GHD Gold Styler Reviews

Main advantage:

Featuring a pair of tilting plates and a rounded barrel design, you can use this straightener to create not only straightened locks, but defined curls as well. In addition, it includes a double heat sensor to effectively control the temperature.

Main disadvantage:

The set of this iron does not include thermo protectors for the hands or fingers, which can be inconvenient, since they are very useful accessories to protect your hands.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a professional design iron, you can look at this GHD model, since it is resistant, versatile and effective.

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Main Features Explained


We know that when making a comparison of hair straighteners you look, among other things, at its price, to know if it suits your budget. However, we invite you not to overlook checking the plates in your analysis. These are the ones that will be in contact with the hair and it is expected that they will be particularly smooth surfaces that will allow, among other things, smooth sliding. Thanks to this quality, you could avoid pulling which, in addition to being annoying, can damage the hair. On the other hand, it is preferable that the heat is distributed equally throughout the entire plate, to prevent the hair from being subjected to different temperatures.

In the case of the GHD Gold Styler heat straightener, we can say that it effectively meets these requirements. First, its plates have received good reviews for their soft and smooth texture. In addition, they offer the advantage of including two temperature sensors, distributed at the tip and base, to constantly check the heat level and thereby achieve better styling results.

On the other hand, you will be able to see that the barrel of the iron is rounded, which provides versatility so that you not only manage to straighten your hair, but also that you can create surfer waves and curls.


Combing your hair easily is the dream of every woman, to achieve it, this iron provides you with a homogeneous and stable heating at a temperature of 185ºC. This is considered sufficient to prevent damage to your hair and could be compatible with both fine and thick hair. 

In this way, you will only have to press the power button and the heat generation and control technology provided in the device will take care of the rest.

On the other hand, so that you don’t have to wait too long to start combing your hair, it offers a fast heating system, which allows you to reach the temperature in an approximate time of only 25 seconds, being one of the fastest on the market.

As for its cable, which is another point that you cannot fail to analyze in any straightener, it is 2.7 meters long, which will allow you to move freely to reach all the strands of your hair without restrictions and without having to be close from the nearest outlet. In addition, the fact that it is rotatable is very useful, to avoid tangles and discomfort.

ergonomics and safety

Avoiding accidents related to devices that work with heat will depend on being careful when using them, but also on purchasing one that provides security systems. In this sense, the Gold Styler iron includes an automatic shutdown system, which is activated when it detects 30 minutes of inactivity. On the other hand, to keep your iron in good condition for longer, a protector for the plates has been included in the purchase set.

Although the appearance of a hair straightener can be an attractive aspect, we invite you to also review its ergonomics. Remember that it is a device that you have to hold with one hand for a period of time of at least 15 minutes, depending on the length of your hair. That is why it is expected to combine an adequate size and weight, to avoid fatigue as much as possible. 

In this sense, this iron, despite being robust and resistant, weighs only 380 g, which will prevent you from getting too tired during the styling project. While on the other hand, it offers a length of 31cm, which is long enough to quickly work through the mane. In addition, its exterior texture is nice and comfortable to hold, which prevents unexpected slippage when you are working with it.

In relation to its appearance, the truth is that we can also rate it positively, since it has an elegant and stylish design in black. Without a doubt, it is a device that well deserves to be among the best hair straighteners of the moment.

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