How to get surf waves?

With the arrival of summer, trends in hairstyles aimed at the female target tend to change, with surfer waves being one of the favorite styles. It is a casual look, which allows you to wear natural hair with movement regardless of whether it is short, long, XXL, straight or curly.

Every year, waves in the hair with a surfer touch become a trend during the summer season, since it is the time of year when people tend to go to the beaches with the greatest influx and, therefore, their hair is exposed. to the saltpeter of the sea water. The result? Hair with ripples defined by said mineral.

However, this wave styling effect lasts a few hours, because it is necessary to wash the hair with fresh water to remove the sea salt, which could damage the strands, especially if it is dyed hair. Thus, the hair returns to normal.

In this sense, to have beautiful surf-style hair waves, you must use the indicated products. For example, if you have straight, thin hair, you could style it with the help of tongs, a wide flat iron, or a blow dryer. But, remember that whatever the device selected, it is recommended that it incorporates ion technology, so that it seals the hair cuticle and controls the annoying frizz. 

In addition, in relation to the last device mentioned, there are models valued as the best value for money ionic hair dryer , which you can easily buy in any store and whose hair finishes have nothing to envy to the work done by a professional.

On the other hand, there is the hair with waves of natural type. If this is your case, you should take advantage of this feature and control the wave according to your convenience, that is, stretch the wave, if it is curly hair, or define it, in case you have slightly wavy hair. Similarly, there are several techniques that you can apply to learn how to make waves in your hair quickly and easily.

Surf waves according to hair length

The surfer waves in the hair are to the liking of most women, since thanks to this style they can have a slightly more natural hair, compared to the smooth ends or well-defined curls. It is a modern hairstyle that can be used to go to work, study, shopping, among others. 

In addition, the best thing is that waves are suitable for long, short bob-style hair or 70s shaggy style with bangs. If you are wondering how to make waves in any of the hair types mentioned above, we explain below.

Long hair

Those who are wondering how to make surf waves on long hair, will be interested to know that it is a simple task. It is only necessary to straighten the hair, preferably with a brush or ionic hair dryer, to control static and give a better finish to the style. Then, with the same tools mentioned or with a curling iron, you can start making waves for long hair. Next, you must gradually undo the loops with your fingers. Thus, volume and natural movement are created in the strands.

Short hair

If your hair is shoulder length or a little higher, then you have short hair. In this sense, you will have several options to comb your hair and quickly and easily create attractive surfer waves in short hair.

For example, if you plan to do some tousled waves in short hair, you will only have to take a hair dryer and a medium thickness brush. Next, section your hair and start combing it from the inside out to smooth it out and add volume at the root. Of course, this step only applies to curly hair.

Next, brush the hair from the middle to the ends to create a slight wave. Also, you will have to apply a texturizer for a longer duration of the short hair waves that you just made.

Shaped vs Natural Surf Waves

Perhaps you are wondering how to make natural waves in your hair every morning without spending a lot of time. To make this possible you have a couple of options. Such is the case of shaping the hair and making waves with the flat iron or opting for some type of texturizing product. Finally, what we are trying to reproduce is the natural effect given by the saltpeter on our hair when it comes out of the sea.

molded surf waves

Hair styling is a task that can easily become a step in the daily routine of any woman who wants to have healthy-looking, voluminous and moving hair.

For this purpose, there are irons, tongs and dryers, which if used properly will not damage the hair. On the contrary, they will undulate it in a two by three. Also, depending on the technology applied in the styling equipment, the hair strands will gain a natural shine and greater silkiness. 

Of course, you must use special products that hydrate and protect the strands, so that the high temperatures do not burn them. In any case, if you are careful, you will be able to shape waves from the middle to the ends, with a carefree effect that will steal glances.

natural surf waves

There are many hairstyles with surf waves that we can see in the main social networks, since it is a global trend. Due to this, it would not be surprising that after this visual bombardment of amazing hair, some questions have arisen associated with how to make natural waves in the hair and, more importantly, how to make waves in the hair without an iron.

To answer these couple of questions, there is a practical tip. Such is the case of the use of a texturizing product that adds volume to the strands. Afterwards, it will be enough to dry the hair with a towel, gently pressing the ends. Also, it is recommended to roll the hair in the form of a bun and tie it lightly until it dries in the open air. Thus, you will get a nice natural wavy.

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