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Everything you need to know about Goji Berry 500

Known as Goji Berries, Goji berries are red berries from China that have gradually gained well-deserved recognition as a “superfood” due to their qualities and the benefits they offer. The small fruits are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C and, in addition, they also have amino acids, proteins, antioxidants and minerals that will enhance their positive characteristics.

Due to its properties, more and more manufacturers decide to use Goji berries in the composition of their dietary supplements and, in the same way, the number of people interested in products that contain this food as the main ingredient is progressively growing.

SuperSmart is one of these brands, and their Goji Berry extract supplement has garnered a number of positive reviews on forums and on their own website, as it is a product made to suit the needs of various people, whether it is to strengthen their system immune or lose weight.

The best prices – How to buy Goji Berry 500

In order to purchase the Goji Berry 500 supplement, it will be necessary to buy online because, unlike other products, it is not available in a herbalist, Mercadona or pharmacies, only on its website and on Amazon. A bottle of Goji Berry 500 costs 21.7 euros, which is considered a cheap price, especially since it comes with 100 pills.

Delivery times and shipping costs also have variations depending on the final amount of the purchase and the country where the pills will arrive. For Germany, Belgium, Finland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom the approximate delivery time ranges from 2 to 6 days. However, for Austria, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland, the shipment could take 8-10 days. However, in terms of prices, purchases from these countries will have the same values: 6 euros for orders less than 60 euros and free deliveries for purchases over 60 euros.

Express shipments are available to these nations for an extra €30. With this service, the purchase can arrive the first 72 hours after the purchase.

On the other hand, all the other countries that have not been mentioned in the list have a single shipping cost of 15 euros and its delivery takes between 6 and 15 days, approximately.

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What are the benefits of Goji Berry 500 for your body

The goal of regular consumption of Goji Berry 500 is to mark a before and after in your routine, offering you lasting results that impact various areas of your life.

The first benefit that stands out from this supplement is its stimulating function to the immune system. Increasing the activity of white cells and strengthening the immune system will make your body less likely to get sick, as it will have a better defense against any external agent to your body. Specifically, the Goji berry offers protection against microbes and cancer cells. In addition to that, this supplement will also promote proper cell growth and DNA restoration.

On the other hand, the fruit is known for its hepatoprotective properties. Several studies have shown the protection that the Goji berry gives to the liver. Added to these benefits is the ability of the fruit to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride and insulin levels; the latter helps prevent cardiovascular risk in diabetics.

As if this were not enough, Goji Berry extract can contribute in different ways to your life. Following a treatment with this supplement can help you fall asleep and rest better or give you peace of mind and a good mood. Finally, the supplement will also allow you to enjoy more optimal sports performance and this resistance will make it much easier to lose weight.

The cost of the Goji Berry 500 pot is a cheap price to pay for all the benefits it offers.

How to take Goji Berry 500 correctly

In order to get that before and after you want, it is necessary to consume the Goji Berry 500 correctly. The manufacturers recommend that two or three capsules be taken daily, but always on an empty stomach.

How Goji Berry 500 works

After buying online and obtaining the product, then it is time to enjoy all the benefits of this supplement. After consuming the dose on an empty stomach, the capsules will enter your system and begin to affect your body in a positive way.

The content of the supplement will begin to stimulate the immune system, reinforcing its defenses thanks to the increased production of white blood cells. Soon, thanks to the constant consumption of the product, the DNA restoration will also begin. Among the cells that will be reinforced, those responsible for dealing with carcinogenic and microbial elements stand out.

Your liver will also benefit, as its antioxidant power manages to block the lipid peroxidation of liver cells. In addition to this, your mind will start to function better too, as you will be in a good mood more often and it will be easier to have restful sleep.

Last but not least, this physical and mental well-being will soon give you more energy and body resistance. This will make it easier to exercise, which, in turn, will promote effective and healthy weight loss.

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Goji Berry 500 – Ingredients

All vegetable capsules come with 500 mg of Goji berry extract, as it is its main ingredient and the fruit responsible for most of the benefits of this product. This standardized extract will also provide glycoconjugated polysaccharides that contain 40% mannose, galactose, xylose, arabinose, glucose and rhamnose.

To create the capsules, other ingredients have been used, such as white rice bran and acacia gum.

Because gluten has not been used in its formula, there is no problem with the consumption of the supplement by celiac people. Additionally, being vegetarian capsules, more people will be able to ingest them.

Goji Berry 500 – Side Effects

Among the opinions in forums about taking a treatment with this product, there are no records of side effects. This is possibly due to the natural ingredients and the absence of gluten in the supplement formula. However, Goji Berry 500 could be counterproductive for those who are taking anticoagulant products, so side effects could be experienced if a doctor is not consulted before consumption.


Although it is not yet a product that is available in pharmacies and stores, its online sale and ease of delivery makes Goji Berry 500 available to everyone, regardless of the country in which the consumer is located. For this reason, positive opinions in forums and websites will surely become more and more frequent, since the Goji berry is a fruit that is progressively gaining more fame in the health and wellness market for its qualities.

Buying the Goji Berry 500 extract will give you a good content of this fruit and all the benefits that come with it. Fortunately, the consumption of this nutritional supplement is simple, since its capsules are small and easy to swallow. From the moment of ingestion and with the incorporation of this product into your routine, it will soon be possible to see the positive changes in your body and in your mind. The good mood will be more frequent, the energy will increase, you will be able to sleep peacefully with ease and you will be ready to face increasingly demanding exercise routines to lose weight.

This focused mind will make way for a healthier body too, as you’ll be producing more antibodies, increasing the health of your immune system, and you’ll even be able to create a protective layer for your liver. For a cheap price, you will be able to get these benefits in your life, so it can be said that the functioning of Goji Berry 500 is completely integral to keeping your body in optimal condition. You will not need to wonder what the supplement is for, since the results will be visible when you consume it.

Frequent questions

Who can take Goji Berry 500?

Due to its natural composition and the fact that they are 100% vegan pills, any adult can consume this supplement without any problem. However, those who are taking anticoagulant medications should always consult their GP first, as the Goji fruit usually interacts negatively with this type of product.

Similarly, pregnant and lactating women should ask before taking this supplement.

Can I lose weight with Goji Berry 500?

Taking this supplement alone will not make you lose weight, however, Goji Berry 500 provides better resistance when exercising to make weight loss much easier. Therefore, taking the supplement along with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you burn fat faster.

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