Garnier Skin Active Reviews

Main advantage: 

The argan oil incorporated in the formula favors the cleaning of waterproof products on the face, while deeply nourishing the skin. In this way you get a complexion without impurities and well hydrated.

Main disadvantage:

The feeling it leaves on the skin is a bit oily, unlike simple micellar waters. However, this does not influence the cleaning capacity of the product and its recognized effectiveness.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a suitable product to remove waterproof makeup without much effort, thanks to the effectiveness of argan oil that also provides hydration to the skin. 

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Main Features Explained


Micellar waters revolutionized the world of makeup by quickly cleaning impurities from the face and preparing the skin for other products, or for rest. 

It is for this reason that with the popularity of this cosmetic, research continued and the product evolved with the inclusion of other ingredients, in addition to micelles. In this sense, Garnier remains at the forefront of the market with the presentation of micellar water in oil from the Skin Active line.

This product is characterized by incorporating Argan oil, which is extracted from a tree called Argania spinosa and whose antioxidant properties make it worthy of the adjective “desert gold”, since its use for skin and hair hydration has been known since centuries ago.

For this reason, Garnier has combined the properties of micelles with this oil that allows it to capture dirt and impurities, trapping them to cleanse the skin without rubbing or applying much force. 

At the same time, the skin absorbs the argan oil to be deeply nourished and well hydrated. The best thing about this ingredient is that, although it does not leave such a refreshing sensation, it does not influence the appearance of comedones, so it is totally safe to use on acne-prone skin. 


The effectiveness of micellar water depends, in large part, on making a correct application, since its main function is to capture impurities on a smooth surface such as cotton pads, without the need to rub the skin.

In the case of Garnier Skin Active water in oil, since it is a compound formula, the first thing to do is shake the container well to compact both liquids before pouring the solution on the cotton.

Next, when soaking the make-up remover disk, lightly touch the areas of the most accentuated make-up, such as the eyes, if a waterproof mascara has been used, or the lips, if it has been applied. a matte lipstick 

The key to this product is to dab moistening the area and let the solution act for a few seconds, then repeat the operation on the entire face, this time using a disc slightly moistened with micellar water, so you can finish collecting all the impurities.

Because it is a natural and paraben-free formula, it is not necessary to lighten the skin after removing makeup, as you do not want to remove the nourishing properties of the oil on the face. For all these benefits, some users affirm in their opinions that this is the best micellar water.

Format and presentation

With regard to the price of the product, the format is a determining aspect, since the greater the quantity the container contains, the higher the cost. Now, we cannot rule out how functional it is to always carry a micellar water in your bag to use on the way home or after the gym, and for this a 500 ml container would not be very comfortable.

Consequently, Garnier Skin Active has thought about the ease of users and therefore offers this product in a 100 ml travel format. But, with the intention of improving the offer, the product comes in a presentation of 6 units. In this way, you can take advantage of the purchase and shipping to acquire 6 micellar waters at a very competitive price, according to the benefits it offers for your skin. 

And if you are concerned about the quality of the product, you should know that Garnier laboratories have been internationally recognized for the effectiveness of their cosmetic formulas and each of their products have been tested dermatologically and by ophthalmology specialists to guarantee their safety, being this water micellar oil suitable for sensitive skin.

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