Haircut recommendations for round faces

Each face is different, therefore not all haircuts suit any profile. If you want to be successful in choosing a haircut for a round face, you must take into account the types of cuts and hairstyles that best suit the shape and characteristics of your physiognomy.

Not all of us have the same features on our face, some are more angular and hard, typical of square faces, and others are soft and rounded. For this reason, when choosing haircuts it is essential to know what type of face you have, to get the most out of your facial shape.

When you prefer to have straight hair

A round face has many advantages in the beauty industry, since there is a wide variety of looks and, therefore, haircuts for round faces that can favor and accentuate its qualities; Whether it’s short, long or mid-length, any cut can work as long as it’s styled properly.

An example of this is long hair or XXL hair with a parting in the middle or on one side, to create an optical effect that will make your face look longer. In addition, this cut is practical to wear completely straight to frame the face, or with soft and undone waves to add volume and verticality.

On the other hand, if you are looking for medium length haircuts for round faces, asymmetrical cuts with layers at shoulder height will visually lengthen the oval of the face and give harmony to your face. Now, if you want a bang for a round face, the key is not to cut it straight but rather blunt to stylize and give a languid look.

beware of curls

Something that you should avoid at all costs, if you have characteristics such as short, curly hair and a round face, are cuts above the chin, since these will only make your face more round. Continuing with this type of hair, the curly haircuts for round faces that many professional hairdressers recommend wearing, because they provide length to the face, are those styles such as the rounded Afro, the Mohican and a fluffy pixie, for which you can help yourself in any way. some accessories and an ionic hair dryer.

On the other hand, the layered side parting lob that intermingles with each other is a cut that also looks great on this hair; as are the curtain cut and long layered curls. For the latter, the ideal is that the first layer is at the height of the temple, to accentuate the lines of the face, while the others will be of different lengths to form an irregular frame.

Accentuates the curves of the face

Haircuts for round and fat faces are the best allies for those who want to lose a few kilos instantly, since most of them make your face look slimmer and more stylized. A long, smooth and straight hair, with a side parting can give you the verticality that the physiognomy needs to sharpen and balance its features. Likewise, cuts with long layers that go past the chin and that are not too close to the face slim the features.

Similarly, asymmetrical short haircuts like the bob, but longer in front and shorter in the back, without exceeding the chin, are suitable for chubby faces. In general, it is recommended that you avoid cuts with straight and thick bangs if your face is fat and round, since these accentuate all the curves of the face; as well as very short styles, to prevent your face from drawing all the attention in the wrong way by looking like the shape of a cookie.

Show off a more stylized neck

Perhaps, now you are wondering what haircuts for round face and short neck can work to improve the appearance of your neck. The answer is simple, you should opt for looks that stylize the neck and better outline your features. That is why pixie cuts with an asymmetric fringe are convenient to make the neck look long, since it leaves it uncluttered, and in turn they manage to minimize the roundness of the face.  

The shoulder-length shaggy bob is another option to consider if you want your neck to not look short, and you want to add more personality to your look. Similarly, the shoulder-length layered lob is a fresh, youthful cut that frames the face and adds volume to the top of the hair, to harmonize the neckline and create a slimmer, longer look. If you want to try it, you just have to help yourself with an ionic hair dryer and give the hair a more favorable look.

Let age not be an excuse 

Finally, it’s time to talk about haircuts for women over 50 with round faces. And it is that after this age many women question themselves as to which style is more suitable for them, since they tend to be limited by their age. Today we want you to get out of your comfort zone and cut your hair as you want, because age is not a reason for you to deprive yourself of trying different styles, and thus feel happy and comfortable with yourself. 

Regardless of how old you are, all the cuts that we have mentioned above, which benefit round faces, are good for any mature woman, from midi or XXL hair, to long bob, chop and asymmetrical cuts, it’s just a matter of dare for any of the short haircuts for round faces, as these styles could make you feel fashionable and completely renewed.

In conclusion, both the cut and hairstyles for round faces can make a big difference in terms of your appearance. thus, the style you choose will determine which features you are going to accentuate or hide on your face. Venture out and take risks, play with your hair and choose the cut that best suits your easy oval, since you have a long list of recommendations to take into account. Long, medium or short, say goodbye to the ordinary and try one of these cuts that have been created to flatter the shape of your face, in order to reduce its roundness.

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