Opinions about Bvlgari Man in Black

Main advantage:

Tobacco and rum are subtly presented in the top notes, offering a very pleasant aromatic trail, without being invasive. In addition, the spicy and woody notes are perceived that suit men with an elegant and sophisticated bearing. 

Main disadvantage:

Because it is a perfume water, its duration is not as long. However, some claim that the fragrance easily stays on for 6-8 hours depending on the wearer’s body chemistry. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a masculine fragrance of spices, tobacco and rum designed for young adults and with a well-defined elegant style. 

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Main Features Explained


Although we do not have much knowledge about perfumes, it is always important to do a little research to understand how they are composed and what they offer throughout their use.

In the specific case of Man in Black, we are talking about a unique and surprising fragrance, because the user does not expect that after a marked presence of spiced tobacco and aged rum at the beginning, the fragrance will soften with floral notes. However, this combination is totally positive, since the contrast of the aromas is what gives this perfume greater personality. 

Thus, the central notes are tuberose and iris, mixed with leather, while it culminates with enveloping notes of tonka bean, wood and benzoin, a very masculine woody formula to highlight the presence of the elegant and modern man. 

In this sense, Man in Black is one of the great creations of the Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas who affirms that it was a daring bet to include the notes of tuberose, a very delicate flower commonly used in feminine perfumes. But, by contrasting this floral essence with amber, leather, tonka bean and other woody resins, the result was a captivating and very masculine fragrance that can be positioned among the best perfumes for men.

Design and mythological history

Man in Black is the perfume that completes Bvlgari’s trilogy of men’s fragrances to celebrate the brand’s 130th anniversary in 2014 and its conception was inspired by the legend of the Roman god Vulcan, responsible for fire and volcanoes, to represent the personality of the bold, modern and seductive man who stands out for his vibrant energy.

It is from this concept that the bottle has been designed in the shape of a monolith and vertical lines, being covered in matt black to increase its elegance while simulating volcanic rocks. In turn, the design of the bottle stands out with the letters in rose gold, just like the logo.

This format remains in harmony with the other perfumes in the collection, with its robust and masculine body for a contemporary design. Likewise, the case has also been designed in matte black. 

As for the presentation, this perfume can be purchased in bottles of 30 ml, 60 or 100 ml, maintaining a good value for money. In addition, a bath line is also available to give a special complement to the fragrance with personal care that includes shaving soap, aftershave balm, shampoo and shower gel. 


According to the opinions of the users about this fragrance, there are many who agree that it is better to use the perfume on special occasions or nights out, since it is not recommended for daily use due to the combination of notes that, although they are very elegant, make it an intense fragrance. 

Similarly, the marked trail left by this perfume is not appropriate for use in closed places or environments such as the office, so our advice is to keep it as the fragrance to stand out on a date, a business dinner or an outing with friends..

Also, some perfumers indicate that the combination of aged rum, tobacco and floral notes is suitable for men in an age range between 35 and 40 years, since below or above this age group it is likely that they will not like it. However, this is a very subjective aspect, as it will really depend on the personality and preference of each user. 

On the other hand, in other comments they affirm that this perfume can remain up to 6 hours, but if you want to extend its wake for a longer time, do not forget to spray the fragrance on the pulse areas, behind the ears and the neck area, thus accentuating the aroma in these parts of the body. 

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