How to remove red stretch marks?

There are many treatments to prevent, reduce and eliminate stretch marks in men or women. However, for these natural or technological procedures to be applied to be successful, you will need to document yourself about this type of injury and, even more, learn to take care of your complexion, using sun creams and moisturizers.

The bodily changes experienced by the body, due to excessive weight gain, as well as the stretching of the skin due to pregnancy, usually break down the tissues present in the dermis or middle layer that makes up the skin. This deep injury gradually reaches the epidermis, known as the superficial layer of the skin. In this way, stretch marks appear, which are small thread-shaped cracks with a pigmentation different from the natural tone of the skin.

Regarding the issue of stretch marks, the person must keep in mind that this type of lesion does not invade the skin immediately. On the contrary, it is a process that occurs through a series of stages, in which the skin will present different signs that, if detected in time, can be treated.

For example, in a first stage you will notice a very thin red stretch mark, since the blood capillaries have begun to break in the dermis. After a few months, the stretch marks will take on a purple hue and be more visible than before, before turning white with an appearance similar to that of a scar. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the blood is not reaching the vessels of the affected tissue correctly.

The ideal would be to learn how to prevent stretch marks, through a balanced diet, practicing physical activities and keeping both the body and the skin hydrated. Likewise, it is necessary to apply some type of treatment for stretch marks, either through natural recipes to attenuate the injuries caused during the first and second phase, or through an aesthetic procedure directed by a professional, with the purpose of reducing deterioration. caused in the third stage.

You must have already clarified questions such as what are stretch marks? Why leave stretch marks? And why do stretch marks vary in color? However, an even greater concern remains for those who have this type of skin lesions: can stretch marks be permanently removed?

Treatments to apply according to the type of stretch mark

How to remove stretch marks? This is the question that millions of women and men around the world ask themselves, since it is an evil that has no distinction of gender or age. In fact, red stretch marks in adolescents are one of the most frequent, because this stage in the life of young people is full of hormonal changes. In this sense, their metabolism makes them gain weight and lose weight as if it were a game of Russian roulette.

The appearance of stretch marks can be prevented and also treated. Of course, if at the time of applying the treatment the lesion is in the dermis, the results will be more satisfactory, while having transcended the rupture of the tissue to the epidermis, any product applied will only attenuate the stretch mark, but will not eliminate it completely..

Stretch marks with red pigmentation

Red stretch marks belong to the first phase, in which the tissues begin to break down, due to the stretching of the dermis. However, by this time, the blood supply remains constant and, for its part, the stretch mark has not yet completed the rupture trajectory from the interior of the skin to the surface.

This means that it is the right time to apply some type of cream for red stretch marks, prescribed by a dermatologist. Likewise, it is necessary to increase hydration levels through the intake of water and the placement of extra moisturizing creams, enriched with vitamins and trace elements. 

Natural oils from coconut, almonds, rosehip, calendula, jojoba, among others, are also essential, as they nourish and regenerate the skin from the inside out, while restoring its usual flexibility and softness. Thus, it is possible to remove red stretch marks.

Stretch marks with purple pigmentation

If it comes to knowing how to remove purple stretch marks, you will be surprised how simple the procedure to follow can be. All you have to do is add exfoliation time to your bath routine to treat stretch marks on your arms, stretch marks on your chest, stretch marks on your back or those found on your buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

Remember to gently rub the exfoliating product along the cleft, for no more than five consecutive minutes. Thus, by repeating this beauty ritual at least a couple of times a week, you will remove all the dead skin, but try to make the granules of the scrub fine, so that it does not cause damage to the surface.

In addition, massaging the stretch marks gently, applying a dermatologically formulated cream for this type of injury, will help the purple color of the lines diminish until they disappear.

White and alba stretch marks

At the moment that the cracks acquire a white tone, we can assume that the third phase of the appearance of the stretch marks has culminated. Therefore, the use of exfoliants and oils will not have the desired effect on the skin.

In fact, a sub-phase could be referred to, in which the stretch mark heals and its tone changes to pearly or greyish. This mutation is called stria alba.

In this sense, you will need to consult a specialist, who will provide a special aesthetic treatment, which can vary between pulses of laser light, dermabrasion, galvanotherapy, dermaroller or peeling. Everything will depend on the type of skin of the person and how the stretch mark has developed.

You must bear in mind that whatever treatment is applied, you will be stimulating the production of collagen, thanks to the improvement of the blood supply to the dermis. Thus, the stretch marks will reduce in size and the color will fade significantly.

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