the initial phase of hair development. Another of the proteins that makes up AnaGain Nu is Noggin, associated with the development of body organs, including muscle tissue. In the case of Folisin, Noggin acts as a slower during the resting phase of the hair.

Different clinical studies have compiled data before and after taking Folisin, showing that with just 2 weeks of use the levels of FGF7 are capable of increasing up to 85%, while those of Nogina can increase by 56%, which indicates the effectiveness of the product on the hair follicles.

Among the most noteworthy experiments that were conducted to test the validity of Folisin, a test was carried out on 21 participants who were experiencing moderate hair loss. After consuming 100mg of AnaGain Nu for 2 months, it was found that in just 1 month of treatment, hair loss was reduced by 34%, which is a great improvement according to the opinions of professional doctors. Likewise, an increase of 8% in the anagen phase was observed, resulting in greater hair density, which indicates a considerable difference between before and after taking Folisin.

How to take Folisin correctly

To help counteract the damage that can be caused by exogenous and endogenous processes in men’s hair, it is necessary to be constant in the consumption of Folisin. In this sense, we can mention that a container of Folisin contains 60 capsules to consume a dose of 2 pills daily, so a bottle can last approximately 1 month.

However, Folisin capsules should not be taken together, but 1 tablet twice a day, at least 8 hours apart. Similarly, it is best to consult a trusted doctor who can provide more precise and safe consumption indications, depending on each person. In any case, the pills must be taken with plenty of liquid to facilitate their intake and guarantee their effectiveness. In this regard, the manufacturer recommends taking Folisin with about 300 ml of water.

Folisin – Ingredients

Folisin’s ingredients have been carefully selected to provide the necessary nutrients that hair needs for optimal development. Among these is Sabal, an extract with 25% fatty acids that promotes hair growth, and also provides benefits to prostate health. It also includes BioPerine, which is basically black pepper extract, which favors the absorption of beta-carotene to maintain hair color, as well as selenium, which serves to protect hair from external damage.

Among the main sources of vitamins is EVNolMax, a vitamin E compound that is efficient in preventing hair loss according to clinical trials. Likewise, in its composition it is possible to find vitamin A, zinc, biotin and copper, which are necessary elements to promote hair health and guarantee optimal pigmentation, in addition, it helps maintain good spermatogenesis and level testosterone.

On the other hand, it has pumpkin seed extract, which provides the anti-androgenic effect to Folisin and it also has PhosphaMax, a phosphatidic acid capable of promoting cell regulation, in this way, it can provide healthy hair follicles for hair development.

Folisin – Side Effects

Folisin pills are not drugs and do not contain harmful elements, on the contrary, they are made mainly with natural ingredients that we cannot find in pharmacies, but in a Herbalist, so there are no contraindications for its consumption, as long as it is ingested. the recommended dose and, preferably, under the supervision of a doctor. Similarly, if you have health problems or suffer from any type of allergy, it is recommended that you read the list of included compounds in detail, since despite being natural, they could cause allergic reactions in some people.


Folisin is a cheap drug, which you can buy online easily and quickly, but if you still have doubts about its effectiveness, you should take into account the opinions of different people in forums and on the Folisin website. In this sense, we can infer that the product generally has a positive evaluation. Some users even mention an improvement in their self-esteem, based on the benefits that Folisin provides in hair regrowth.

Other opinions come from characters who, due to stress and the degenerative aspects of age, began to lose their hair. Looking for a solution in forums about baldness, they found Folisin, a supplement that helped them reduce hair loss with very little time of consumption. 

Frequent questions

Who can use Folisin?

Folisin is a product suitable for the exclusive consumption of men. This is because many of its ingredients are intended to improve the male hormonal system, which becomes a beneficial aspect in the prevention of hair loss. At the same time, it favors the regulation of testosterone that controls male sexual behavior.

How soon will I be able to see results with Folisin?

The changes that Folisin produces can be seen after approximately 30 days, however, this can vary depending on each person and the particular causes of hair loss. This supplement is more indicated to combat hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, poor genetic predisposition and stress, especially if it is chronic. Therefore, Folisin can provide visible changes in less or more time depending on physical and psychological factors.

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