Make your own aloe vera soap at home

Soap is one of the most important personal hygiene products, and although there are hundreds of options on the market with varied characteristics, scents and different effects for each skin type, natural soaps are still the favorites of users. Therefore, we teach you how to make your own aloe vera soap. 

Human beings have experienced different types of changes in their behavior and one of them is the concern for maintaining body hygiene, especially skin care. In the latter case, we have the use of soap, a product that can have specific chemical or natural characteristics, for which a wide variety of soaps have been marketed, among which we can mention those made from fruits, essential oils or plants.. And one of the most used species in personal hygiene items is Aloe Vera.

Many companies have released products such as soaps or shampoos based on this plant, since natural medicine recognizes all the benefits it offers, which we will talk about below, especially so that you can make the best soap (In this link you can find some purchase options) of aloe vera. 

Prepare aloe vera soap at home

There are many ways to make an aloe vera-based soap, most of them are very easy and do not require industrial processes for their preparation. Generally, the main ingredient is Aloe Vera, but it can be combined with essential oils or other plants for better results. That is why today we will teach you how to make a refreshing aloe vera soap with mint. 

Aloe vera and mint favor skin care, which is why their characteristics are used in natural cosmetics and the production of hygiene products, in our case a soap that provides us with hydration, cleaning and skin care. Due to its antioxidant characteristics, aloe vera prevents the action of substances that are harmful to the skin, delaying aging and improving moisturization. 

As for mint, this plant provides a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, which can be used for aesthetic purposes, as it helps smooth those expression lines that bother many people. 

So, in order to make this soap with double benefits, we have to have the following materials on hand:

  • Plenty of fresh mint leaves
  • 180 grams of caustic soda
  • 4 fresh aloe vera leaves
  • 1 liter of oil 
  • 1 liter of water (distributed between the Aloe smoothie and the mint)
  • 1 container 
  • 1 blender

With these ingredients we can start making our soap:

  • We cut the Aloe leaves and extract the pulp or the crystal.
  • We blend the aloe vera.
  • We prepare a mint infusion.
  • Then the strained mint infusion, the caustic soda and the aloe liquefied are placed in a plastic container.
  • Add the oil and mix with a hand blender until thick.
  • Then we pour this mixture into a mold, smooth the surface and leave it for 30 days to set and harden, since this is the time necessary to neutralize the pH of the soap and before that period it cannot be used.
  • Finally, we cut the bar of soap into a comfortable size for use and that’s it, we already have the completely homemade aloe vera soap with mint.

It is worth mentioning that aloe vera and mint soap is one of the many combinations you can make with this plant, since you can also use rosemary, cinnamon, lavender, chamomile and hundreds of essential oils to enhance the effectiveness of the soap. But, you can also make the soap only with aloe vera, and for this you only have to carry out the same procedure without adding the mint leaves or other herbs. 

Aloe vera benefits

The aloe vera plant has many benefits and natural properties that can be of great help to the body, so it is used to create a natural product, in this case a soap that offers the following effects:

  • Antiseptic
  • Hydration
  • Scalp Strengthening
  • anti-dandruff

In this sense, aloe vera soap is a very complete hygiene product, with dermatological benefits, so a large number of people opt for the use of this natural product for daily bath time. Regarding the effects of this homemade soap with mint, we can also mention the following:

  • Helps fight aging in the skin area
  • Promotes cell regeneration and healing
  • Contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • It is rich in antioxidants
  • Without parabens
  • Made 100% from natural raw material

How to prevent aloe vera soap from losing its properties

One of the main problems that this homemade soap can have is that over time it loses those properties that make it special, because it is a natural product without chemical preservatives. 

However, nature is so wise that it offers us solutions for this situation: for this, it is recommended to use honey as a preservative, adding a part of this sweetener in the soap making.

It is important to note that honey has high concentrations of sugar and a low concentration of water, so in this case it would prevent the soap from expiring, in addition to providing other benefits such as regeneration of the skin and scars, anti-oxidation, improvement of the skin acne, among others. 

Another way to preserve the properties of aloe vera soap is that, in its preparation, by mixing the Aloe Vera pulp with caustic soda and mint infusion, it is placed in the freezer for a few hours, this with the purpose for the mixture to set when cold, preserving its composition for much longer. However, it is important to remove the mixture, so that the saponification process can take place. 

In addition, during the cooling process, you can take advantage of it to obtain a powerful aloe vera gel that serves as a healing agent for superficial wounds. In this way, you can pack a quantity of the gel in a glass jar, while the rest freezes, and store it in the refrigerator so that when a family member gets hurt or has a wound, you can apply this refreshing and antiseptic gel that will help. to heal

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