How to make hairstyles for short hair?

Many people tend to think that having short hair is a limitation when it comes to styling. However, this is far from reality, as we have recently seen how celebrities have chosen to shorten their hair, wearing different trends in easy hairstyles for short hair and accessories for every occasion.

As we well know, a good cut can highlight some features of your face, as well as take a few years off you by providing a fresher and more youthful look. For this reason, lob, bob and pixie cuts have taken on a greater role among women (regardless of age) who want to dare for an impressive and versatile style. The key to getting the most out of these haircuts is to find the most beautiful hairstyles for short hair that are adaptable to the style you are wearing, since these medium lengths are easier to style.

To choose a short women’s cut that is appropriate to your facial features, it is recommended that you choose it according to the structure of your face, for example, if you have a round profile, a pixie hair may be ideal for you, because this It better marks the angles of the face and can be worn casually, with small braids or a toupee. Although you can also make elegant hairstyles.

Straight, unlayered, jaw-length pixie haircuts or bobs are often the easiest to work with, as you can make short hair styles easy and quick. And it is that for these types of cuts you just have to know how to style short hair to achieve a chic and effortless touch. If you part your hair on the side and straighten it with an iron, so that it sticks well, you will have a more neat and polished appearance; while combing it with your fingers in a messy way and with the help of an ionic dryer (you can find some purchase options at this link), you can get a wavy texture, which will make you look natural and fashionable.

Other hairstyles for short hair that you can try are the semi-updos for short hair, for which you only need bobby pins, a clip or a headband. A semi-updo with pins is a hairstyle that can be used both during the day and at night, and consists of marking the middle straight line on the hair, and then using a curling iron or an iron to wave or straighten it, then a small section is taken on both sides and these are held with pins or colorful accessories such as bows. On the other hand, if what you want is to opt for a more formal look, you can completely roll and collect the hair with hidden hairpins, leaving some loose strands. This hairstyle for short hair is practical to be used at a dinner or event that deserves to convey a sophisticated countenance.

Now, if you need to go to a party or an elegant meeting, you may think that fixing these micro manes is a challenge that can take a lot of time. However, it is time to debunk these styling myths, as we can enumerate a list of hairstyles for short hair for women or elegant wedding hairstyles for short hair, which only requires investing a few minutes to do. 

wet look

The wet look is one of the favourites, this sensual and feminine hairstyle has recently become fashionable on the runway shows and in Hollywood. To achieve this hairstyle you need to have dry hair, immediately apply fixative gel, spreading with a brush from the forehead to the back. We must mention that it is important not to exceed the amount of the product, since the right portion should be used so as not to give the hair a stiff effect. 


On the other hand, ponytails, or better known as horse tails, is another effortless look, because to achieve them you only have to flat iron the hair before fastening it and use a hairspray to leave them impeccable, in order to avoid loose hairs by everywhere And it is that having a short haircut for women or short hair for girls does not have to be boring, it is time for you to dare this season for the latest trends. 


Now we will focus on very short hair hairstyles, as many girls shorten their hair even more, to wear a more daring pixie. Most of these types of hair, just by using a styling product and an ionic dryer, manage to achieve from a messy and cool style, to one with volume and classic. There are an infinity of hairstyle options for women that can be combined with all short hair with which you can reinvent yourself every day. 


Nineties fashion has also taken center stage lately, and bows or buns are a clear example of this. To make these collected at the height you want, it is essential to have transparent hairpins and garters at hand, which allow you to collect the hair in sections or completely.

Finally, accessories cannot be missing when making short hairstyles for women, since they are a success to give a different touch to your style when decorating these haircuts. Headbands or bandanas are a clear example of this, since you can use them with wavy or straight hair, to clear the face and achieve different styles. 


Another ideal companion are clips of different sizes; Since we have seen how they have become popular again, this is a “must have” that can accompany any hair style, they can be worn in casual hairstyles to give them a chic and girly touch, as well as in updos for a flashy and refined effect.

In conclusion, we can note that there are many hairstyles for short hair; and with this brief description of them, you can already have some ideas to give your styles a twist and thus eliminate the monotony. You must keep in mind that to add more personality to your style, you just need to use your imagination and dare to play with your hair in a thousand ways, trying any of the options that this new trend has brought.

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