How is a deep facial cleansing done?

For facial skin to be healthy, fresh and radiant, there are general rules of facial care. For example, cleaning it twice a day, applying sunscreen, removing make-up before going to bed at night, deep cleaning, etc. But the results will depend on the perseverance, the products, the implements and the techniques used.

The facial skin, in addition to being delicate, is also exposed to factors that over time can affect its health and appearance, such as the sun’s rays, environmental pollution, makeup, extreme temperatures, among others. In this regard, one of the recommendations in which the experts on the subject of the skin agree, is deep facial cleansing, since proper hygiene of the face helps to restore the vitality and luminosity of the skin.

6 steps for a facial cleansing

Today it is necessary to know, learn and apply self-care techniques, since in matters of skin cleansing, prices can reach figures that not everyone is willing to pay. For this reason, it is normal for the following questions to arise: What is a facial cleansing? How to do a skin cleansing at home? o How to open the pores of the face while at home? Next, we will present you 6 basic steps that every facial cleansing should include.

1. Cleaning

The first step is to remove make-up from the face and clean the skin of the face and neck. To do this, the make-up remover should be spread with the help of cotton or facial towels, making circular movements. Next, apply a mild cleanser according to skin type. And then rinse with plenty of water.

2. Exfoliation

Facial exfoliation consists of removing dead cells that are on the surface of the facial skin. You just have to apply and massage with circular movements a cosmetic product or a natural mixture with granulated components, and when finished, rinse with plenty of water.

3. Steam

This step allows to open the pores, soften comedones and blackheads, through steam, for an effective deep cleaning. In this sense, you can use a facial sauna or if you do not have one yet, place a hot towel on your face. Whatever the method, leave it to act for approximately 10 minutes.

4. Extraction

Once the skin is prepared with the previous step, the comedones are extracted manually, using gauze, antiseptic lotion and a comedone remover . The latter is a device to remove pimples or a set of tools created for this purpose. It is advisable to go through the procedure in order, for example, start with the chin, then the cheeks, and so on. Also, this step requires time and patience, do not rush it, the idea is to extract impurities effectively, taking care to hurt the skin as little as possible.

5. Mask

After the extraction procedure, the skin requires pampering that provides a calming effect and hydration at the same time. To do this, a suitable mask is applied to the skin type and formulated with natural active ingredients that balance and provide well-being for around 15 to 20 minutes. Take advantage of this time to relax and enjoy yourself in silence or with soft music that you like.

6. Hydration

To conclude the skin cleansing, apply a daily use moisturizer and then a sunscreen , preferably with SPF 50+. At the end you can feel the skin of your face younger, smoother, and hydrated.

Recommendations for before and after homemade skin cleansing

It is important before starting this facial beauty resource that you look for and prepare the products and implements you need. Similarly, it is convenient to tie your hair in such a way that it is completely away from the face; as well as that you wash your hands and if you prefer, also wear gloves.

On the other hand, after cleaning, keep in mind that the skin no longer requires more hygiene for that day. Let her rest, avoid touching her and do not pinch her, to avoid any infection in any micro wound present in the skin. Also, for the rest of the day do not wear makeup and keep your face away from the sun, as it may be red and sensitive. Hence, a favorable recommendation is that you do the cleaning late in the afternoon.

Differences between professional facial cleansing and homemade

It is a fact that the results of a homemade facial do not have the same impact as one done by experts. In the case of the professional, this is done in a place designed to provide a pleasant sensory experience to the user. In addition, they have various facial cleansing and skin care products from prestigious brands, as well as specialized equipment and tools.

In this sense, professionals in the skin area are trained to perform both a blackhead and pimple extraction and a really deep and detailed pore cleaning, without leaving spots or scars and with a more lasting effect.

In this regard, a professional cleaning session, which lasts approximately 1 hour, may include additional steps to the basic ones or replace some with a specialized alternative such as, for example, ozone steam, ultrasound, facial lymphatic massage , among others.

Frequency of deep facial cleansing

If you are wondering how often it is advisable to carry out deep facial hygiene, the answer is complex, since it depends on various factors, such as lifestyle, whether it is customary to carry out daily facial cleansing, contact with environmental pollution, type and skin conditions, age, etc.

In general, it can be recommended that it be done monthly at home, and professionally in each season or 4 times a year.

The needs of the skin of the face vary from person to person, but we must all have proper facial hygiene and routine in order to obtain and maintain a healthy and smooth complexion at different stages of life.

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