Haircuts to give volume to fine hair

If you lack abundant hair and constantly suffer because your hair is very straight, and not every hairstyle suits you. What you need is to look for haircuts to give volume to fine hair, products and ways of styling that give life to your hair and give it movement.

To add volume to your hair and achieve a more profuse visual effect, one of the infallible tricks is to opt for haircuts for fine hair that give it body and density, even after washing it. In this case, based on the recommendations of hairdressers and stylists, one of the main options to consider to gain more body when styling is short hair, as it is a very fashionable trend that is here to stay this season.

Different styles with the same purpose

To give an effect of amplitude, the layered bob haircut is a good alternative, because it adds volume and allows you to play with different shapes to achieve hair with texture and movement. At the same time, the layered long bob is a variation of the previous style, but leaving the hair at shoulder length. This cut also favors any girl with straight hair, since it makes the hair look more voluminous and abundant than it is.

While it is true that weathered hair will always be a safe bet, to obtain a voluminous look, it is also true that there are other options. These range from micro-lengths, short layered haircuts, textured bobs and mullets. The latter is a modern and radical cut, with short layers at the top, and longer at the nape. Such a style brings an extra volume, which is what we are trying to achieve. Similarly, the microbob is an option that gives the optical effect of more density, and if at the same time you add a weathered, blunt fringe and comb it downwards with the help of an ionic dryer, you will achieve bulk to add more texture.

On the other hand, medium length haircuts for fine hair are another resource to obtain voluminous hair at all times. Shoulder-length messy hair is one of them, as the combination of waves and layers gives a sense of volume and more hair. In the same way, with the Long bob with open bangs you can take advantage of a midi hair, to provide volume. Even long curly layered hair or surf waves is a clever technique for adding movement and texture. Also, when it comes to giving hair body, the Shag cut at cheekbone height and hairstyle with open waves is a style worth trying.

Provides volume with a good product

Since we have already talked about haircuts for fine hair, it is time to learn how to give volume to short midi and long hair, with the styling products that experienced hairdressers use on fine hair. 

Generally, they recommend choosing a shampoo and conditioner that have a special formula to thicken the hair, or use two types of shampoo, alternating between one anti-grease and one without neutral silicones, in order to keep the hair clean for longer. for a voluminous texture.

Other products with which you can also give body to all fine hair are those of sea water, since they do not dirty the hair and help to form light natural waves, such as the conditioner to use from mid-lengths to ends and styling cream to keep it controlled. Similarly, texturizing or volumizing powders or sprays, and styling products such as waxes, mousse, dry shampoo, among others, add flexibility, movement, volume and density.

Heat: another ally to obtain the desired volume

Although the cuts for fine hair and without volume are the immediate option to achieve the effect of a more abundant and alive hair; some tools are a quick fix for adding volume and movement. Most specialists agree that root heat is one of them. In this sense, the ionic dryer is the best friend of every woman, since drying is an infallible technique to achieve hairstyles with volume or create flattering styles.

The trick is to blow-dry your hair upside down from the roots, holding it until it cools down to make the volume last longer. Afterwards, you can use a little thin hairspray to reinforce the hairstyle and its duration. Some key tips that you can apply during drying is to use variable temperatures from cold to moderate, because this will optimize the handling of the hair. And when your hair is completely dry, apply a blast of cold air to set the style and reduce frizz.

Hits and misses when looking for volume

Now, we have touched on many topics with which you can achieve incredible looks full of movement and texture. However, it is essential that you also know which hairstyles can benefit fine hair and which ones to avoid. In this case, waves are the most suitable for instantly adding volume; In the same way, the rollers give density to the root and keep it longer. At the other extreme, the hairstyles that do not favor fine hair are those that are very straight, since they give the sensation of little hair thickness. On the other hand, the color also amplifies the visual effect of volume, for this reason it is not advisable to wear flat tones in the hair, it is advisable to play with highlights with a 3D result that gives texture. With this trick you will compensate for the volume and enjoy a fresh and fashionable look.

As you may have noticed, the options to add volume to fine hair are varied, regardless of whether you have medium or very short long hair. The important thing is to dare to try which or which proposals are best suited to your personality and facial appearance. 

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