How to style curly hair

Contrary to what many people think, there are many hairstyles for curly hair and all of them are easy to do. It just takes a little practice and the right hair care products. In this way, it is possible to have healthy, shiny hair, without frizz and with defined waves.

If you have a lot of frizzy hair, but you haven’t been able to style it properly, because you can’t control its volume or define the shape of its strands, it could be because you have never stopped to investigate how to style curly hair correctly. In this sense, you must keep in mind that it is not about immediately learning how to make curls, since, to define these waves naturally, with an iron, curling iron or dryer, it is necessary that each hair strand is completely hydrated.

To do this, it is necessary to apply products with specific properties for very curly hair, which nourish and repair the strands from the inside out. Thus, the mane will be full of life, the static will be reduced and the shine will be increased. In addition, there are several tips that will help you enhance the natural beauty of your hair and that we have summarized below.

Practical tips to learn how to style curly hair

Hairstyles with curls can be quite simple to make, as long as we take care of our hair. This means that before buying a texturizer, curling iron, iron, dryer or other device with advanced technology, recommended on the market as the best ionic hair dryer (if you click here, you will find several options to buy), the ideal would be to nourish the hair with a serum, oil or a product with special properties. Here are some tips for those who don’t know how to style curly hair.

Detangle hair before washing

Perhaps you are one of the women who usually undo the bun, braid or ponytail right in the shower, to quickly proceed to wet your hair with the tap water. If this is the case, you are making a serious mistake, since you are exposing the tangled hair to the water and friction from your hands when applying the shampoo, which will end up breaking the strands.

The correct procedure is to untangle the hair with a wide-bristle comb before entering the shower, and even hair experts recommend placing some nourishing oil on the hair minutes before combing it.

Control the exposure time to the products

Learning how to have curly hair is a simple task, since it only involves following a few steps, which over time will become part of your beauty routine. For example, the control of the exposure time to the products is an aspect that could be believed to be intuitive, but it is not.

Certainly, you will need a shampoo for curly hair, whose active ingredients are adapted to the specific needs of your hair. However, you should not leave this product for more than a couple of minutes, since its only function is to remove grease residues, both from the scalp and from the hair.

On the contrary, the masks are used to nourish each of the strands, that is, their exposure cannot be less than 60 minutes, in order to make the most of the properties of the active ingredients. Therefore, these are recommended products to be used once or twice a week. Thus, you can allocate adequate time for its placement.

Remove the product with plenty of cold water

Removing the shampoo or mask from curly hair is a step that does not escape the particular, so you will not have any problems. You should only avoid rubbing the strands against each other strongly, since when they are loaded with water, they tend to be more fragile than normal.

In addition, another aspect of great importance when washing the hair is the hardness of the water. Remember that the vital liquid contains lime, heavy metals and chlorine, which can act aggressively on the hair. Also, there is the issue of water temperature. In this sense, try to make it as cold as possible. Thus, the cuticle of the strands will be sealed, and the hair will look shiny.

Manual drying vs electric dryer

For drying hair, you have two highly effective techniques, which you must select according to your taste, the first of which is manual drying. In this case, you will have to start by carefully removing excess water, with the help of your hands and an absorbent towel. You just have to make the classic kneading movement, in which we press the curls up until the hair stops dripping. Thus, it is possible to preserve the natural curvature of the strands, without rubbing them.

On the other hand, there are those who do not have the necessary time to carry out this process and, therefore, have to resort to an electric hair dryer. This is a team that, although it can help us, will also end up damaging the hair over time. Of course, there are models with specialized technology, such as the ionic hair dryer, whose heat performs a function similar to that of cold water, sealing the cuticle, softening the strands and giving them shine.

Comb and shape the curls

To have impressive curls, it is necessary to identify the correct way to comb and shape the hair, since not all curly hair has the same needs. In any case, the application of some type of dry oil on the ends is essential to hydrate it. It is recommended to apply it after drying it and before combing it. On the other hand, spray or cream keratin will be responsible for softening the strands, due to the properties of said protein.

In addition, you should keep in mind that there are special products to create hairstyles for wavy hair, hairstyles for medium length curly hair, and hairstyles for short curly hair. Likewise, there are serums or texturizers, which provide a wet effect on curly hair. You just have to apply them with your hands and lightly knead them so that they penetrate naturally, without combs, irons or dryers. Also, there is the popular straw curl technique, which is a bit more time consuming, but effective.

With these tips you will improve the health of your hair and enhance the natural waviness of each of the strands of your curly hair in a short time, achieving a good hairstyle for wavy hair, as long as you fully comply with each procedure.

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