How to grow eyelashes naturally?

Eyelashes are a bit slow growing compared to other strands, so it’s important to take care of them so they don’t fall out. To do this, natural products that stimulate the follicles can be applied and, in this way, the strands are strengthened, nourished and grow.

The eyelashes are a series of small-format strands of hair that are born in the follicles of the upper and lower eyelid, whose function is to regulate the passage of light to the eyes, as well as serve as a filter, so that suspended dirt particles in the air do not come into direct contact with the eyeball. In addition, the eyelashes have an aesthetic function, since they help to frame the look , to make it more intense.

It is important to keep in mind that, although we all have eyelashes, there are certain genetic conditions that determine the size, thickness, shape and color of the strands. For example, some people have short, smooth, fine eyelashes, while other people’s eyelashes are long, curly, and thick, or long, smooth, and fine. 

Actually, there are many combinations that can be achieved when it comes to eyelashes, but women’s favorites are long and very thick , since, by adding makeup, they manage to enlarge the eyes and make them more expressive.

The cosmetic market has a variety of mascaras that lengthen the strands, create a 3D volume effect, among others. These products offer an instant solution, by defining the shape of long natural lashes, and helping those who have short lashes, since once you apply eye make-up remover and remove make-up, the strands will return to their original shape. 

However, some brands incorporate vitamin E, natural oils or specific nutrients into their formulas that promote eyelash growth and protect them from external agents during the day.

In any case, the ideal is to strengthen the eyelashes at the root, that is, take into consideration that this hair, like any other filament in the body, is made up of keratin, which is the protein substance responsible for its growth. 

In this sense, it is necessary to reevaluate the food intake of the daily diet, trying, as much as possible, to consume eggs, oily fish, vegetables and fruits, grains, cereals, foods rich in unsaturated fats, nuts, among others.. There are also nutritional supplements in tablets or powder.

On the other hand, it is possible to apply some type of treatment to lengthen the eyelashes directly on the eyelid, be it a mixture of natural ingredients, specially formulated cosmetic creams or essential oils.

How to have long eyelashes?

There are many questions that women ask themselves when it comes to framing their look. For example, how to have longer eyelashes? If I have short eyelashes, can they grow? How long do eyelashes take to grow? Next, we try to clarify these issues.

Eyelashes are slower growing than any other filament present in the body. In fact, experts say that lashes regenerate or are born every six weeks in a healthy way.

For the aforementioned growth to be possible, it is necessary to apply products to lengthen the eyelashes, which preferably have a natural origin and are responsible for nourishing, strengthening, repairing and moisturizing each strand. In this sense, essential oils are the best option.

In this way, it will be necessary to select one such as castor oil, which for years has been used for hair treatments, eliminating dandruff, moisturizing and promoting hair growth, due to its vitamin E and omega 9 concentrate. 

For its part, thanks to its fatty acids, coconut oil revitalizes, nourishes and repairs the strands, while olive oil, with its oleuropein, activates and stimulates the rapid growth of eyebrows.

Afterwards, the product should be applied every night on the root of the eyelashes and along the strands. You can do this with a small brush or cotton swab. Preferably, the oil should be left to act overnight, to be removed with fresh water the next morning.

Practical tips to have long eyelashes

We have already said that, in order to have long, strong and healthy eyelashes, it is important to take care of your diet and apply special products. In addition, it is necessary to follow these tips, which will enhance the growth of eyelashes.

Reduce the use of curling irons

Certainly, the curlers, in any of their presentations, are usually the perfect ally to shape the eyelashes and, thus, achieve a more defined shape when applying the makeup mask. However, the daily use of this curling instrument can weaken and break the eyelashes. Therefore, this equipment should be used moderately, about a couple of times a week.

Remove mascara before bed

Another very useful tip for eyelashes to grow fast and not fall out would be to remove the mascara every night before going to sleep.

To do this, it is necessary to moisten a cotton pad with micellar water or any other make-up remover, and then press it against the eye, leaving the product to act for a few seconds, in order to remove the make-up. 

Then, the cotton should be folded and lightly rubbed on the lashes , making a sweeping movement from the root outwards until all the mascara is removed.

Activate the blood flow of the eyes

Every night, after removing make-up, it is prudent to place a few drops of olive oil on the tip of the ring finger and immediately massage the entire eye with circular movements. In this way, this eyelash growth will activate blood flow and stimulate the follicles to encourage growth.

brush the lashes

Perhaps you have heard that daily hair brushing stimulates its growth, as the same happens with eyelashes. You will only have to take a clean brush from some mascara that you have stopped using and, with it, start combing your eyelashes very carefully every night.

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