How to remove dark circles naturally?

Dark circles are considered an indication of physical exhaustion, due to lack of sleep or suffering from a disease. In addition, they are one of the signs of aging in humans and currently represent one of the main negative consequences for the aesthetics of the face, caused by the use of screens.

The subject of dark circles can become a bit extensive, so it is not just a matter of acquiring a product with a special formula for this type of vascular congestion, or applying some of the homemade tricks available on the web to reduce dark circles.. 

In this sense, before specifying a specific treatment, the ideal would be to document what dark circles are, how they originate and what impact they have on the skin. After answering these questions, you will be able to learn how to remove dark circles correctly.

About dark circles

Perhaps you have noticed that your lower eyelid sometimes takes on a different pigmentation than your skin tone, making you look tired throughout the day. This darkening of the skin is what is usually called dark circles, and it arises as a reaction of our body to the lack of deep sleep. Likewise, suffering from an allergy, flu or long exposure to the sun could cause these dark circles around the eye.

Dark circles are the product of a phenomenon known as vasodilation or vascular congestion, in which the blood vessels near the surface of the skin begin to widen as a result of the slow flow of blood in these veins. This process occurs because the person spends a long period of time with their eyes open, skipping the required eight hours of rest.

Added to this is the thickness of the skin around the eyes, which is between 300 and 800 microns, that is, it is a tissue five times finer than the skin on the rest of the face. In this way, as the blood slowly flows, it seems that it accumulates under this extremely thin skin, which reveals the darkening effect of the well-known purple circles under the eyes.

In addition, another trigger for vasodilation is the passage of time, since, after the age of 40, the lost body mass and the low production of collagen in the body favor said vascular congestion. Hence, dark circles are considered as part of the signs of aging.

Home treatments to say goodbye to dark circles

Despite the fact that there are many products on the market aimed at treating bags and dark circles, natural tricks are still the favorites of people, since they are more affordable and provide good results, lightening dark circles and decongesting the eye contour. Therefore, here are some home treatments with which you can say goodbye to dark circles.

cold treatments

Among the home remedies for dark circles and bags, treatments in which we apply a little cold on the affected area cannot be missing, since said freshness is responsible for deflating the eye contour and, in turn, decongests it.

In this sense, we can apply the old technique of spoons. You only need to place a couple of these cookware in the refrigerator until they are well chilled. Then, gently place them on the lower eyelid until the cold sensation has disappeared. You will immediately notice the change in your face.

Another recipe that does not lose its validity is to cool two used tea bags in the refrigerator, and then place them over the eyes for approximately 20 minutes. Remember to try to cover the entire area of ​​the dark circles, so that the skin absorbs both the cold and the properties of the tea. You can remove the product when you feel that it has already reached room temperature.

Also, you can eliminate dark circles under the eyes with a homemade milk eye contour, which will provide the skin with proteins, antioxidants and lactic acid, responsible for nourishing, moisturizing and repairing tissues. To do this, you will have to place a glass of milk in the refrigerator until it is very cold. Next, impregnate a couple of cotton balls with the liquid and place them over the eyes until they warm up. You must repeat the process at least three times in each session, so that the results are visible. 

treatment with plants

The power of some plants as a treatment for dark circles is proven through the anti-inflammatory, relaxing and moisturizing action of aloe vera or aloe vera. You will only have to take a penca of this plant; With the help of a knife, proceed to remove the skin of said leaf and extract the gel produced by the crystalline pulp inside. Then carefully apply this substance on both lower eyelids and let it absorb. You will see how in a short time aloe vera for dark circles provides effective results.

On the other hand, chamomile for the eyes stands out, which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues and blood vessels. To take advantage of the properties of this plant, you must make a well-concentrated infusion of chamomile and wait for it to reach room temperature. In this way, you can moisten a couple of cottons and place them on the dark circles for 15 minutes.

Treatment with natural oils

Oils such as almond, coconut, argan or fennel have a high load of vitamins from group A, B, E and K, which nourish, hydrate and regenerate the tissues around the eyes; therefore, when applied to the lower eyelids, they will work as a depigmenting agent for dark circles.

Remember that treatments against dark circles do not offer immediate results, so you must be consistent with the application of the different natural recipes. Thus, little by little you will begin to notice how the darkening of the lower eyelid disappears. Likewise, you can apply sun cream during the day to protect the delicate skin from the impact of radiation and learn how to make up dark circles under the eyes, in order to hide said pigmentation while the treatment takes effect.

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