Opinions about Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Main advantage:

This perfume has a good duration, offering a very feminine fragrance marked by floral notes such as jasmine and tuberose. Likewise, the elegance that defines the product is also present in its bottle, specially designed in the shape of a daring stiletto heel.

Main disadvantage:

The fragrance has a very accentuated sweet touch that may not be to the liking of those who are not used to the perfumes of this brand. However, this product is positively valued by its buyers.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This perfume is presented as a faithful representation of contemporary women: sexy, intelligent and sensual, so the olfactory notes and the design of the perfume are distinguished by highlighting femininity. 

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Main Features Explained


For women, perfumes are the ideal complement to a good outfit for day or night, going to work, going on a date or going out with friends. For this reason, it is important to correctly choose the olfactory notes for each occasion. 

In this sense, Carolina Herrera makes a very high bet with the Good Girl perfume designed to enhance the femininity of contemporary women who like to radiate sensuality in every step they take. To achieve this effect and set of aromas, the floral notes are what start the olfactory range of this perfume. 

The sweetness of Arabian jasmine combined with the intensity of tuberose is perceived at the entrance to give way to the aroma of roasted tonka bean and cocoa, a sensual and very feminine mix that is ideal for use at night. 

However, any time of the day is appropriate to apply this perfume, since it is understood that the woman who wears it is self-confident, so she has the personality for this fragrance to represent her regardless of the time or the occasion. 

This perfume is authentic, elegant and enigmatic, attributes that define the woman for whom this fragrance was designed, which is why the aroma lasts a long time and only two or three sprays are enough to subtly impregnate the entire body with Good Girl. 

Design and presentation

Although the price of a perfume is always one of the first aspects that we notice, we cannot ignore the fact that more and more attention is being paid to the packaging and box of fragrances, as perfume creators have understood the visual importance of fragrances. attractive, elegant and unique bottles in its category.

Carolina Herrera understands this concept very well and with her different perfumes she has focused on presenting beautiful bottles that are the hallmark of her brand and of Good Girl, no less was expected. 

It is precisely the intention of reflecting the sensuality and femininity of contemporary women that this perfume comes in a very realistic bottle in the shape of a sexy stiletto heel, a very original symbol that can represent the personality of self-confident women. themselves, who love fashion and have the necessary style to wear shoes of this type. In addition, the box is also very elegant as it is covered in velvet, which is why many users prefer to keep it. 

This perfume can be purchased in its 30, 50 or 80 ml presentation, but according to user opinions, the 50 ml bottle is one of the best sellers due to its good value for money and durability. 

Brand and history

Although Carolina Herrera’s career as a designer began in 1981, it was in 1988 when she launched her first perfume, also defined by the aromas of her youth: tuberose and jasmine. 

Currently there are more than thirty different fragrances in the Carolina Herrera catalog, and it could be said that most of them have become emblems in the world of fashion for highlighting the values ​​of the Venezuelan designer: elegance, sophistication and style.. With versions for women and men, millions of perfumes are sold annually by this brand that enjoys prestige and a demanding public.

Thinking of the empowered and elegant women who are the inspiration for Carolina Herrera’s haute couture designs, in 2016 Good Girl was launched by the House Of Herrera, with the intention of establishing itself as the designer’s most important fragrance, which is why many consider it the best perfume of this brand.

There are different versions of this fragrance that have been presented thanks to the popularity that the product has achieved in such a short time, in addition to being available a complete line of personal care that includes body cream, bath gel and oil for the legs.. 

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