Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Reviews

Main advantage:

The duration and coverage of this product are its most striking features. First of all, it is a foundation capable of staying on the face for up to 24 hours, while providing high coverage on all skin types.

Main disadvantage:

The price is the main drawback of this product, because as Lancôme is a high-end cosmetics brand, the cost is high.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Lancôme presents a cosmetic that not only cares for the skin, but also takes care of keeping it more beautiful. Its use restores luminosity to the face and, in addition, isolates it from the harmful rays of the sun, thus preventing premature aging.

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Main Features Explained

Coverage and duration

If you are looking for foundations that provide high coverage, you have just found exactly the model you need. Specifically, this product is capable of offering a velvety skin appearance that lasts no more and no less than 24 hours.

Its formulation allows the color of the base to remain throughout the day and, best of all, without the formation of unsightly creases. In addition, it is a matte base, so it is responsible for camouflaging the small imperfections of the face. You can now say goodbye to the defects and shine that often cloud our skin.

The coverage, meanwhile, is total. You only need to apply it once and enjoy its benefits for many more hours than other similar cosmetics on the market. Hence, it is considered the best makeup base. By incorporating Eternalsoft, you can boast a more radiant and hydrated skin.

skin benefits

The benefits provided by this model are not long in coming. For this reason, the opinions about this makeup base are so positive. First of all, it is worth mentioning that, among its ingredients, is Perlite technology. This is dedicated to absorbing the oil that the skin naturally produces and is responsible for the appearance of shine. Also, this technology favors moisture retention, so your face will be hydrated for longer.

Another interesting feature of this product is that it incorporates Silica, an ingredient whose mission is the production of collagen. In this way, you will observe how the expression wrinkles are mitigated, as well as the expression lines typical of the passing of the years.

Finally, remember that it is a makeup base that keeps your skin safe from solar radiation. This can be explained because it incorporates sun protection factor 15. Thus, you will not need to apply another product with additional SPF.


You may be wondering about the price of this makeup base. It is somewhat higher than other brands, but it can be understood by the simple fact that Lancôme is a high-end cosmetic firm. The best thing is that, when you verify that it is an easy-to-apply product, you will feel enormously satisfied with the purchase.

In order for the result to be optimal, the manufacturer recommends applying this base with perfectly clean and hydrated skin. Then, you can proceed to spread some product, first, in the T zone of the face. That is, start by smearing it on the forehead and nose and continue on the cheeks and, lastly, in the chin area.

If you are looking for the most professional effect, Lancôme recommends using a specific brush for applying this makeup base. During the process, blend out.


Another advantage that we cannot ignore of this cosmetic is that it is available in an infinity of shades with the aim of identifying which one is the most suitable for the characteristics of your skin. Specifically, Lancôme has 45 different shades.

This means that it does not matter if your skin is lighter, medium or darker, because, with all certainty, you will end up finding the ideal color. One of the strong points of this product is that, regardless of the shade you select, you will get a very natural effect. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

In a practical 30 ml container, it is presented as a light-textured makeup base that will end up conquering you. In addition, it is an article suitable for any type of skin (dry, combination, oily or normal), even for the most sensitive. Your face will not only look with a nice matte finish, but also softer.

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