Gifts for 16 year olds

Our picks for the best gifts for 16-year-olds

If you are wondering what gifts can be a success when it comes to surprising your teenager, then take a look at our selection of the best gifts for 16-year-old boys, designed precisely to meet the needs and tastes of the boys in your age and with all kinds of items, from leisure items to others that will help you in your studies or in sports.

Potensic T25 Drone GPS

Being able to easily fly a drone is something that kids are very attracted to as they can capture amazing shots while having fun. In a special way, this model is designed to provide easy use for beginners but, in addition, it has a 2K camera with a viewing range of 120º. As if that were not enough, its transmission to smart devices is fast and efficient.

Another aspect that may be interesting is the automatic return function, when the signal is lost or insufficient charge is detected in its battery. Thus, accidents and the possibility of losing the device during the flight session are minimized.


It has follow me and GPS flight modes, so that the drone can be guided automatically. In addition, it offers a modern appearance and has a control range of up to 300 meters. Interesting is also the fact that it includes 2 batteries of 1000 mAh, for a longer flight experience.

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lego architecture new york

Although we may think that Lego construction sets are already outdated at this age, the truth is that with series like Lego Architecture it is easy to see that not all their games are for children.

Something that teenagers will appreciate, who want to keep their constructive spirit alive with challenges at their level, such as New York City.

To do this, the set offers an elegant design with a 4 x 32 base and some of the most representative buildings of the big city such as the Empire State or the Statue of Liberty. All of them ready for assembly, with the usual LEGO pieces.


It is an original and different gift from the usual, being very interesting for those kids who still like puzzles and construction games. In addition, the wide variety of models makes it easy to choose the one you like best.

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16 Years Birthday Level 16 T-Shirt

It is a casual style t-shirt, since it has a low hem and short sleeves, so it is recommended for day-to-day wear at any time of the year. In addition, it has been designed with a round neckline and the sleeve has double stitching for greater durability.

The material depends on the color of the fabric. For example, gray offers 90% cotton and 10% polyester, while all other colors are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. In this sense, it is available in black, purple, royal blue, olive green, asphalt, among other shades.


It has a colorful print with a video game controller and the words Level 16 Complete, making it perfect for a boy’s 16th birthday. In addition, it can be machine washed and the manufacturer offers a table to easily choose the correct size.

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Adidas Core18 Hoody

Although clothes are often not the most desirable gifts, the truth is that any 16-year-old boy will be delighted with this Adidas sweatshirt. A model entirely in black and with the usual white line decoration of the brand, where the three stripes that give the product so much elegance are not lacking. 

This sweatshirt is complete with a hood and a large front pocket, where you can store your hands when it’s cold or carry whatever you need. As if that were not enough, thanks to its design, we are talking about a product that is easy to combine with any other garment, thus complementing any wardrobe.


The product has a quality construction that protects from the cold but breathes adequately, being even suitable for practicing sports and looking stylish anywhere, on or off the field of play.

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Casio W-800H Watch

Casio is a brand that has managed to remain among the favorites, when it comes to choosing a watch that is resistant to use and that offers versatility.

In this sense, your ‎W-800H-1AVDF model could be a great gift, since it is considered an icon of the 80s, which is why it belongs to the Casio Collection line. Thus, it is defined as a piece of great value for those who are nostalgic and an original idea to give as a gift to all those who want to experience a little of those years.

Among its qualities, it has an LED light to illuminate the sphere and it resists immersions of up to 100 meters, so you can use it in the pool. Similarly, to expand its use options, it has a stopwatch, alarm and calendar function.


The battery life of this model is estimated at 10 years, so in a long time you will not have to worry about providing a replacement. In addition, it is a watch made with materials that are resistant to use and that offer comfort.

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Hercules 4780900

It is a very appropriate starter kit for a boy who wants to become a DJ, since it comes with all the necessary components. First of all, we must mention the DJControl Inpulse 200 controller, which has an integrated audio interface and light guides to facilitate learning in mixing and scratching. 

On the other hand, it includes 2 active 15 W speakers, which allow easy monitoring to make music in any room of the home. In addition, it incorporates HDP DJ45 headphones, which are specially designed to mix music like a true DJ.


It is a good gift for teenagers who love electronic music and mixing in general, as it is a very useful set. It also brings the full version of the Djuced application compatible with PC and Mac, which comes with some practical tutorials to facilitate learning.

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Della Gao Anti-Theft Backpack

This travel backpack has a large storage capacity, thanks to its measurements of 32 cm wide, 50 cm high and 20 cm deep. For this reason, it can be used to carry laptops from 13 to 17 inches. In addition, it has a USB charging port on one side for mobile devices.

It is made with polyester fabric and includes a high-density nylon lining for greater resistance to wear. It also offers 3 main compartments and a large number of independent pockets that allow you to carry different items such as clothes, books, as well as personal hygiene items and other objects to use.


Not only is it a useful backpack to take to university, work or excursions, but it is also very comfortable, thanks to its wide padded straps that reduce stress on the shoulders. Similarly, they are breathable to prevent moisture build-up.

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Sony ZS-PS50 – Boomboxon

If you are looking for gifts for Kings, Christmas or any other occasion that really impresses your teenager and you want your boy to enjoy music as he deserves, this Sony Boomboxon is a very interesting option.

This product has an output power of 4 stereo watts, being able to play sound from your CD player as well as from your radio tuner and your player via USB.

A very complete piece of equipment that you can take anywhere thanks to its weight of just 2 kilos and its battery that allows you to use it for up to 9 hours playing CDs. All this without forgetting the sound quality of the Sony brand.


IF 20 years ago what was popular were modern large cassette radios, this Boomboxon is its heir in 2022, offering high sound quality and numerous sources to play audio.

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Xbox Series S

A video game console offers a wide range of entertainment potential. This time, we focus on the Xbox Series S option, which is distinguished from other alternatives by its compact design, but high capacity and speed. It offers technology to enjoy 120 FPS and with a faster loading time than its predecessors, so you don’t have to wait too long to play your favorite title or switch from one to another.

In addition, this device can play video in 4K format, which improves the user experience, and an ergonomic white control is included, matching the console.


Its NVMe SSD type disk with a capacity of 512 GB allows to reduce the loading times of the games, to make the use of the console more dynamic. In addition, it is compatible with multiple titles, so it does not generate limitations in this regard.

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It is a portable and compact speaker, since it measures 7.1 x 8.6 x 3.1 cm, so it is possible to take it everywhere without inconvenience. In addition, it has Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to other devices, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, among others. 

In this sense, it works with a lithium battery with autonomy of 5 hours that is fully charged in a period of 2.5 hours. Similarly, it is worth mentioning that it offers adequate sound fidelity and has noise cancellation for greater clarity.


It is a good option for those guys who like to take their music everywhere, since it is a small and compact model. Also, it allows you to receive calls with high quality sound and is waterproof, so it is possible to use it by the pool.

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Xiaomi Mi Scooter

El patinete eléctrico se ha convertido en un objeto de deseo para adolescentes de todas las edades. Así que nada mejor que recurrir al modelo Xiaomi Mi Scooter para agasajar a cualquiera que quiera rodar con comodidad. 

Este producto cuenta con un diseño convencional y plegable, de alta eficiencia. El patinete incorpora un motor de 25 kilómetros por hora de velocidad máxima, así como 30 kilómetros de autonomía en el rodaje, situándose en la zona puntera del mercado por estos parámetros. 

El producto se remata con un sistema de control muy agradable, tanto a la hora de acelerar como de frenar y realizar los giros durante la marcha. 


El producto tiene una alta potencia y una entrega de velocidad progresiva y muy agradable. Todas estas funciones, así como la información del producto, pueden controlarse y consultarse a través de la app incluida.

Blackview A10

Si crees que haya llegado el momento de que tu chico tenga un móvil o de actualizar el que tiene, el smartphone Blackview A10 es una propuesta interesante. Este teléfono móvil libre cuenta con un procesador de cuatro núcleos junto con 2 gigas de RAM y 16 GB de almacenamiento interno, siendo capaz de mover la versión 7 de Android sin problemas.

Un modelo que cuenta, también, con una pantalla de 5 pulgadas y resolución HD, así como otros detalles como dual sim y cámara de fotos con una resolución de 8 y 5 megapíxeles respectivamente. Un modelo que se remata con una batería de 2800 miliamperios, lo que permite utilizarla durante todo el día sin necesidad de carga.


Este móvil es un interesante modelo de gama media con el que mantenernos comunicados con nuestro adolescente y que le permite al disfrutar de su nuevo smartphone como el que más.

Huawei MediaPad  t3

Aunque hoy día las tablets ya son regalos de comunión habituales, también es cierto que cuando los chicos llegan a cierta edad necesitan modelos de mayor calidad y procesamiento. Modelos como el tablet Huawei MediaPad t3, que incluye un procesador de cuatro núcleos a 1,3 gigahercios junto con 1 giga de RAM, en una pantalla de 7 pulgadas que le otorga una buena visibilidad y utilidad.

Se completa con 8 gigas de almacenamiento y doble cámara, delantera y trasera, de 2 megapíxeles. Todo ello sin olvidar la habitual conectividad tanto mediante WIFI como a través del puerto USB incluido. Una tablet que también incorpora una batería de 3100 miliamperios con la que es más fácil mantenerlo activo por más tiempo.


Si necesitas una tablet barata, pero que rinda bien, este modelo de Huawei es una buena alternativa que se sitúa dentro de la gama media-baja por capacidad de procesamiento.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Mantener el hábito de la lectura según qué edades puede ser complicado. Pero si se lo ponemos a nuestros chicos más fácil con un libro electrónico kindle, es probable que vuelvan a recuperar el gusto por la lectura. Este libro electrónico ofrece una resolución de pantalla de 300 pulgadas, libre de reflejos incluso bajo la luz del sol.

Esto facilita leer de forma cómoda al tiempo que la pantalla cuida de nuestra salud ocular al ajustar el brillo en función de la luz ambiental. Además, tendrás acceso al amplio catálogo de productos de Amazon con cantidad de libros de todas las categorías. Y todo ello en un producto ligero y fácil de llevar a cualquier parte.


Este modelo de Kindle es uno de los más vendidos del mercado, durante muchos años. Señal de que hablamos de uno de los productos destacados de su categoría.

iPosible pulsera de actividad

Aunque realmente no sería necesario que nuestro chico tuviera una pulsera de actividad para darse cuenta de todo lo que se mueve, la pulsera de iPosible es un buen complemento  especial para que pueda medir todos sus ejercicios.

Esta pulsera incorpora funciones como la de pulsómetro, podómetro y gestión de las notificaciones del móvil, de manera que esté siempre conectado y sepa cuándo recibe una llamada o mensaje en sus redes sociales sin necesidad de sacar el móvil. Un modelo compatible con todo tipo de Smartphone, con una batería de buena capacidad y una pantalla que permite una buena visión en cualquier circunstancia.


Las pulseras de actividad son una buena alternativa a los relojes de siempre, incorporando una funcionalidad muy amplia con la que controlar cualquier actividad que realicemos.

BulbBotz Despertador LCD Digital

Para que los despertares de tu adolescente resulten más agradables, el reloj despertador BulbBotz  es todo lo que necesitas, especialmente si es fan de esta saga. Esta tradicional figura de Star Wars se ha convertido ahora en un reloj, que incluye una pantalla LCD digital y tiene 19 cm de altura dónde resulta más fácil ver la hora y los demás parámetros del despertador.

Una pantalla que se alimenta con dos pilas AAA y que incluye funciones de alarma y repetición, incorporando también luz en la zona de la cabeza, de modo que puede servir como lámpara. Un modelo fácil de usar y fácil de programar para que la hora no se nos escape.


Si buscas regalos interesantes, este reloj encantará a los aficionados de Star Wars que quieran empezar el día con un toque diferente.

Lenovo Ideapad Y520-15IKBN

Si tu chico, además de estudiar, está hecho todo un Gamer, necesita un ordenador portátil de alta calidad y el modelo Lenovo Ideapad Y520-15IKBN es justo lo que necesitas. Esta potente máquina cuenta con un procesador Intel Core i7 a 3,8 gigahercios y 8 GB de memoria RAM con la que mover de forma realmente eficiente cualquier programa.

Un ordenador portátil de estilo gaming que también incluye una tarjeta gráfica Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 con 4GB de RAM para verlo todo mucho más claro. Se completa con un 1 tera de disco duro y una batería con una buena autonomía, ajustada a las diferentes funciones que ofrece.


Si buscas un ordenador que dure por mucho tiempo sin necesidad de actualización es, aun cuando su precio puede ser elevado, este modelo es una propuesta muy interesante.

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