How to fix a broken nail at home

It is not necessary to be an expert in manicure to be able to fix a broken nail. In fact, most of the time this happens, the solution lies at home and only a few steps need to be followed to fix the problem. Depending on the break, the technique will be different, however, the result will be the same: a fixed nail.

Imagine this scenario: You are at home with your Casio CTK 1500 practicing for the big concert of your life, you already have the perfect manicure to look sensational, but with so much emotion you have made a wrong move and your nail has given way under the weight of your hand. The pain probably announces what happened before you see it: your nail has broken.

The x are more common than might be believed and, despite the fact that they hurt a lot at the moment of breakage, they have a solution. However, not all broken nails heal with the same method, therefore, it is necessary to know how to fix nails in various situations and be prepared to carry out the necessary process.

1)Use a gel nail or any other false nails

If your nail has a small break that cannot be simply glued down, so it is not noticeable, then it is a good idea to put on a false nail to hide this break. So your nails will look like new.

It is necessary to mention that this is only a good idea, if the break has not been serious and the only thing affected is the aesthetic aspect. If it is a nail broken by meat, for example, it is best to disinfect the area and provide proper care, without adding anything that could interfere with its proper growth.

2) Add nail glue

If you have quick-drying glue in your home and the break has been superficial, then it is possible to repair the broken nail simply by applying it.

To start, take a soft file that allows you to treat the surface of the nail without damaging it. This is the first step to repair it.

After that, locate the crack on the nail and apply a layer of quick dry nail glue. Note the effect it has, as a second coat may need to be applied, depending on the tear. If all goes well, the crack will be filled and will not stick, preventing it from getting worse.

Finally, it is enough to add transparent nail polish so that it can reinforce the nail, preventing it from breaking more.

3) Paste some strips of tissue paper

For slightly more serious injuries, such as a longitudinally broken nail, but not yet worth a visit to the doctor, tissue paper strips can be used as a good recovery treatment.

For example, if you see that your nail is hanging, but there is no blood, then take the nail and fix it in place, while applying a layer of quick-drying clear gel. Before this polish dries, place a piece of tissue paper to cover the break.

When the gel is already dry, proceed to file the surface with a very soft file, to avoid further damaging the nail and, to finish, reapply a layer of transparent gel.

This should be helpful in keeping the nail in its proper position long enough for it to heal properly.

4) Buy nail filler powder

One of the most effective tricks in nail care, but that many do not know is the nail filler powder.

Just over the break you should apply a layer of nail glue and, after that, you can sprinkle the powder on it, or simply dip your finger in the product so that the powder adheres better.

Then, you must file the nail gently, until you notice that the nail looks similar to the original. If necessary, repeat the process of filling your finger with the powder and filing the nail.

5) Align the nails

If you don’t want to try to fix the nail because the break isn’t very deep, then it’s a good idea to just let it grow out.

In this case, to prevent your nails from looking uneven, then proceed to cut the part that is broken and align the rest of the nails so that they all look the same.

6) Look for tea bags in your kitchen

This trick has become quite popular on social networks and, although it seems somewhat difficult, it is actually a fairly simple process.

Cut a piece of a tea bag, just big enough to cover the broken part of the nail. Find nail glue and, using a brush, stick the bag over the break.

As soon as the paper is well adhered, proceed to gently polish the surface and paint over it to give the nail more strength.

When you’re done, you’ll need to wait a few days to repeat the glue and polish process. Sometimes you will need only one layer and sometimes two will be necessary. The important thing is to keep the tea bag in place, without falling out.

What to do if I have a detached nail?

This is probably one of the most painful things you could experience, as losing a nail not only brings great pain, but also blood loss, risk of infection and a completely raw, sensitive area for quite some time while a new nail it grows.

Curing a torn toenail is a job for the brave, but more importantly, it’s a job for professionals. The risks of infection are quite high, and the ones who can help you know exactly what to use and what to do, depending on the injury you have, are your doctors.

For that reason, if your nail has fallen off or is about to fall off, apply ice to dull the pain and see your doctor for the proper steps. Remember to be patient in recovery, as it is a process that can take from 4 to 12 months.

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