Hugo Boss Bottled Reviews

Main advantage:

The fragrance combines fruity and woody notes, as well as spices that give a very positive result, with a subtle, masculine aroma that lasts well. For this reason, the perfume became a classic among men, a wise choice for daily use.

Main disadvantage:

The fragrance is sweet but not excessively, even so, due to its warm notes, there are those who believe that it is not the appropriate perfume to use in summer. However, this depends on the tastes of each user. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

This perfume is highly popular, so it is easily recognizable, being synonymous with elegance, masculinity and style, ideal for daily use. 

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Main Features Explained

A successful combination

Hugo Boss, in addition to designing menswear, has been successfully dedicated to creating perfumes that have achieved great popularity due to their unique aromas and the different notes that are perceived throughout the duration. 

Among its products, the Boss Bottled is one of the most famous since its launch in 1998 and its creator is the French perfumer Annick Menardo, who decided to accentuate the woody and spicy notes more than the fruity and floral ones.

However, it is precisely the combination of the different ingredients in the right measure that gives the Hugo Boss fragrance that characteristic tone.

First of all, the sweet smell of red apple with cinnamon is perceived, which is lightened with notes of bergamot, lemon and plums. These fruity fragrances are just the opening that gives way to the spice and floral tones.

For its part, clove is one of the most predominant aromas, which is intertwined with the floral fragrances of geranium and carnation, a floral combination that is not feminine. On the contrary, with the mixture of fruits and spices, this fragrance is perceived as sweet, warm and versatile, but above all masculine.

From there comes its success and popularity to make Hugo Boss Bottled one of the best perfumes for men, according to the assessment of buyers and experts. 

Duration and presentation

According to the opinions of the users, this perfume has a marked duration of approximately 6 hours, since it is fixed on the skin and clothing, mixing with body sweat to increase the permanence of the fragrance.

For this reason, it is a suitable perfume to wear every day, go to work and return home still with a subtle and woody fragrance, which gives men a very sensual and elegant touch at the end of the day. 

Regarding the packaging of this perfume, we could not expect less from Hugo Boss. Its presentation transmits simplicity and a lot of style in the design of the bottle with a classic jar format and a gunmetal gray lid. The transparent glass, on the other hand, reveals the yellow liquid of the perfume, while the box matches its gray tones. 

Regarding the price to pay, this will depend on the chosen presentation, since the product is available in different sizes: 30, 40 and 50 ml, in addition to two larger capacity bottles, 100 and 200 ml. 

For its part, Hugo Boss also offers a men’s personal care line with this fragrance that includes deodorant, shaving cream, shower gel and aftershave lotion. Thus, with all these products, the fragrance can be prolonged during the day, as they are compatible with each other.

Acceptance and popularity

There is no doubt that the different Hugo Boss perfumes have high popularity ratings, as they are easily recognizable by their unique fragrances. In this sense, the Bottled became a classic, with more than 20 years of successful sales around the world.

Today there are millions of men who use this perfume daily as an extension of their confident, modern and elegant personality, so it is very common to see this product in a prominent position in men’s perfume windows. 

On the other hand, many users, followers of the Hugo Boss brand in clothing and cosmetics, affirm that this perfume shows the quality of the ingredients and the dedication to offer a unique fragrance in its style and that remains in force after two decades. for its sweet, warm and woody aromas, which very well represent successful and professional men. That is why if you are looking for a new fragrance for yourself, using a classic like Bottled by Hugo Boss could be a practically infallible option, even in any of its versions, because if there is something that stands out about this perfume, it is its versatility to adapt to different occasions, whether you choose the classic, the Bottled Night or the Sport. 

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