Olay Regenerist 3 Area Reviews

Main advantage:

The product has a light texture and is easily absorbed, which you can apply to your face every night before bed, taking advantage of the hours of sleep, to unfold its effects.

Main disadvantage:

If you have dry skin, it is recommended that you complement the application of this cream with a moisturizing product, since the percentages and hydration capacity are for normal skin.

Verdict: 9.7/10

To take care of your skin and prevent the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles, this Olay cream provides a proven formula, with good results and that will restore tone to your skin.

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Main Features Explained


Treatment Effects

Skin care creams often contain compounds that provide multiple benefits. However, because the skin is considered a sensitive area, it is very important to be clear about the effects that the application of the cream that you are interested in buying will bring.

The bottle of Olay Regenerist 3 Areas could be one of the best anti-wrinkle creams, to complement your care ritual before bed. Its composition offers effects at the cellular level, which contributes to rejuvenation. It also helps speed up cell renewal, to revitalize them so you can enjoy a rested look without dark circles.

In addition to that, the continuous application of the product produces a lifting effect, to hide wrinkles on the skin, as well as to achieve greater firmness and tone.

Application mode

The formula of some anti-wrinkle creams may contain agents that react to sunlight, so if you want to take advantage of its application at any time of the day, it is convenient that you first verify the mode of use. This way you will avoid inconveniences and also adverse effects on your face.

Reviewing the indications of the Olay Regenerist 3 Areas product, we find an anti-wrinkle cream at a good price, which is designed to be used at night. The rejuvenating, energizing and lifting effects take effect when the skin is relaxed, so sleep should be used for its application.

When you get up, you will be able to wash your face as you normally would, but at the same time, you may notice that the skin has a smoother and softer finish to the touch, as well as notice a certain degree of rejuvenation after a few weeks.


Presentation and quantity of product

Another relevant point that could be useful to you, according to some buyers’ opinions, is to review the presentation of the product, in order to choose a bottle that is comfortable to use and that contains the necessary amount to complete the treatment.

In the case of Olay Regenerist 3 Areas, this product comes in a bottle that contains 50 milliliters of anti-wrinkle cream; enough for you to have several weeks of treatment with daily application. Now, thanks to the watery consistency of the cream, you won’t need much to cover the 3 specific areas of the face for which it has been formulated, so it goes a long way.

On the other hand, the aesthetics of the presentation stands out, since the bottle is made of glass, of an intense red color and with a silver lid, which will help to easily identify it among your hygiene products.

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