GHD Curve Creative Curl Reviews

Main advantage:

The curling iron has heat control technology that allows a homogeneous temperature throughout the barrel and prevents overheating. According to this, the styling results can be very good and the hair is protected from possible burns.

Main disadvantage:

This device will only allow you to create soft curls and waves, so if you want more compact curls in your hair, you will have to choose another type of curling iron.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a curling iron that will help you create surfer waves in your hair, this model can meet your expectations. Plus, it’s endorsed by the GHD brand.

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Main Features Explained


Exposing hair to the effects of heat implies a certain level of risk that we cannot ignore. However, when you have an appliance that has been designed with safety mechanisms in place, the chance of hair burning is greatly reduced. In the case of the GHD hair curler, it should be noted that it includes a technology that is responsible for constantly reviewing the power with which the device works, to effectively control the temperature. In fact, it is mentioned by the manufacturer that the sensor included among its components can monitor the temperature in the barrel of the curling iron an average of 250 times per second, thus preventing it from exceeding 185ºC. 

Although you may think that this temperature is not the highest among the hair curlers on the market, the truth is that it is considered sufficient heat to model the hair fibers without damaging their composition.

In addition, another important characteristic that any device of this type must have is that the heat must be homogeneous along the entire surface in contact with the hair. This feature that has also been considered when designing the Curve Creative Curl, since the sensor we talked about earlier is distributed throughout the barrel.

Another aspect that contributes to providing safe use is its automatic disconnection system, which will come into operation after 30 minutes of detecting inactivity, thus avoiding inefficient energy consumption and avoiding accidents.


Although many devices on the market can describe themselves as the best hair curling iron, there are some brands that, due to their successful track record and the quality of their devices, have achieved a place among the favorites of hairstyling professionals, who rate them positively. in your opinions. This is the case of GHD. This is why, despite the fact that its product line is not the most affordable, users are usually willing to pay the price of their devices.

To describe the use of this particular hair curler, it is necessary to start by mentioning how quickly it can be ready for you to start the styling project, since it only takes 25 seconds to heat the barrel to 185ºC, which is very useful especially when you’re in a hurry

Another feature that may seem attractive is the fact that it has universal voltage. Which translates into an advantage when you have to travel, because you can continue styling your hair with the same efficiency and comfort as you do at home.


Undoubtedly, surf waves and relaxed hairstyles have managed to create a trend in the world of fashion. However, not just any curling iron can help you efficiently style each strand so that it achieves the perfect volume and wave.

To help you achieve this, this Curve Creative curling iron features a tapered barrel, which prevents waves from being too regular. On the contrary, you can give it a casual and carefree touch. Speaking more specifically, the diameter at its narrowest part is 23 cm, while at its widest it is 28 cm. In this way, you can comb from short hair to longer hair without a problem.

To add comfort when styling, it has a base that will allow you to safely place the curling iron on any surface without burning it. In addition, it should be noted that it has a cold tip, which will prevent you from burning your hands during the styling process, and a long cable, so that you have freedom of movement.

On the other hand, its use is very simple, since you only have to press the power button and the device will take care of maintaining the temperature.

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