Olay Total Effects Reviews

Main advantage:

What first catches the eye of this Olay cream is its 7-in-1 function. This means that it is an eye contour that offers a total of 7 benefits with the ultimate goal of rejuvenating and providing greater luminosity to the skin.

Main disadvantage:

To observe the results, it is necessary to have a little patience. In some cases, they are not obvious in the first weeks of application.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Olay is one of the cosmetics and skin care firms that has the best value for money. A good example is this eye contour that, above all, stands out for its hydration and anti-aging effect.

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Main Features Explained


To understand how eye creams can help us, the first thing is to take a look at the ingredients. In the list of components of this Olay product, it is possible to identify some very interesting ones, of plant origin, such as camellia, aloe vera and cucumber extracts.

Cucumber extract is a well-known substance in the field of cosmetics for its refreshing and moisturizing action, without a doubt, two of the effects that any user would want in an eye contour. Not surprisingly, hydration is one of the characteristics that those who have tried it most highlight.

As for aloe vera, its benefits are well known. It is a plant with regenerating and softening properties. Finally, camellia extract is considered one of the most powerful allies to combat the signs of skin aging. Hence, these three ingredients, along with others, fit perfectly.

7 in 1

If there is a reason why users opt for this cream, it is because of its 7-in-1 function. For this reason, it is considered the best eye cream you can find today. This means that it offers nothing more and nothing less than 7 benefits in a single product.

First of all, we see that the hydration provided is one of its strengths, but it is not the only one. It is a lotion indicated to smooth wrinkles, as well as the lines of expression typical of the passage of time.

In the same way, applying it with the indicated frequency and dose, you will be able to hide dark circles and visibly reduce puffiness. But the benefits do not end here, since it also has the mission of providing smoothness to the skin of the complexion and providing greater luminosity. In short, with this eye contour you will achieve the appearance of a younger complexion.


In order for the results to be exactly as you expect, it is recommended that you follow certain application tips provided by the manufacturer. Olay recommends applying to the face only when it is 100% clean and free of impurities. So, the first step is to use a facial cleanser that removes all the residue of the day.

Next, you can proceed to the application of this eye contour. Take a little product on your fingertips and spread gently on this area of ​​the face. As you may have noticed, it is a delicate area, so it is best to spread the cream with small taps.

Due to its texture, not only is its application very pleasant, but it is also absorbed wonderfully. The hydration that you will feel on your skin is perceptible from those first moments after the contour has been extended.


The price of this eye contour is unbeatable, just as Olay has accustomed us. It comes in a 15 ml container, which is more than enough to keep your beauty routine optimal for several months.

As for the container itself, it is characterized by its circular format, like a conventional cream. Thus, you will only need to remove the lid to access the product. When you’re done, make sure you screw it back on the jar so you don’t have to worry about it spilling into your toiletry bag.

Many of the opinions about this eye contour refer to the usefulness of its presentation. It is, perhaps, simpler than other models on the market, but the simplicity of the design awaits an item of enormous quality inside. Remember that it is a daily treatment, so it is best to always have it on hand. Its compact format will allow you to store it comfortably on any shelf in your room or bathroom.

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