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When deciding on a change of look, it is common to seek inspiration from celebrities, taking into account the styles that catch our attention and, above all, that we feel connect with the new image that we want to project. A cut that does not go out of style and is observed among the famous is the long bob.

Stylists recommend taking into account the shape of the face when looking to choose a haircut. In the case of the long bob cut, it is a style that can be adapted to each type of face, being a flattering alternative to renew the hair and achieve a sophisticated style, without making a drastic change from long to short.

The long bob cut is also called lob and is characterized by being a medium-length style, which allows you to hold the hair for a hairstyle, as well as play with color and light techniques. Next, we have prepared a top 20 long bob cuts according to each type of face, so you can find inspiration and decide if this style is what you are looking for to refresh your image.

1. Plain with a straight parting down the middle. This is the classic long bob cut , which is elegant and favorably frames an oval face, as this type of shape balances its proportions. In general, it can be said that the oval face is favored by any long bob style, so if this is your case, do not hesitate to choose any of the haircuts from our list, with which you connect.

2. With volume and to one side. It is a medium length bob haircut that can be worn in a messy style, a casual and modern style that favors diamond faces. You just have to create soft waves and then mess them up with your hands.

3. Straight with movement and side bangs. If you have a heart-shaped face, this bob cut with sweeping bangs softens the upper part, providing harmony and sophistication.

4. Asymmetrical with one side longer than the other. It is a look that combines daring and elegance in its essence. This bob cut favors the rectangular face, as it provides a visual effect that cuts its natural verticality.

5. Smooth with a parting in the middle and somewhat longer than the classic. Long bob hair refines round faces, as well as being a style that projects glamor and femininity.

6. Asymmetrical with the front strands longer than the back. This look flatters square faces. It is a long straight bob with which you can captivate the eyes wherever you go.

7. With the tips inwards and a center parting. This retro bob hair look looks attractive on oval faces, especially for those women who want a touch of youthful sparkle in their image.

8. With volume from the roots. If you have a diamond face, with a long bob haircut you can create a look that will make you shine with elegance. Hair dryers are a fundamental tool to achieve this look.

9. With soft waves and side parting. If you have a heart-shaped face, this wavy bob cut will help to create width in the thinnest part of your face, to give it harmony and grace.

10. Parade. In the case of rectangular faces, short paraded hair favors them, so you could wear the lob a little shorter than the traditional one. Comb it creating movement, it will add freshness to your image.

11. Scaling. This haircut works for round faces as it breaks up its natural shape through the different layers.

12. Curly with side parting and paraded to the cheek. This curly long bob cut helps refine the features of a square face and turns out to be a practical and feminine option for women with natural curls.

13. With soft waves from the height of the jaw and bangs. It is a bob cut with open bangs that can be worn by an oval face. In addition, it could be enhanced with a soft gradient in the color of the hair.

14. With surf waves and the part in the middle. For diamond-shaped faces, this wavy long bob style helps to provide the features with light and modernity.

15. Parade. If you have a sweetheart face, a mid-length bob with a cascading side parting can give you a look full of grace and movement.

16. With bangs. For rectangular faces, the long bob cut with bangs is a subtle and popular alternative, which immediately gives the face a feminine touch.

17. With waves. Long bob cuts help balance the volume of the round face. In this case, the waves give breadth and character to the look .

18. Asymmetrical with side parting. A square face can look bold with this mid-length bob, tucking the hair on the shorter side behind the ear.

19. Backward and wet looking. It is a sensual look , which an oval face can wear without inconvenience. Complete it with makeup and an outfit for the occasion.

20. With bangs and scaled hair. This style balances the diamond face through a medium bob full of movement.

The long bob cut can be adapted to any style, such as elegant, modern, youthful, etc. This may be why it remains so popular with women, making it a timeless style, visually pleasing with its medium length, which is more comfortable to maintain and style than truly long hair.

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