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Who doesn’t want a bright, white smile, but stained or yellow teeth keep them from doing so? If you are one of those people who, due to excessive consumption of coffee, tea, other dark drinks or smoking cigarettes, have stained teeth, and cannot afford expensive dental treatment, there are alternatives at a cheap price that you can use in the comfort of your home and achieve excellent results in a short time.

One of the most recognized on the market for its effectiveness is iBright, a teeth whitening treatment whose patented formula protects tooth enamel and reduces stains, lightening the shade of your smile by up to 14 nuances.

This product can be applied individually, if the problem is a piece, or jointly on the entire denture to remove stains, following a progressive application that varies daily and is clearly explained in the package instructions.

Although in pharmacies and electronic stores, such as Amazon, you can get similar products, it is always more reliable to buy it from the manufacturer to avoid counterfeits. In this sense, iBright is a treatment that you can buy online, in complete safety, from the manufacturer’s website. And then we explain more about it. 

The best prices – How to buy iBright

Unlike other teeth whitening products, iBright can only be purchased on its official website. In other words, although you can get some models with similar names at the herbalist or Mercadona closest to your home, the real one is the one you buy on the official website, quickly and safely, by filling out a simple form. 

Regarding the form of payment, this product can be purchased on delivery, that is, the courier is paid upon receipt of the package. Also, you can choose payment in advance through PayPal where you can use your credit card, current or fast transfer, and the package will arrive 3 to 4 days after the payment has been received in the account.

But, if you prefer a more traditional payment method, you can make a bank transfer to the indicated data and you will receive your treatment in the same period of time as with the PayPal payment. With the exception of orders placed in the Canary Islands, the reception time can reach two weeks of waiting.  

Here we show you a table with the offers and prices available to acquire iBright:

Promotion Quantity Price
recommended package 2 containers  €95
starter pack 1 container €55

Of these offers, the best-selling package is the one with two containers, since you acquire an initial treatment and a maintenance treatment for a cheap price, noting that the cost of shipping this product is 0 euros. 

What are the benefits of iBright for your teeth

It is possible that before buying your iBright online you have doubts about what it is for or if its benefits are real. In this regard, we can tell you that, based on opinions in oral hygiene forums and the like on the Internet, we find this product well positioned, since most of its users express total satisfaction with the whitening system. For this reason, we have listed your benefits below.

Speed: The initial treatment with iBright is a system that is applied for 5 to 7 days, revealing a positive change between before and after its use.

Effectiveness: According to dentists and users, teeth whitening can be noticed in up to 14 shades, that is, even if your teeth are heavily stained and dark in color, this product can lighten them by up to fourteen shades. 

Ease of use: You do not need to go to a dentist, or pay for expensive treatments that can take you several hours to wait in an office. You can apply iBright discreetly at home, for a maximum of 30 minutes on the first day of treatment, and 10 to 20 minutes on the following days.

Instructions: The package comes with detailed instructions so you don’t make mistakes during the whitening process and get the results you want in no time.

How to use iBright correctly

To take full advantage of the effectiveness of this teeth whitening system, it is recommended that you read the instructions carefully and follow them carefully. In this way, no step is omitted to complete the process successfully. 

At the beginning of the whitening session, you should place a wipe on your finger, spray the blue side of the wipe with the pre-treatment spray, and then rub your teeth for a minute. After this time, the excess should be discarded. Next, the mouth mold is attached to the LED lamp, applying a little gel up and down. The mold is then placed on the teeth, the lamp is turned on and left to act for the time recommended by the manufacturer. 

You should know that the lamp turns off automatically after 10 minutes, but in case of a longer session, you just have to turn it on again.

Regarding this aspect of duration times, it is necessary to point out that iBright has established two ways of using the system. The first is the one that lasts 5 days, and the lamp must be used for 30 minutes on the first day, while in the session corresponding to the fifth day, the lamp will remain on for 20 minutes.

The other mode of use is with the 7-day treatment, when the first session lasts 30 minutes, while on the fourth and seventh days the sessions will only be for 10 minutes.

It should be noted that an iBright set is used to carry out either of the two treatments and that the level of whitening will also depend on the shade of your teeth, so in some cases it will be necessary to repeat the procedure every 5 or 7 days to achieve the correct shade. wanted.

How iBright works

The elements that make up the iBright set are 5 fluoride towels, a 5 ml sprayer, a 15 ml whitening gel, the mouth mold adaptable to any denture and a 5-watt LED lamp. 

These elements release oxygen atoms that remove stains from teeth, but for their activation it is necessary to apply the product following the manufacturer’s instructions and the established order.

The reason for this is that by rubbing the teeth with the fluoride towel, previously moistened with the spray, the removal of superficial stains begins. Next, the gel in the mouth mold helps to cover all parts of the teeth, attacking the deepest stains, while the LED lamp works using the power of blue light to whiten teeth, as if it were a treatment in your dentist’s office. 

The mechanism of action of this whitening system is recognized in forums of specialists and users, where opinions corroborate the efficacy of the treatment, its easy application and the changes before and after, filling the people who trusted in it with security and confidence., being widely recommended. 

iBright Ingredients

Surely, you are wondering what are the ingredients in the composition of iBright that make it worthy of such positive opinions, and it is that they are high quality elements, in the right proportions to maximize their effects without compromising tooth enamel, or the tenderness in the gums

The first component is sodium percarbonate, a derivative of carbon that has the property of generating oxygen when it decomposes. It is precisely this characteristic that gives it its whitening function. 

The next element is hydroxyapatite crystals, minerals that harden tooth enamel, giving teeth a new shine, as well as protection against sensitivity. We must mention that this element favors the formation of a smooth protective layer of “artificial” enamel on the teeth, which increases its resistance to acids and sugars.

For its part, the LED lamp helps to speed up the whitening process, as it is a catalyst for sodium percarbonate, considerably improving the results.

iBright Side Effects

Various independent investigations conducted by dentists and dental organizations acknowledge that the ingredients in this whitening system are safe and effective. Therefore, there are no records of side effects caused by iBright, or cases of sensitivity, since the combination of its components with a neutral pH protects the oral cavity.

In short, this is a completely safe product, indicated for men and women over 18 years of age, in good general health. As a recommendation, it is convenient to consult with your trusted dentist if you have any type of oral disease or condition before using this treatment. 

Also, it is advised to avoid its use in pregnant women, since there are no studies on its safety during the gestation period.


As consumers, it is important to make a comparison and evaluation of the product we want to buy, especially when it has to do with aesthetics and oral health, as is the case with iBright.

In this sense, Internet forums can be a privileged source of queries, since you can have access to the evaluations of other users who have shared their experience on the network. Thus, we find numerous comments about iBright, from users and dentistry professionals, in which the effectiveness of this treatment is ratified.

Many people express their satisfaction with the results and affirm that in a short time the shade of their teeth changed radically, giving them security and confidence when smiling. All this was possible by paying a cheap price, receiving a discreet package at home and applying the treatment comfortably, without pain, trauma or visits to the dentist.

Frequent questions 

Is it safe to use iBright?

As mentioned above, there is independent research from oral health professionals that confirms the safety of this product. On the other hand, the creators of iBright confirm that each of the ingredients used in this whitening system has been approved by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of America, an entity that enjoys credibility and prestige. That is why it is safe to use this product, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are iBright results permanent?

Regarding this question, we must clarify that no whitening is permanent, neither those made by a dentist nor those you buy in pharmacies. This is because the appearance of stains on the teeth can be associated with your eating habits, if you drink dark drinks, smoke cigarettes or take certain medications that alter the color of the enamel. 

In this sense, we can affirm that the duration of the iBright treatment will depend on the care you take of your teeth, but in case it loses that shine and whitish tone that you like so much, you can use the iBright system again and brighten your smile, without any contraindication. 

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