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Everything you need to know about Nutrigo Lab Burner

Nutrigo Lab is a brand specialized in slimming supplements, muscle mass gainers and other categories that favor physical training. The effectiveness of its products and the different presentations available have made it a very popular brand among professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, which you can confirm in different specialized forums on the subject.

In this sense, the Burner pills work as a fat burner that helps to model the figure, give visibility to the muscles and considerably reduce hunger between meals, thus reducing the terrible cravings that cause an unnecessary intake of sugars and carbohydrates.  

To achieve all this, Nutrigo Lab Burner has a specialized formula with several natural extracts known for their metabolic properties in the absorption of carbohydrates, reduction of adipose tissue and weight control.

The presentation of this supplement in pills facilitates its consumption, in addition to being available at a cheap price, although you cannot buy it in pharmacies. To find out how to acquire it, we invite you to read the following section. 

Best Prices – How To Buy Nutrigo Lab Burner

Unlike other fat burners that you can buy on Amazon, pharmacies, Mercadona or an herbalist, the Nutrigo Lab Burnet is sold directly by the manufacturer on its official website. This in order to offer a cheap price to users and avoid the risk of counterfeiting, so you will have the guarantee of purchasing the original product at home and starting your treatment without fear of being scammed. 

To buy this product online, you must choose the amount you want and fill out the form with your personal data, select the payment method and follow the corresponding steps.

It is necessary to point out that the manufacturer is regularly offering different promotions for the purchase of the supplement. Now, the current offer of this product can be seen in the following table.

Number of packages Price
1 container €49
2 packs + 1 free €98

Regarding the shipment, you must add 14 euros if you choose the cash on delivery payment, or 9 euros if you pay instantly with a credit card.

Consequently, you can get several months’ supply of fat burning for a cheap price and, if you want, you can take advantage of the purchase to acquire other Nutrigo Lab supplements that will help you in your physical and muscular development, allowing you to see great changes between before and after.. 

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What are the benefits of Nutrigo Lab Burner for your body

It seems easy to describe what the Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement is for, but if we look beyond a simple fat burner in pill form, we find different benefits for the body. 

In the first instance, you may perceive a decrease in appetite, especially between meals, which will prevent you from giving in to cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.

Next, you will notice a loss of fat in a short time when you see your muscles more defined, since the fast action of the Burner helps to eliminate the most resistant fat.

On the other hand, the components of the Burner act as a natural stimulant, so you will feel more energetic and willing to carry out your daily activities, including more intense exercise sessions. Consequently, weight loss will be more visible and faster.

All these benefits can be used by professional athletes, amateur athletes and anyone who wants to lose extra kilos, making unsightly abdominal fat and other areas of the body disappear. Clearly, the changes before and after will be more visible if accompanied by a balanced diet and physical activity several times a week.

How to take Nutrigo Lab Burner correctly

The presentation in pills or capsules of this supplement facilitates its consumption, since they are easy to ingest. For its part, the manufacturer established a recommended dose of two capsules per day, preferably half an hour before food or physical training.

Likewise, it is advisable to consume the supplement with 300 ml of water or liquid to facilitate its absorption. As you can see, it is very easy to use the Nutrigo Lab Burner, but if you have any doubts you can always consult a nutritionist or your family doctor about the consumption of supplements to lose weight. 

On the other hand, you should know that each container of the Nutrigo Lab Burner comes with 60 capsules, that is, the necessary supply for a month of treatment. 

How Nutrigo Lab Burner works

Initially, we must emphasize that its natural composition favors different systems of our body, starting with metabolic processes such as lipolysis, in which fat reservoirs move to be used as an energy source. 

Similarly, thermogenesis in the body is favored, that is, the production of heat in which fat is burned naturally. On the other hand, sugar levels are regulated in the blood, to avoid attacks of cravings between meals and maintain a more balanced diet. 

All these processes contribute positively to your physical appearance, as they help eliminate excess fat in the body, better define your muscles and increase your self-esteem, by achieving the desired results. 

Nutrigo Lab Burner – Ingredients

The clinically proven composition of the Burner supports its effectiveness, since it is a combination of natural ingredients with different properties at the metabolic level that accelerate fat burning.

In total there are 6 active ingredients that participate in the mechanism of action of Nutrigo Lab Burner, starting with Sinetrol ® Xpur, a proprietary blend of various natural extracts such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, guarana and a high concentration of polyphenols. The function of Sinetrol is to reduce excess fat by releasing fatty acids, preventing their accumulation, as they are used as an energy source.

On the other hand, there is the Garcinia Cambogia extract, known for its appetite-inhibiting properties. In turn, it supports fat reduction and maintains a prolonged satiety effect.

Regarding the raspberry extract present in the formula, it is responsible for accelerating lipolysis in the body, so that the fat reservoirs are absorbed as energy.

Likewise, chromium is responsible for maintaining stable blood glucose levels and influencing fat metabolism, while pepper extract, patented as Bioperine, is capable of accelerating the absorption of nutrients and metabolic processes. All these properties are enhanced by the turmeric extract that acts to prevent metabolic syndrome, a condition that affects obesity. Also, it improves the digestion of food and offers a high content of antioxidants to the body. 

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Nutrigo Lab Burner – Side Effects

We have consulted some internet forums about this product and, so far, there are no comments or opinions about adverse reactions related to its consumption.

This is mainly due to the fact that the formula is made up of natural ingredients and unless you are allergic to some of the components, there are no risks in using this supplement. 

Even so, it does not hurt to consult a specialist doctor on the use of slimming agents so that they can indicate the one that best suits your lifestyle. 


Searching for opinions of other users about the Nutrigo Lab Burner allows us to have a clearer reference on the effectiveness of the supplement. We could also say that the support of the Nutrigo Lab brand is a point in favor of any product in its stock, since it has established itself as a benchmark brand in the world of fitness and supplements.

In this sense, we found positive opinions in various forums and weight loss chats, where users share their experience and confirm that using this supplement daily, maintaining a healthy diet and an intense exercise routine, helped them accelerate fat burning, tone your muscles and maintain a sculpted figure.

In addition, although the Burner is aimed at athletes and sportsmen with high physical performance, anyone who wants to start a more active lifestyle and lose weight can buy this product online, consume it regularly and feel a change in their physical appearance, but also on your self-esteem and confidence. 

Frequent questions

Who can use Nutrigo Lab Burner? 

As it is a specialized line, Nutrigo Lab’s Burner is indicated for athletes and professionals with high physical performance in disciplines of strength and resistance, who need to eliminate excess fat in the competition or preparation phase before sports seasons. 

However, other people can also use it as a supplement to accelerate weight and fat loss in a short time.

How soon will I see results with Nutrigo Lab Burner?

According to clinical trials carried out on one of the Burner components, it is possible to lose up to 9 kg of weight in a month of treatment. However, results may vary from one user to another, taking into account the dietary regimen and physical training sessions of each individual. 

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