Garnier Olia Reviews

Main advantage:

It contains a formulation based on natural ingredients and free of ammonia, which prevents skin reactions on the scalp. In addition, it is easy to apply and due to its presentation of one or two tubes it adjusts to different sizes and volumes of hair.


Main disadvantage:

If you are going to apply the dye to virgin hair, there may be some dryness. But, with the passing of days, this feeling improves, providing the desired result.


Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a permanent and natural option that notably benefits the health of your hair by offering a radical change to it.

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Main Features Explained



This Garnier product is a permanent-type hair dye, since its results are visible for a longer period of time compared to other dyes. Although it is true that permanent ammonia-free dyes can be a bit aggressive with the hair, since they try to cover the hair fiber completely, this Garnier formula is characterized by improving said condition.

On the other hand, this type of dyes benefit the users’ budget, since by staying longer in the hair fibers, frequent investment is not required. Therefore, regardless of their acquisition price, they could generate some long-term money savings.

Another important quality is that the dye maintains its hue for longer. In this sense, this ammonia-free and permanent product can be found in 16 shades and has the property of accentuating its shade as indicated by the manufacturer. However, this will depend on the care and previous condition of the hair. Likewise, it provides a lightening of up to 3 tones, without mistreating the hair like traditional ammonia dyes, so protection and color enhancement could be guaranteed.

Formulation and gray coverage

When you are going to use a hair dye you must keep in mind the ingredients it contains. For this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to the opinions of specialists, who indicate that the fewer chemicals and harmful substances the product formulation contains, the greater the protection for the scalp. Hence, the best ammonia-free dye would be the one that provides the hair with maximum color efficiency and, in turn, is kind to it.

In this sense, Garnier Olia, to provide greater intensity in its color, contains a formula made from natural flower extracts. For this reason, it is characterized as a dye with a pleasant aroma, as well as being friendly to the hair and the respiratory system. In addition, it is compatible with any type of hair, since this natural formulation nourishes, moisturizes and restores it, making it look healthier and therefore manageable.

On the other hand, it could improve the appearance of bothersome gray hair by up to 100%, by allowing its complete coverage thanks to its proven efficacy, which ensures its acceptance among women and those people who have naturally lost their pigmentation. hair.


This is a comfortable dye to use, because you only have to apply it evenly throughout the hair, being clean and dry, rubbing and making circular movements for a period of 30 minutes. Afterwards, a rinse with plenty of water is carried out to eliminate its residues and, finally, the hair is left to dry so that the dye can do its job better. On the other hand, if you don’t want to use your coloring tools, this presentation comes with a practical ergonomic applicator for maximum finishing precision.

It is also important to mention that it has a creamy texture that prevents spills when preparing the mixture. Likewise, this quality is convenient to absorb efficiently into the hair and resist several washes without worrying that it will fall out easily.

Similarly, this ammonia-free permanent dye is suitable for both curly and straight hair, and even those that have undergone keratin or hair treatments. On the other hand, you do not need a professional stylist to apply this dye, since it is easy to use and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. To do this, you should only follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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