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Our picks for the best gifts for uncles

Many times we do not give importance to the role played by uncles within the family, since after the parents we always prioritize the care and opinions of the grandparents. However, uncles can also provide a lot of emotional support if they develop close relationships with their nephews. So if you have a favorite uncle who has been your confidant or the funny uncle who accompanies you since childhood to perform pranks, we bring you a good selection of gifts so that you can choose the one that best suits that uncle’s personality. Dear.

Framan Stone Scroll

If you look on the Internet when Uncle’s Day is celebrated, some blogs talk about the second Sunday of October. However, there is no formal date in Spain to celebrate this day, so on Father’s Day or any special date you can have a nice detail with the uncle who has been like a father to you and give him this stone scroll with a sentimental dedication 

The scroll measures 7.5 x 15 cm and includes the table stand and a hanger in case your uncle wants to put it on the wall.


The parchment has a beautiful finish that enhances its decorative value. It is very useful that it can be placed on a table or shelf and also hung on the wall. In addition, it is presented in a cardboard box with a good finish to give as a gift.

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Cframan ceramic mug

Your uncle will be reminded every morning over coffee that he is the best uncle in the world to you if you give him the Cframan ceramic message mug.

This mug has a high quality coating so that the engraving lasts a long time, for this it is recommended to wash it by hand and avoid using the dishwasher.

However, it is a microwave safe product. Regarding the dimensions, this mug measures 9.5 cm high by 8 cm in diameter and has a capacity of 325 ml. Users affirm that it has a good quality-price ratio, since it is one of the cheapest products in this selection.


It is very useful that the mug can be used in the microwave because it saves time when heating a drink. Also, we must point out that the product comes in a very nice box with the same colors as the mug, ideal for wrapping as a birthday present.

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Boxiland World Beers

If you have an uncle who is fond of beer, nothing better than giving him this complete batch of beers from around the world that Boxiland presents to us. We are talking about a batch in which we have a total of 12 different beers from countries such as Italy, Portugal, Germany or Thailand, among other options. 

A complete kit of beers that do not come alone, since some more details are included, such as coasters, among other elements. The whole lot is presented in a nice box, so you will not have to paper anything to deliver this gift to its future owner.


This complete batch includes beers from all over the world, which are accompanied by a complete tasting guide and with all the necessary advice to enjoy these beers even better, at their exact temperature.

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Kooltho Cocktail Set

Among the interesting gifts that you can give your favorite uncle, we recommend the Kooltho cocktail set, with which you can prepare delicious cocktails and drinks at the next Christmas or family celebration.

The cocktail kit is made of food-grade stainless steel, so it will last you for many years while keeping your drinks completely safe. The set includes a professional cocktail shaker with a 750 ml capacity, an alcohol meter, a mixing spoon and a mortar or pestle to crush the ice and solid ingredients.


The set can be washed in the dishwasher, so cleaning will be very simple. On the other hand, we highlight the elegant gift box in which all the elements of the kit come, which has a space designed to write a small message or the recipient’s name.

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Rock and print Personalized cushion

If you are looking for gifts for Kings and you are running out of options for your uncle, you can opt for the Rock and print personalized cushion, with a square format and dimensions of 40 x 40 cm.

This model stands out for its soft padding and the resistant 100% polyester cover with a cotton texture for greater comfort. The print design is very attractive and the shades of blue and gray give the cushion a modern and masculine touch. In addition, you can personalize it with the name of the nephew or nephews who will give it to the best uncle in the world.


The cushion comes with the filling vacuum packed and the cover separately in another bag with the washing instructions for a good maintenance of the product. Users express that the cushion is of good quality and the print has a nice finish.

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Cantarkika Can Case Cooler

A good gift for guys who enjoy cold drinks could be this cooler sleeve. Its use avoids the inconvenience of condensation and the use of coasters, as it helps to eliminate annoying damp spots on tablecloths.

Also, it can be an excellent option in this 2022 if your budget is limited, but you want to offer something out of the traditional.

On the other hand, you should know that its design is compatible with the use of bottles and cans, so it is versatile, and in terms of its appearance, you can choose it, depending on availability, in a combination of various colors.


This is an unusual gift, but one that can really make a positive difference when it comes to enjoying a cold drink. It facilitates the holding of cans and bottles, in addition to avoiding water spills generated by condensation, which is also convenient.

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Orsifow Multipurpose

We all know that a handyman needs the right tools to work comfortably. This is just what we can find in the Orsifow Multipurpose knife, which offers a mixture of all kinds of tools with which to carry out all kinds of work. Among these tools, there are pliers, a knife, the screwdriver with a wide range of tips or a saw card with various functions. 

These elements include a safety lock to prevent accidental closure during use of the blade. A very complete proposal and with which your uncle will be able to carry out all kinds of jobs and tasks comfortably.


The product has been manufactured with high-quality materials, which offers considerable durability. In addition, the model weighs just 320 grams, so it is easy to carry anywhere comfortably.

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Yvento Wine and Beer Cooler

It includes a bar made of stainless steel that contains a non-toxic gel inside that must be taken to the freezer, so its main function is to keep the wine cold while you drink a bottle. In addition, it has a non-drip spout and an aerator, making it a 3-in-1 device.

Similarly, it incorporates a second cooler bar for beer, which manages to keep the temperature low for longer even in summer. In this case, it measures 21.5 cm long and is compatible with bottles that have 2 cm diameter heads. 


It can be a good gift if your uncle is a beer or wine lover, since it allows you to avoid ice buckets that are usually uncomfortable and leaky. In addition, the bars come in a practical box with a magnetic closure that is very suitable for giving as a gift.

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Uncle nephew retro gift idea T-Shirt

It is a shirt that your uncle will be able to wear on many occasions, making it an inexpensive gift, but at the same time very useful. In this sense, it has a retro design, low hem and short sleeves. In addition, it has a round neckline and incorporates double stitched sleeves, which favors durability.

It comes in different colors that offer different percentages of materials. In this case, the solid color is 100% cotton, the gray has 10% polyester and 90% cotton, so that the colors purple, asphalt, blue, olive green, among others, have 50% polyester and 50% cotton.


This shirt has a soft and fresh fabric, so it is suitable for any season of the year. It also has a fun print that reads: ‘Uncle. The man. The myth. The Bad Influence.’, making it a good choice if you’re one of your uncle’s favorite nephews.

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Nivea Men Skin Energy Pack

To pamper guys skin and help keep it healthy and fresh, this can be a good option. It is a pack of two products for facial care, consisting of a moisturizing cream and a balm, both enriched with caffeine, which acts as an effective energizer for the skin.

By using such products on the face, the skin can feel smoother and, likewise, regenerate more quickly after the irritation that comes with shaving. In addition, it combats the signs of tiredness and can contribute to skin health.


These are products specially formulated for the skin of the face and neck, which can improve its structure and give it a smoother texture. This contributes to a fresher, healthier appearance. In addition, everything comes in a nice box, suitable for gift giving.

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Driver Bebé Body Star Wars

Si tu hermano está emocionado porque tiene un nuevo sobrino al que consiente cada vez que tiene oportunidad, puedes sorprenderlo un día de forma original y visitarlo con el bebé usando este divertido body de Driver Bebé, con diseño de los Minions como robots de Star Wars y la frase “Friki como mi tío”.

Seguramente, el orgulloso tío se ofrecerá a cuidar al bebé y pasearlo para que todos los vean juntos mientras el niño usa esta ropa. El body está confeccionado en 100% algodón para brindar comodidad y frescura al pequeño;  está disponible en dos tallas: de 6-12 meses y de 12-18 meses. Este modelo es de color azul real, pero hay otros 6 tonos diferentes para escoger el que más te guste.


La impresión digital textil del diseño es de alta calidad, por lo que el dibujo no se agrieta ni desprende con el uso frecuente de la prenda. Además, es una ventaja que se pueda lavar a máquina a una temperatura máxima de 30° y preferiblemente al revés.

BeautifulSmileClub Gorra

Una gorra nunca está de más para salir durante el día o en verano, ir a la playa o a un picnic, así tu tío podrá presumirse como un Tío 5 estrellas cuando lo vean en la calle usando esta gorra de BeautifulSmileClub.

Este producto ha sido confeccionado en España, con 100% algodón para brindar suavidad y buena transpiración. Además, es talla única por lo que tu tío podrá ajustarlo a su medida para que le quede bien.

El bordado es de buena calidad y las letras se leen adecuadamente. Por su parte, la combinación de los colores es versátil para usar la gorra diariamente, si lo desea.


Es una idea original para sorprender a tu tío favorito en cualquier ocasión especial. Además, es un regalo que lo protegerá del sol mientras todos ven que es el tío favorito de alguien que lo ha valorado con 5 estrellas.

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