Gifts for 17 year olds

Our picks for the best gifts for 17-year-olds

We know that it is not easy to choose the ideal gift for a 17-year-old, because between late adolescence and the beginning of adult life they may have preferences that are so different from those they had when they were younger. That is why we have selected several interesting gift options that could help you in your quest to succeed and give an unforgettable gift to the young person.

Bioston Wooden Clock

Wearing a watch that matches your outfit correctly is considered a mark of good taste. In this sense, a watch like Bioston’s with a wooden dial can be a good choice if you are looking for gifts for Kings.

In relation to its precision, it has a Japanese quartz mechanism, so you do not have to worry about problems of lateness.

Regarding its resistance, the model adds hardlex glass on the dial, a material that offers good resistance to scratches and bumps that these types of accessories usually receive during regular use. In addition, its strap is made of soft leather to provide comfort.


The overall appearance of the watch is very attractive, as it combines natural elements with precision technology, for efficient use and to add a distinctive touch to the outfit. Similarly, the beautiful box in which the product is received stands out.

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Puma Buzz Backpack

Whether it’s for school or transporting personal items on an outing, a backpack is a staple in any 17-year-old’s wardrobe. For this reason, we have included this Puma brand model in our selection of gifts.

Its style is classic, with a large, easy-to-identify embossed logo. On the other hand, it has a capacity of 26 liters, being appropriate to load a large number of items inside it.

For comfort, its straps are adjustable and ergonomically shaped to fit the shoulders, not to mention its practical division into sections, which can be accessed through zippers.


To offer security, the backpack includes reflective details that provide greater visibility in low light places, as well as a resistant canvas construction, with a size of 34 x 47 x 17 cm. These attributes allow it to be versatile and very useful on a day-to-day basis.

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Star Wars Stereo Headband Headphones

Fans of the Star Wars saga will be happy to receive as a gift in 2022 the headband headphones with the design of the franchise, highlighted by the safe sound level of 85 dB and the flexibility of its structure.

The soft cushions cover the ears so that wearing the headphones is comfortable and the child can watch multiple movies, play their video games and enjoy their favorite music without disturbing the other members of the family. In addition, these headphones are compatible with different devices because they are connected through the 3.5mm Jack input.


The safe level of audio prevents children from listening to music at excessive volume that can damage their hearing, so it will be a good gift for any occasion, designed for fans of these space movies.

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17 Years Birthday Level 17 T-Shirt

It is a t-shirt made of 10% polyester and 90% cotton, so it can be put in the washing machine, and it is capable of retaining its color after several washing cycles, which favors the durability of the fabric.

In addition, it is a light material that allows breathability to prevent the accumulation of moisture on the skin. Design-wise, it’s a classic lace top with double-stitched sleeves for flexibility and long life.


The jersey is available in a variety of colors, such as navy, black, white, blueberry, among others. In this sense, it has a text that says Level 17 Complete with the drawing of a Playstation controller, which is a fun way to celebrate the seventeenth birthday.

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EU Boom 2

All the gadgets proposed in this selection will be great hits for birthdays, graduation gifts or any other date that the boys will enjoy. That is why we recommend the UE Boom 2 waterproof speaker, a compact and individual device that stands out on the market with its 9 watt output power.

Likewise, the equipment stands out for its extensive autonomy of 15 hours, requiring a charging time of 2.5 hours thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery. The rugged, waterproof design makes this speaker recommended for pool parties, hikes, camping, trips to the beach, and more.  


The device has a range of up to 33 meters and the Bluetooth connection syncs quickly with great stability and the 3.5mm Jack auxiliary input can also be used. For its part, charging via USB allows the speaker to be powered with any adapter so as not to run out of battery.

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Yamaha C40 // 02 Classical Guitar

This different gift idea is aimed at boys who have some affinity for music or have been playing an instrument for some time and since the guitar is one of the most popular among young people of this age, we recommend the Yamaha C40 model.

Award-winning since its release in the 1990s, this classical guitar is designed for beginners and is highly recommended by music teachers. The combination of spruce, rosewood, and shorea give the guitar’s body added strength, while chrome hardware adds a sleek finish to this instrument.


It has a value for money valued positively by users and the sound power is enough for beginners who want to learn to play guitar. For its part, the natural finish of this gives it a classic look that remains in force over the years.

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Xbox Series S


This is a gift that 17-year-olds can enjoy for hours, as it comes with a 3-month subscription that gives you access to tons of games and exclusive content that is renewed every month. In addition, it grants the possibility of joining the community of players on the network, which enhances its advantages.

On the other hand, it is a very compact Xbox console, with an attractive design and compatible with games up to 120 FPS, for a better gaming experience. Also, the speed it offers is remarkable, compared to other Xbox consoles, due to its custom SSD technology.



It is the smallest console that the brand has launched to date. However, its performance and smoothness when processing video games have been highly rated. On the other hand, the purchase includes a Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 3 months, so you can have access to games for Xbox One and 360 that are updated every month.

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XP-Pen Artist 12

This may be one of the best gifts for 17-year-old boys, as it is a graphic tablet to connect to the computer and make digital illustrations in a more comfortable way, using a P06 passive pen, which helps simulate the drawing experience with pencil and paper. In addition, this accessory has a hexagonal design that provides a secure hold.

It is important to mention that the tablet has a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen, capable of providing a range of 262,000 colors, which helps to display images with greater clarity and realism.


This pen display is compatible with Windows 7,8, and 10 operating systems, as well as Mac OS 10 or higher, adding to its versatility. Similarly, it can be used with most programs for making illustrations and designs, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CDR, SAI, among others.

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Echo Dot Smart speaker with Alexa

It is a smart speaker that uses the innovative and popular Alexa system so that the user can control it by voice commands. In addition, it has an attractive design that combines with the decoration of any room, in the same way, it is compact enough to take it everywhere without bothering, it is only necessary that the space where it is installed has an electrical outlet.

On the other hand, it has several high-tech layers to control privacy, such as a button that allows you to disconnect the microphone at any time and another to delete voice recordings, which protects your content.


This speaker allows you to create lists, configure it with the use of timers, listen to the news, among other functions. Also, it is possible to call another user who has an Echo device and control different devices in the home if they are compatible and connected to the same network.

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Meberry Tablet 10 Inches

It is a tablet with Android 10 operating system, which has an octacore processor with 4 GB of RAM. Therefore, it is a good performance device, suitable for quickly loading streaming applications, such as Netflix, YouTube or Facebook, as well as enjoying games and applications with high graphic content.

As for its design, it is made up of a 10-inch screen made of tempered glass, so it is capable of withstanding shocks for greater durability. In addition, it has a metal body that provides resistance and is smooth to the touch.


Among its accessories, it includes a case for the housing and a protective film to prevent scratches on the screen. It also incorporates a Bluetooth keyboard, wireless mouse, C to USB adapter, European charger, instruction manual and a practical pen for the touch screen.

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Shopping guide

Perhaps for adults it is a bit difficult at this stage to discover with certainty the preferences of 17-year-olds, but the fact that it is somewhat more complex than in previous years does not mean that it becomes impossible. On the contrary, it is a propitious moment to stimulate confidence and get to know more deeply that young person who will soon go on to live his adult experience and who may feel somewhat confused about it.

One of the details that should be considered when choosing a gift for a 17-year-old boy is originality. At this age they really like to break the pattern of the ordinary and feel unique with details that accompany their inclinations. If he is a lover of a movie, an object that alludes to it can be a guaranteed success.

However, a greater preference for music and technology is already beginning to be seen. For this reason, these alternatives that will surely be useful to motivate their interest in various activities, such as reading ebooks, cannot be ignored.

Video games are one of the irreplaceable parts in these evaluations, especially in men. Giving away a new game or some complement to make the enjoyment greater will always be very well received.

It must also be remembered that their classmates or neighbors have a very important influence on their development. Therefore, they must be given the opportunity to have their own belongings that everyone likes and that they can share in their meetings, so you must also be aware that they are of good quality.

In this same order of ideas, options can be sought that allow them to observe that their autonomy and decision-making capacity are valued. This can help strengthen the personality that you are defining more decisively at this stage of life.

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Potensic U42W Drone

Para los jóvenes que sienten afición por los aviones, aspiran ser pilotos o pasan su tiempo libre tomando fotografías y videos, este drone de Potensic puede ser un regalo de Navidad muy especial.

El dron U42W tiene una cámara HD integrada para capturar fotos y grabar videos desde las alturas con una eficiente resolución, y estas se pueden visualizar en tiempo real a través de la conexión WiFi del dispositivo. El manejo del equipo se realiza a través del mando a distancia y tiene una autonomía de vuelo de 8 a 10 minutos que se duplica por las dos baterías incluidas.


La compra incluye hélices de recambio, protectores para las hélices, 1 destornillador y la base para el smartphone por lo cual no se deberán adquirir complementos adicionales para que el joven empiece a jugar con su nuevo dron, tomar fotos y grabar videos en diferentes ángulos, mientras pilota el dispositivo.

Nintendo Switch

La consola portátil de videojuegos Nintendo Switch está entre los regalos interesantes de nuestra lista por su novedoso diseño, que combina potencia con portabilidad para que la experiencia de los videojuegos sea la misma dentro de casa como fuera de ella.

La pantalla de 6,2” de alta definición en el modo portátil brinda una partida con calidad de imagen que también se puede disfrutar en el modo sobremesa para jugar con un compañero. Por su parte, el modo televisor permite incluir a amigos y familiares en un juego grupal cuando se conecta la consola a la tele.


La interfaz de uso es muy intuitiva, los mandos son de alta tecnología y la batería de ion de litio ofrece una autonomía de 3 a 6 horas, dependiendo el uso de la consola. Para su alimentación se debe conectar a la base y en aproximadamente 3 horas se carga completamente.

Langria Racing Silla

Seguimos pensando en los chicos fanáticos de videojuegos y es que a muchos de ellos les hace falta una silla para gamer como este modelo de Langria que puedes regalarles en cualquier ocasión.

Destacada por su modelo que emula los asientos de los autos de carreras, el modelo Racing está fabricado en poliuretano de alta calidad y resistencia. La combinación en rojo y negro hace que su diseño sea más atractivo. Por su parte, el cojín lumbar brinda mayor confort para el joven sin importar las horas que esté allí sentado, al igual que el apoya brazos y el respaldo totalmente acolchado.


El soporte ergonómico que ofrecen el reposapiés y el reposacabeza es apropiado para los chicos que pasan horas sentados frente al ordenador. Además, la silla se puede ajustar en altura y el respaldo se puede reclinar en un ángulo de hasta 175 grados.

Yoobao Cargador portátil con linterna

Para acertar con un regalo funcional, te invitamos a conocer las características de este cargador portátil de Yoobao, una batería externa con una capacidad de 10400 mAh y dos puertos USB para conectar dos dispositivos simultáneamente.

Con este práctico aparato el chico no se quedará sin batería en el móvil o la tableta ya que podrá cargarlos a donde quiera que vaya. Este modelo destaca por su tamaño compacto de aproximadamente 9 x 8 x 2 cm y peso de 290 g, por lo que no será una molestia llevarlo en la mochila o el bolsillo. Este equipo tiene un diseño de timón de barco y ancla que además de discreto es masculino.


La batería tiene, según el fabricante, 10 sistemas de protección contra sobrecarga, cortocircuitos y sobrevoltajes, por lo que no se dañará ni afectará los dispositivos en caso de problemas de corriente. También integra una funcional linterna LED que podrá sacar de apuros en situaciones de poca luz.

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