Men also dry their hair. Do you want to know how?

It is not so strange that in this globalized world, men are also interested in having healthy, shiny, manageable and voluminous hair. Although they know that that perfect style and hairstyle can only be achieved with a good blow-dry, not everyone knows how to use a hair dryer.

Mainly, the trick of drying is to gently pass the dryer for as long as necessary through all the hair, as long as you use a good quality dryer, no matter what haircut you have, if it is very long or you have a military style, the question is knowing how to combine drying with a good hair product. 

So, if you want to dry your hair like a professional, you should continue reading our recommendations where we show you some techniques so you can learn how to handle this device, get the most out of it, get the look you want for your hair and that can complement your appearance..

1. Clean your hair.

First, you should shampoo and condition your hair to remove traces of any chemicals that might interfere with the process. Next, you should gently dry the excess water with a towel and leave the hair at that point where it would almost dry in the open air. It is not recommended to use the dryer with soaked hair, because the exposure to heat will be much greater and the damage caused to the hair can be very serious. At this point, with damp hair, you can apply some moisturizing hair cream or your favorite hair product.

2. Protect your hair from heat.

Now, even though you use a low temperature in the dryer and use an appropriate technique with this device, you should know that it is important that you apply a product to your hair that protects it from the harmful effects of heat. There are many balms and protectors that work as conditioners, even protect against the sun’s rays, others can be applied before using the dryer, as a spray. The good thing about these products is that they serve to shape and fix the hair, being useful for both straight and curly hair, and their protective effect works as a layer on the hair, preventing it from getting frizzy.

3. Use a good quality dryer.

It is important that you look for the best hair dryer of the moment (In this link you can find some purchase options)  when you go to buy a device of this type, because you need a powerful dryer to have a better drying effect, being recommended the equipment that they exceed 1800 watts of power, because they generate more air and the heat is less, so they are highly efficient. Although, if you opt for an ionic dryer, the benefits will be more optimal, because the time of use is shorter than that of a conventional one, it dries the hair more quickly and in this way you expose your hair less time to the damaging effects of the heat. 

4. Know your dryer and its accessories.

Most hair dryers include some accessories with a certain function, the most common being the heat diffuser and the concentrator. The diffuser is ideal for people who have curly hair, because thanks to its great structure, it evenly distributes heat and air in different directions, minimizing the intensity of the temperature during drying, so it can be dried effectively. curls with this accessory, without straightening them and giving the waves a natural look. 

For its part, the concentrator is an accessory that is attached to the dryer, with a narrow and elongated appearance, with which the hair can be dried by divisions in a specific way, directing the heat to that particular area. It is necessary to hold the concentrator at a minimum distance of 3 cm to dry each strand of hair. Remember to reduce the intensity of the temperature while using this accessory, as well as move the dryer constantly to avoid burns.

5. Distance and movement.

Another aspect that you must consider to obtain adequate drying is to keep the dryer at a minimum distance of 15 cm from the hair, as well as the constant movement of the device. Never leave it fixed in one place, because if so, you will get your hair to burn and damage. What is recommended by professional stylists is to maintain a uniform movement of the dryer to better distribute the heat.

6. Shape your hairstyle.

As you dry your hair, you should shape the hairstyle so that it has a stylized and full-bodied effect, which will depend on the style you want to create. It is important that during the styling process, you use a brush to shape the hair, it can be a round one to give shape and volume, although you can also use your fingers to shape your style. 

Keep in mind that you should check the brush with which you are going to shape your hair while you comb your hair, since it must be made of natural bristles so as not to mistreat the hair; Also, it should be a wide-toothed brush to minimize pulling and prevent hair from getting wet. Remember that the brush is the perfect complement to obtain a drying like a beauty salon, so, if your brush is not suitable, it is time to renew it for the indicated one.

7. Set the hairstyle with cold air.

Keep in mind that some dryers have a button that, when pressed, emits cold air, leaving aside the heat. This button is perfect for fixing the hairstyle, since the hot air is responsible for keeping the products that we apply to our hair active, so that it stays in a certain place, but instead, the cold air comes to block that effect, reducing considerably the damage caused by excessive heat. In addition, with that impact of cold air you will give a professional effect to the hairstyle without damaging the hair.

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