How to make homemade hair removal wax

Waxing has many advantages, as the hair is pulled out by the roots and takes longer to grow, unlike regular shaving. However, commercial hair removal creams contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. For this reason, we propose several homemade waxes, easy to make, to remove hair. 

Body hair can be unsightly for many people. Luckily, there are many ways to remove it. In this sense, waxing provides efficiency and speed, because it removes hair from the root, slowing its growth.

For this purpose, there are many specialized places or hair removal clinics where this treatment can be performed, but they have a high cost. In addition, most of the products used for hair removal have chemical components that irritate the skin, cause burning and discomfort for several days. 

For this reason, many people have learned to do home waxing or use depilatory cream to remove bothersome hair, in complete privacy, while saving money. 

On the other hand, natural cosmetics highlights the importance of applying products to the skin that do not alter the dermal protection barriers , so it is more advisable to use homemade depilatory creams with natural ingredients, without chemical additives or abrasives. 

One of the benefits of these homemade waxes is that they favor the elimination of dead cells, leaving a smooth and soft appearance because they act as exfoliants.

how to make homemade wax

Waxing with sugar and lemon is one of the oldest techniques for removing hair at home . For the preparation of this wax some elements and ingredients are needed that we detail below.

  • 4 cups of refined sugar
  • 150ml lemon juice
  • 15 ml of water

To start the preparation, you must place the sugar in a pot and moisten it with the water. Then, place the pot over medium heat and stir the mixture, gradually adding the lemon juice, until the sugar begins to melt. 

The sugar depilatory cream is ready when it turns a caramel color and its consistency is not so runny or thick. Therefore, the lemon juice must be added little by little, since this is what will determine the consistency of the wax depending on the humidity in the environment.

The correct point of sugar wax is obtained when you place a drop on a plate and take it between your index finger and thumb when it cools, stretching the drop of wax as much as possible. If it does stretch, it’s at the right point for sugar waxing, but if it breaks easily you should mix it once more over low heat. 

To preserve this cream, you can can it after it rests for a few minutes and refrigerate until ready to use. It is normal for it to solidify a bit, so before using it you can heat it in a water bath or, if you prefer, you can place it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Another alternative

A variant of the previous recipe is that of sugar and passion fruit, in which the lemon juice is replaced by that of this fruit, previously sifted, to eliminate the residue of the seeds. The recipe calls for using two cups of passion fruit juice for 4 cups of sugar. The procedure is similar: you must melt the sugar in a pot and little by little add the juice, mixing well so that the sugar dissolves. 

When the desired consistency is obtained, let it rest for a few minutes before storing in a container. 

do hair removal at home

Once you have your sugar depilatory cream ready and want to start with the largest area, that is, wax your legs with homemade wax, you should take into account the following recommendations:

  • The day before waxing prepare your skin with a scrub , using a mixture of coconut oil and coffee to exfoliate the skin.
  • It is recommended to take a shower before waxing so that the pores are open. 
  • With the help of a palette or popsicle stick, begin to apply the wax to your skin, trying to spread a thick layer, in the direction of hair growth.
  • Let dry for a few seconds and forcefully pull the layer of wax away from the hair. 
  • You can also use the hair removal paper that you get in pharmacies or beauty shops. 
  • At the end of this process it is normal for the skin to be irritated. Therefore, you can use natural aloe vera gel to refresh the area. 
  • In case of using the depilatory cream with lemon, it is very important to rinse the skin well before going out in the sun, since the combination of these two can cause spots on the dermis. 

How to remove facial hair

Homemade sugar wax is ideal for waxing the legs, bikini line and underarms, but when it comes to facial hair removal its use is not recommended because the hair in this area is usually very thin and the skin is more sensitive.

In this sense, depilation with bicarbonate is a widely used alternative to do this procedure at home, due to the alkaline properties of said element. 

One of the ways to use it is to mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of previously boiled water, dissolve and let stand for 20 minutes.

After this time, dip a cotton ball in the water and place it on the upper lip and secure it with a bandage or adhesive band, you can leave it on for several hours or overnight. The idea is that the effervescent effect of baking soda helps dissolve unwanted hair. 

Another way to use it is by preparing a paste with two tablespoons of warm water, one of baking soda and two of ground coffee. To apply it, it is recommended to wash the face first with water and neutral soap. Then, you should spread the paste on the area of ​​unwanted hair and do circular massages for 3 to 5 minutes. Finally, the mixture is rinsed with warm water. 

This is not a treatment with immediate results. Therefore, you should apply it twice a week to speed up hair removal. Also, it is advisable to use a moisturizing cream after waxing to prevent the area from becoming irritated.

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