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Our picks for the best gifts for two

When we look for gifts for two, it is for various reasons: one of them is that a couple of friends are having an anniversary and they have invited you to celebrate it, others may be getting married and you want to give them a good gift to enjoy in their new stage as marriage or you are simply looking for something to give yourself and your partner to celebrate a special occasion.

For all these reasons we have selected a list of products that you can give away and that adapt to the aforementioned situations. We hope we can help you and that you get the gift you are looking for.

Cassieca Sterling Silver Ring

It is very common for couples to decide to wear matching rings and give each other for Valentine’s Day. In this sense, the Cassieca brand offers us an alternative of adjustable rings. Because of this, they are suitable for any diameter of fingers. In addition, they are made of 925 sterling silver, without materials that could cause skin reactions. Thus, they can be used with confidence.

On the other hand, due to the alloy of materials that the brand has chosen to make these rings, they are very resistant. In this way, they are considered for daily use and are comfortable to wear. 


These rings have a beautiful high-gloss finish, with a discreet heart that can be considered a youthful detail. In addition, to better adapt to the complexion of the couple, the women’s ring has a width of 2mm and the men’s is 6mm.

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Smartbox Illusions for Two

If you are looking for an original gift idea in 2022, take a look at this product. It is a gift voucher that will allow you and your partner to choose from among 6,100 different experiences the one that you find most interesting. To mention a few options, adventure activities, dinners for 2 people in different restaurants, massage sessions and much more are included.

Another advantage of this gift box is that the activities can be in the same city of origin or in another place, so you will not have limitations in this regard, and it could complement any trip that you have planned as a couple.


The gift is valid for 3 years and 3 months, from the date of purchase, so you can calmly choose the destination or activity that you will share. In addition, the process to choose is very simple and inside the box comes the guide to register the gift voucher and reserve.

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Blue Devil Kissing Mug Set

For couples who live together and are used to sharing coffee in the morning before going to work or tea in the afternoon when they are at home, we recommend this beautiful set of mugs offered by Blue Devil, one of the interesting gifts from she is ready.

The face-to-face design of these romantic mugs achieves the effect of a kissing couple when placed side by side. Made of Chinese ceramics, one cup is white and the other is red on the outside, while inside the colors alternate to give the product greater contrast. Also, the ceramic spoons for each cup are included.


Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe; but, it is recommended to place them in the upper tray for safe washing. In addition, there is a hole for teaspoons in the handles of each cup, which contributes to the functional design of this romantic set.

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Creative Digital Personalized Lamp

This could be a good Christmas gift to decorate your partner’s room, since it is a personalized lamp on which you can put a phrase, a special photo or some other creative idea. The image will be laser engraved, so it stands the test of time and frequent use. 

When the lamp is turned on, the light is reflected in the points that make up the image, creating a beautiful effect and enhancing the figures. In addition, thanks to its size of 30 x 6 x 2.5 cm, it does not take up much space and can help to give a very personal touch to the decoration.


The possibility of choosing the image to be displayed makes this alternative a very creative proposal. In addition, it includes the recording of the couple’s names on the base, which is made of natural wood, to give the product a better presentation.

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Mr. Wonderful Set 2 keychains

If what you want is an affordable and nice gift, you could look at this proposal from the Mr. Wonderful brand. It consists of 2 beautiful avocado-shaped keyrings that can also be complemented with each other. This detail can fit perfectly with the concept of a couple and, to reaffirm it, the set shows the phrase “You complete me”.

On the other hand, it is an accessory that is very practical and can be used to keep personal keys close at hand, carry as a decoration in a backpack or any other use that is considered convenient.


The key chains have good quality finishes and are made of rubber, a soft and resistant material that, with proper use, can last for a long time. In addition, they are a pair of lightweight keychains, with a size of 4 x 4 cm, that you can take anywhere.

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Foonii Couples Keychains

This funny pair of keychains is one of the cheapest gifts we have selected for two, since it is a couple of elephants with magnetic properties that, when put together, are joined by their trunks and gives the effect of a kiss, therefore it can be be a good option if you are looking for funny and cheap gifts for Kings.

The figures are made of zinc alloy and the chain is made of braided metal, a strong and durable combination. On the other hand, the shiny finish of the elephants gives them elegance and distinction, one is black and the other is rose gold, they measure 5.5 x 4.5 cm and weigh 120 g.  


The compact size of the figures is suitable for their keyring function, as they avoid adding more weight and bulk to the bunch of keys. The details of the top hat and the bow to differentiate the male elephant from the female are very delicate and cute.

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GUATAFAC Intimate Couple Game

To spend pleasant moments together and get out of the routine, this elaborate game of couples can be a good gift that you will really enjoy. It is a set of cards, which can be chosen based on the mood of the couple. In this sense, it allows to select between: future and plans, intimate revelations, complicity or challenge.

Another highly valued quality is that, due to its 18.5 x 9.5 x 3 cm format, it can be taken anywhere without taking up much space. Also, playing it can help you get to know each other better, have a fun time anywhere, and strengthen the bond between you.


It is a game designed especially for couples, with a positive and affectionate approach, which has received good opinions from those who have had the opportunity to live the experience of playing it. In addition, it allows you to spend a pleasant time, while discovering new aspects of the couple.

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Relaxdays Bed Tray

In a relationship, there will be many opportunities to bring your crush breakfast in bed, whether it is for his birthday, anniversary or because he is sick; In all these situations, the bed tray will be an ally. That is why we recommend this Relaxdays brand product with folding legs and two handles that facilitate holding.

The tray is made of bamboo, so its origin is totally sustainable, in addition to having a resistant and durable design due to the properties of this wood. The natural finish of the tray gives it a beautiful appearance and a classic touch for elegant breakfast in bed.


The tray has a light and functional design. The folding legs, meanwhile, have the appropriate height to comfortably have breakfast as a couple without getting out of bed. In addition, the surface is wide and can contain food for two because it measures 50 x 30 cm.

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Moldartebaby 3D sculpture for couples

Couples who like art, crafts and sculptures will be very grateful to receive this gift from Moldeartebaby for any other occasion. This new product includes everything you need to make a 3D plaster sculpture, designed with the romantic purpose of capturing the couple’s joined hands, giving them the opportunity to choose the shape they prefer: she on top of him, one next to the other., intertwined fingers, among others.

The very explicit instruction manual is included so that the sculpture is well made and it comes with a wooden base to fix it and turn it into the most symbolic decorative object in the home.


The product has a very good rating by many users who achieved a successful result by following the instructions to the letter. It’s definitely a fun gift that will get the couple involved in getting the whole mix together and getting their own sculpture.

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LAC Key Organizer

Among the practical items that can be given to a couple, is this beautiful organizer. Thanks to its compact design, it can be hung next to the front door to keep your keys handy before you leave and place them when you return, preventing them from being lost.

The organizer is made of birch wood, so it is quite resistant. It is worth mentioning that the keyrings fit like a puzzle at their base, with the shapes of silhouettes of a man and a woman, respectively, which is decorative and allusive to the couple. In addition, it can be assembled in a short time and without major complications.


This can be a good option for couples starting a home together, but also as an anniversary gift or on a special date. It is a very practical, decorative and resistant object that can accompany the couple for a long time. In addition, it has good finishes, without this implying a high cost.

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