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Our picks for the best gifts for vegetarians

Being a vegetarian doesn’t just mean giving up meat, it’s also about changing your lifestyle, acquiring healthy habits and being aware of respect for animal life. If there is one or more vegetarians among your family or friends, you can stand out on special occasions with this selection of the best gifts for vegetarians that we have prepared for you. Here we propose several products positively valued by users and with a functional value to contribute to the healthy habits of vegetarians.

Natural Satin SN-074

Giving relaxation to that vegan friend is easy thanks to the Satin Naturel SN-074 bath bombs. These salt bombs have been manufactured entirely with natural materials, without artificial ingredients and in a respectful and cruelty-free way with animals. 

Among its ingredients, we have some such as shea butter, fruit extracts or flower petals. The result is bombs with scents of cinnamon, rose, peach or mauve, among others. Bombs with which to enjoy pleasant bathing sensations for about 45 minutes and which, in addition, nourish the skin during the process.


In addition to having a totally natural origin, the presentation of the pumps is also very careful, both in its appearance that imitates chocolates and in the beautiful black box finished with red satin and a pretty matching bow in which they are sent. Perfect as a gift.

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Corkor Cork wallet

Having a sturdy and beautiful bag on hand is not something that excludes vegans. As an example, we have this proposal from the Corkor brand that, using cork, has made a useful, wear-resistant and high-quality wallet, so it can be a good birthday present.

Its organization consists of 6 card slots, which can be seen quickly, but also offers 2 hidden slots. As for its composition, it is a product that is completely free of animal testing and approved for vegans, so it can be used with complete confidence. In the same way, it is convenient to know that it comes from sustainably grown cork oaks.


You can choose among several colors the one of your preference, to combine with each type of outfit. In addition, it is a light portfolio, with a practical organization and that does not take up much space in the pocket. In this way, it meets all the qualities expected of this type of accessory.

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Rainbow Socks Socks

For those looking for a very original birthday present, we have this unconventional and very fun proposal. They are two pairs of colorful and comfortable socks. In addition, they come with the theme of a vegetable burger and arranged in such a way that the shape of the food can be seen when opening the box.

On the other hand, we must highlight the composition of the garments, since they are made with 80% cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane. In this way, they adapt comfortably to the natural anatomy of the foot, they are absorbent and also breathable. Without forgetting that its maintenance is conventional.


To the fact of being a different, unusual and fun gift, we can add the technical qualities of the socks. Since they are comfortable to use and have an OEKO-TEX certificate, to ensure safe use and avoid any skin problem. On the other hand, they can be chosen in various sizes.

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Heavenly Sweets Retro

Giving a sweet surprise to any vegan is a pleasure with this complete set of typically American retro trinkets. A lot in which there is no shortage of candies, chewing gum and jellies of all kinds, with a cheerful flavor that only the most natural ingredients can offer. 

All its ingredients are vegetable, so there is no problem due to the presence of ingredients of animal origin in its formula. That does not prevent these sweets from having a delicious flavor and a wide variety of shapes and presentations, which will delight any lover of sweets free of animal components.


The variety of flavors that the lot presents is more than considerable, with sweets of watermelon, cherry, apple, wild flavors and even some with a very interesting sour touch.

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Outdoor Freakz Vegan Toothbrushes

As we mentioned at the beginning, being a vegetarian does not only mean giving up meat, it can also mean a change in daily habits, including oral hygiene. That is why we recommend the Outdoor Freakz vegan toothbrushes as an original gift, whose manufacture is 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo is the raw material used in the manufacture of these brushes, since the structure is made of wood, while the soft bristles are made with the charcoal of this plant.

This set is made up of four brushes, each one engraved with a small animal on the bottom that serves as a badge so that each member of the family has their brush identified.


The brushes have been manufactured in Germany, without any toxic components and are completely biodegradable, they have a useful life of approximately 3 months. For its part, the medium hardness of the bristles allow you to remove more dirt and plaque from the teeth.

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Ecogarden Irisana Growkit

For any vegetarian there is nothing better than growing your own food. But, if he lives in an apartment, it is difficult for him to have a garden, unless you consider giving him the Irisana Ecogarden grow kit.

This vertical grow kit is developed under the principle of hydroponic cultivation, also known as soilless cultivation. To do this, it includes 6 clover-shaped planters that, when stacked one on top of the other, allow for a total of 18 pots.

In addition, they come with all the necessary components to start the crop and with the instructions for assembly and use that explain in detail the entire procedure for planting and watering the plants.


The kit includes the substrate, the water-based container, the submersible pump to automate irrigation and everything you need to start growing. Likewise, it stands out for having a compact design that only requires a space of approximately 45 cm in diameter to have between 18 and 20 plants.

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Lucía Martínez Argüelles Vegetarians with science

If you know someone who has decided to change their habits in 2022 and start a vegetarian diet, we recommend giving them this book by Lucía Martínez Argüelles: Vegetarians with science; a text that explains in a simple way the scientific foundations of vegetarian diets to dispel the main doubts that people who want to start in this healthy lifestyle may have.

The author is a nutritionist, specialist in the prevention and treatment of obesity, is a member of the Spanish Vegetarian Union and is the author of the blog dimequé With this book she wants to offer the necessary tools to have a good vegetarian diet based on scientific and technical knowledge.


This book is available in paperback print version, Kindle version and as an audiobook on an Mp3 CD, so you have several options to choose the one that best suits the person receiving the gift.

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Heavenly Sweets Box of Snacks and Sweets

Being a vegetarian does not mean refraining from enjoying delicious treats. On this occasion, the Heavenly Sweets brand offers us a box that includes various sweets and snacks, 100% vegan. Everything comes in retro packaging that enhances it and allows it to be offered as a gift.

Among the selection there are jellies, soft candies, candies and chocolates, so it is a wide variety of sweets, to choose the best according to whim. Similarly, it is important to know that food has a long expiration date, to enjoy it little by little and without haste. 


This gift can bring a little joy and pleasure to the recipient, with the assurance that no ingredients of animal origin are included. In addition, the person will be able to choose from many products what they most want. On the other hand, the gift has a nice retro presentation and allows you to have everything inside the box until its contents are exhausted.

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MR liu VT57 Pendant

With this pendant it is shown that being a vegetarian can be reflected even in the accessories we use. That is why we recommend as a special detail for a friend this MR lio pendant that has the inscription in English: Proud to be a Vegetarian, which translates into Spanish as “Proud to be a vegetarian”.

The pendant is set on a 24-inch alloy chain and features an aged design that contrasts with the subdued colors of the pendant’s digital print. However, you can choose other colors of the chain such as black, silver and gold.


The design of the pendant is simple, beautiful and minimalist, a delicate detail for a vegetarian woman. Plus, it’s one of the inexpensive gifts in this selection and comes gift-ready in an organza bag.

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SatinNaturel Organic Bath Bombs

Due to its attractive and elegant presentation, but also because it has products that promote well-being, this set can become the favorite relaxation kit of the person you want to pamper.

It consists of 7 bath bombs, made entirely by hand, without artificial colors and in the shape of delicious sandwiches, making them original and decorative. On the other hand, they have aromas of mauve, cinnamon-orange, strawberry, rose, lime and chocolate. Thus, the most appropriate fragrance can be chosen according to the needs and the moment, in particular.


Bath bombs can be thought of as aroma therapy. In addition, the additives dissolve, releasing their essences and combining relaxing, nourishing and conditioning qualities of the skin, which can translate into well-being. Similarly, due to their presentation, the pumps in this set are very attractive to look at.

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Ippa Set de limpieza de verduras

La correcta limpieza de las verduras es fundamental para maximizar la higiene en la preparación de ensaladas y otras recetas vegetarianas, por lo que si estás buscando regalos para Reyes te sugerimos el set limpiador de verduras que ofrece Ippa. Los dos cepillos limpiadores están hechos en madera de haya, ligera y resistente, además de sustentable.

Por su parte, las cerdas suaves son de tampico, una fibra vegetal que se obtiene del agave lechuguilla y que tiene como principales propiedades la buena elasticidad y una correcta absorción del agua. Por lo tanto, estos cepillos permiten limpiar la piel de las frutas, vegetales y verduras para eliminar impurezas, restos de tierra y posibles contaminantes.


Estos cepillos son productos biodegradables y funcionales de fabricación italiana, recomendados ampliamente para la limpieza de raíces, hongos y verduras. Además, tienen un diseño ergonómico que facilita su manejo cómodo mientras que las cerdas suaves se lavan y secan rápidamente hasta el próximo uso.

Aicok Extractor lento de jugo

Si no tienes idea de qué regalar en Navidad a una persona vegetariana te recomendamos el extractor lento de jugo de Aicok, un electrodoméstico potente con el que se pueden obtener zumos naturales de verduras, frutas y vegetales para complementar una dieta saludable.

Los 150 W de potencia de este extractor favorecen la tecnología de prensado a baja velocidad para obtener el mayor valor nutricional de los alimentos y aprovechar todas sus vitaminas acumulando menos calor y oxidación. Además, tiene la función de expulsar los restos de pulpa de forma automática. Este equipo destaca por ser de fácil montaje y tener un funcionamiento silencioso que apenas alcanza los 60 dB de ruido.


El equipo está fabricado en plástico resistente con un diseño robusto y duradero, además integra un cable de 1,2 metros de longitud. También debemos destacar que todas las partes desmontables del extractor se pueden lavar en el lavavajillas para una limpieza completa.

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