Garnier Delial Sensitive Advanced Facial Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a Garnier quality product that offers the benefits of protection and hydration under the intensity of solar radiation. It has a formula with positive results on light skin or skin that is very sensitive to the effects of the sun’s rays. 

Main disadvantage:

This is a facial cream specially designed for effective and safe action on the face and neck area, so it may not have the same efficiency on other parts of the body.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a sun cream that protects you against the inevitable consequences of UVA and UVB rays. It is easy to absorb and apply.

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Main Features Explained

Protective factor 50+

Knowing the conditions of the fragile ozone layer, going out on a sunny day is inevitably exposing yourself to the action of its rays. Believe it or not, its effect is so intense and immediate that a few minutes in the sun can leave traces on your skin. The best sunscreens on the market have formulas that seek to minimize this impact while providing maximum protection and defense.

Garnier has created in this formula an advanced care for light skin sensitivity and intolerance to the sun, mainly in the face and neck area. Fair skin has less melanin in its epidermis, making it more prone to sunburn, redness, tension, dehydration, and of course heat absorption. It is known that a few minutes in the sun can ensure vitamin D and the important calcium fixation, but a long time is unquestionably harmful, especially on the delicate skin of the face. 

Perhaps the neck is an easier area to wear covered with some clothing, but the face is not. Therefore, covering it with enough of this high protector 50+ before going out in the sun offers you immediate protection against the waves of UVA and UVB rays. In addition, the opinions about its application describe it as a cream that is easy to spread and quickly absorbed.


Smoothing wrinkles on the face or delaying their appearance are, inescapably, aspects that a good facial product tries to achieve with its formula. In this case, having the possibility of protection against the sun and, at the same time, high hydration at a single price is great. This two-in-one care is one of the main factors why many people consider this alternative one of the best sun creams.

In its 50 ml container, you can read how this product highlights for you its action as a moisturizing cream against the action of ultraviolet rays. The way it achieves this is with a composition of ingredients that respects and treats the most sensitive skin to the sun with great delicacy. In addition, this line of sun protection has expanded its field of action and, beyond preventing damage to collagen and elastin by UVA rays and aging by UVB, the components of this cream also offer protection against infrared rays.  

Apart from benefiting you with an anti-wrinkle product that prevents skin cell damage, its hypoallergenic formula minimizes the appearance of allergic reactions. So the extensive protection of this cream offers you cared for and hydrated skin on a daily basis and throughout the day.


The responsibility of this brand not only includes a moisturizing sun protection cream tested and approved for dermatological use on fair, sensitive or intolerant skin, but is also part of a firm commitment to educate about the importance of sun protection and avoid So skin cancer. The adverse effects of ultraviolet rays can be avoided by avoiding prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun and, if this is not possible, the use of sun creams becomes a necessary habit.

Garnier Delial has been openly committed to the European League Against Cancer for more than ten years and, since 2006, has taken an active part in disseminating what it considers to be the golden rules in solar education. It is best not to overexpose yourself to the sun, even if you are using sunscreen, especially during those hours of the day when it is higher and its radiation is more intense.

If it is completely necessary and unavoidable to be under the sun, then sunscreen should be generously applied to areas of greater sensitivity such as the face and neck, both on the front and back. Reapplications of the product should be made if you swim, bathe or towel dry.

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